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Out of fear i write....but it pretty much turned into a love storeyCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 7 June 2011
03:13:20 AM (GMT)
She couldnt bare to here what they were saying. She ran out of the court house
crying. She sat on the white bench. She coldnt beleive what was going on. She called
her best friend.....she wouldnt answere. She kept calling but nothing. She sat and
cried. She called her boyfriend and it went kinda like this...still in tears

'Hey baby whats up?'

......nuthing but crying.....



'where are u? r u ok? speak to me!!!'

.....court house. white bench.....

'im coming there dont move!'


'baby ill be there in a few minutes'


'dont move'


'what happened'

nothing im fine

'baby ur not ok i can hear it in ur voice i know u better then that'


'yes i am here'


....fone goes dead.....

  She doesnt move at all. But she does pick up her head. She looks down the white
castle like steps to see him running up them toward her. She puts her head back down
because she dsnt want him to see her like this. He kneels in front of her and said
look at me numerous times. She finally looked up. He was holding a red rose. She
looked at it n kept crying., He finaly got her to stand up. She was wearing a white
short dress. It had lacing up the front of the corset part and around the stomache.
It had a tu-tu almost on the bottom. It flowed in the wind.

  He looked her in the eye and asked what was rong and she could not answer. She just
shook her head.

  He finally grabbed her hand and started walking taking her somewhere. They walked
into the building and up some stairs. The stairs were in a spiral. After a couple
minutes there was a door. He turned to her and said dont be afraid ive got you. When
he opened up the door there was a little walk way. It was only a couple feet long and
wide. It had a white railing around it. You could see very far. It was a beautiful
sight. She got herself togeather enough to say its beautiful. And he said yes it is
but not as beautiful as you. He then handed her the rose and said this is for you.
She thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then turned to look at the veiw
again. They stayed up there for a little bit longer until he grbbed her around the
waist and spun her around to look at him. He leaned in for a kiss. That kiss was one
of the longest and most romantic kisses shed ever had in her life.

  After she didnt know what to do because eveyone was gone. She couldnt even find her
parents. He offered her dinner....she refused, but she ended up going anyways. When
they got to the resteraunt it was covered in red and pink roses and rose petals. It
was beautiful. There was also a table set for two waiting. He came up behind her and
pulled out her chair. He was such a sweetie. They had dinner and still her parents
were nowhere to be found. She even tried calling them over and over but no answere.
As he walked her out of the resteraunt they saw her parents. She was scared half to
death. But the weirdest part was that they had a smile on theri faces. Her dad said
hey you found her. Her mom said honey did u have a good night?. She was verry
confused. Finally her boyfriend explained that rite before he had came to find her,
he called her parents and asked if he could take her to supper. They agreed to let
him.....thus this is how it all happened. Her parents knew hed be the only one who
could cheer her up, so they did the unthinkable.....well it was the unthinkable to
the gurl. At the end of the night everyone ended up pretty happy. Her boyfriend came
over and spent the night and her parents decided to go to a hotel to leave the two
alone. That night the gurl and her boyfriend stayed up allnight talkining until she
finally fell asleep in his arms, with the rose by her side.

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