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I NEED ADVICE!!! Please, please, PLEASE read!!!Category: (general)
Monday, 6 June 2011
08:10:10 PM (GMT)
I'M SO SORRY!!!! I SWEAR, I'M NOT TRYING TO HURT YOU!!!!!!!!! The funny thing is
your probably sitting there thinking, ohh look it's another break up. I wonder what
she did to break his heart? but no. We aren't dating. In fact, I haven't ever dated
anyone. But this guy likes me, and (i think) I like him back...but it wouldn't work
out, because I hate having to lie and even worse have people find out I lied, I
always feel really guilty when I lie. People that I care about think I hate him,
which in a way IS true, and I couldn't say to my parents I'm going to my friend's
house and really be going to be with some guy! But it's not like I could tell them
the truth either!!! I feel cornered- I have no where to go, and I really don't want
to let him go!! We're so close...and I don't know when the next time I'll get a
chance is but I'm scared because he's a lot more popular than me, (im 13 and he is
too) he's perverted, and he's really cute...so I think he'll break my heart...
but lately, when he picked up my sharpener that fell because he was walking by, I
didn't say anything. I didn't realize what had been knocked down and that he had just
put it back on my desk until it was too late. Then today, my group was in the hall
and one of the people in my group said we have the loudest people in our class.
_______ and _________ (one of them being him) and I agreed. Turns out he was in the
hallways too, with his group not that far away...could he have heard? and whenever I
walk by him or I walk in a room I refuse to look at him. I look ahead in a confident
dignified way and walk to my destination. He's loud and talkative, but lately, he
looks off into space and sais nothing and looks tired and gloomy. He's much more
quiet than I'm used to. It kills me, seeing the look on his face. He tries to hide
it, but whenever I see him like that, I feel so bad and guilty and I hate myself for
doing such a thing to him!! He isn't sensitive or emotional at all, but he looks so
sad and crestfallen and sorrowful and it just makes me want to scream and cry and hug
him or something and tell him I'm sorry!! When he laughs, to me it sounds like
there's something on his mind and to me, it sounds haft hearted. Am I just imagining
things? I want to do something, to make up for it but how!!!?? Please, what should I
do!!!!??? I'm REALLY desperate, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

KarieTooCute5 says :   6 June 2011   643518  
Dont sweat it ive felt that way. just talk to him dont feel like he's
too popular to hang out with you and you secretely love him but hate
him just say i lied but it was only to keep up a look you can lie to
your parents thats real easy


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