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Tuesday, 7 June 2011
03:11:02 AM (GMT)
emotions running....storms abrueing....tears afalling....

But the tears she was crying were different. They were the last tears that would ever
fall from her beautiful brown eyes. She told me she loved me. I could not bare to
read the txts. It was like....o wait it was reading her death note. I didnt know what
i was goin to do without her. It was so hard to hear her cry. It was like needles to
my heart.

 Finally i realized i couldnt sit around anymore and watch. I went to her house. I
blew in her bedroom door. I had a million different things running through my mind.
When i saw what lied inside i ran to her and fell to my knees. I balled over her body
for a few moments until i heard "Shes already gone." I looked around and there was no
one there. All i could manage to muble out was "No shes not." I couldnt even think
straight. For all that we'd been through I wasnt gunna let it end like this. I still
cried over her body until I heard another voice, and it said "Im alive." When I heard
this I started to shake. I thought it may just be my concious not letting go....Well
it wasnt. I felt something grab my hand. It was wet with blood. I thought I was
dreaming but I wasnt. I could not beleive what was happening. I heard something else
too and it said "I love you."  I managed to get out "I love you too", but no
response. I leaned over her body and said "please dont go. Stay here with me. Ill do
anything! Just please dont go!" I felt her hand loose grip and fall away from mine. I
knew this was the end. I wasnt thinking straight. All I knew was there had to be
something i could do. Finally I knew what I had to do...Well there was 2 things i
could do but i was going to try to save us both first. I grabbed her hands and i
prayed. I asked for forgiveness. I asked for one more chance. I told him I am helping
a broken gurl, but now I really need your help. I cant do this one alone. I had my
doubs, but all of a sudden I saw a flash of light and something walk over to me. It
put something around my neck and around hers. It tied our hands togeather. I was
frozen I had no idea what was happening. It then disapeered. When I looked over at
her I saw her eyes slowly opening. She looked at me like i was a ghost. She said
"What happened? Are you an angel? Am I in heaven?" I wondered why she would ask
questions like that in a time like this. Then I managed to realize why she asked if I
was an angle. I looked over at the mirror across the room. I had transformed. I came
with my har and make-up messed up, in shorts n a tank top. But now I was beautiful.
My hair was perfectly straight. My make up was silver and white, and i had a short,
white fluffy dress on. But the strangest part was that I had wings. No not bird
wings, angle wings. The necklace was a white heart. It was a locket. I reached up to
open it and it read: This is verry special. Now you got what youve told me you are.
Now you truely are her guardian angle. I closed it and it also had a B and a C on it.
It was gorgeous. I drew my attention now to her. She layed there. Barely hanging on.
Her clothes stained with red. I knew i had to do something now that she had a heart
beat. I knew she needed help, and fast to stop the bleeding. I decided I was an
angel, Ican do this by my self. So I ripped part of the bottom of my dress and
wrapped it around her wrists. I asked her if she wanted to change clothes and she
said yes, but i kmew she didnt have the strength to. So I was at a standstill until I
realized "I am an angel. Maybe if i imagine what shes wareing it will change her for
me." Sure enough the next thing i know shes in a short black lace dress. Silver was
underneeth the black lace, and she was beautiful. She also had a silver heart
necklace one, but it wasnt like mine sadly. I then stood up and helped her to her
feet. She could barely walk but I helped her. I took her over to her mirror. I asked
her to tell me one word that describes what she was....she replied "fuck up" and
started to cry. I knelt on one knee and looked her in the eyes. I told her I didnt
beleive her. She looked down at me and said "I am. Have you not been hearing what ive
told you?!?" I told her "yes, but i have not told you part of my life storey" She
said "I had a feeling you were leaving out something." I then proceded to tell her
everything. After I got done telling her we were both in tears. I said "Now you see I
am a Fuck Up to." She told me I was wrong. I told her "Wait didnt i tell you you were
rong?" she told me "yes, but o well." We both looked into the mirror and cried
harder. Then it was weird, it was like we read each others minds. We each turned and
grabbed each others hands and said "Please never let go", then we hugged. I told her
I wouldnt, and she told me the same. I asked her what should we do next and then she
grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a drawer. She pulled it open. There were knives
and blades, she asked me what she should do with them. I told her "Well if I take
them who know what ill do with them." She said "tru." I told her that I would put a
lock over her drawer. She was wary at first, but then realized she needed to do it.
She said "Ok." So she closed the drawer and put a lock on it. I told her that we
should burn the key, and she agreed. But then she walked over to the floor where she
had originaly been laying and picked up a knife. She brought it to me and told me
that this was the knife that almost took her life. I had already locked the drawer
and the key had been burned, so I look the knife and had no idea what to do with it.
We just decided to keep it in a tiny box and I handed it to her but she gave it rite
back. She said "Have it. Maybe if you end up in the position im in ill come save
you." I decided to just keep it. I carved 'This is not the end'  into it. The rest of
the night we just sat up talking til we both passed out, and the next morning we knew
something magical had happened.


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