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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 12Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Monday, 28 February 2011
05:49:05 PM (GMT)
"Really?" asked Lilli. "We can?"
     "Yeah. Today. After school."
     "We need to go call our parents. See you at lunch!"
     I nodded a good-bye to Ahiru and Lilli as I walked into English. I stopped dead.
Mr. Styling wasn't there. Only Mr. Flahnerry. I took my seat next to Jasper and sunk
down. I saw Matt staring at me from across the room. If I was back in Hell, that kid
would be begging for mercy...
     "Hello, class." said Mr. Flahnerry. He smiled as he looked around at us. I
know that smile... "As you can see, Mr. Styling is out... I will be teaching the
class in his absence."
     My heart sunk as I heard a few girls (called "pops" by Ahiru) giggling. Mr.
Flahnerry shot a quick glance at me. I don't think anyone else saw it, but to me it
was clear as day.
     "Today we will learn about religious 'others'" said Mr. Flahnerry. "Angels,
demons and such. You will be reading a book about them next week." Mr. Flahnerry
passed out paper packets as the class moaned. I looked at the characters and saw
there was a play setup. 
     Anastasia ~ Princess of Hell
        Cletus ~ Legendary General 
        Lucifer ~ The Devil
        Sandra ~ Wandering Princess of Hell 
     The play was about my life.
     "Who would like to play who?" chided Mr. Flahnerry. When no one raised their
hand, go figure, he sighed. "Flor, how about you play Anastasia?"
     At least he called me Anastasia. Jasper looked at me, horror in his eyes. I took
a deep, shaky breath.
     Mr. Flahnerry smiled. "Who wants to be Cletus? In act two, he has to kiss
     All the boys but Jasper raised their hands. Fuck!
     "Alright... Matt, how about you?" said Mr. Flahnerry. "Jasper, you be Lucifer.
You seem reluctant enough. And... Sarah, you play Sandra."
     I hissed under my breathe. I knew we were all thinking the same thing: Ef. Our.
     "Um." Ahiru blinked. "I thought..."
     I shook my head. "I knew you would say that... But yeah, this is... my home. Or
at least... for now."
     I pointed to the same clearing. The shadows from the trees gently coated the
swaying grass. My chain&key hung from the giant oak tree in the center of the
     "So... you live here?" asked Lilli as Ahiru went over to my chain. "And sleep?
For real?"
     "Yeah, we have little holes dug in the trees... It's actually quite
     Ahiru and Lilli froze. "Your parents..."
     "No, me."
     Vladimir walked from behind the oak, causing Ahiru to drop my chain7key into the
hole. "I got it." said Vladimir as he crawled in. He came back out with no dirt on
him and with my chain&key. He handed it to me and kissed my cheek. 
     Ahiru and Lilli unfroze. "Are you Vladimir?"
     Vladimir nodded. "Vladimir I am. And you two are... Ahiru and Lilli? Flor talks
about you all the time."
     They smiled as he said that.
     "Why do you live out here?" asked Lilli.
     I paused. "I... well, um... we..."
     Vladimir took my hand. "I told you they would ask. Here's your answer: She is
Anastasia-Bethany-Marie-Celeste-Flor-Belle Rose Lucifer. Princess of Hell. Daughter
of Lucifer, Satan, Diablo, Beelzebub, the Fallen, ect. She's hiding from Hell's
general, Cletus. She is a demon. She's heir to Hell's throne. And I. Vladimir Akurui,
am the Angel of Darkness. My father is the Angel of Purity. I dare not speak his name
here, though. Flor and I only met of a coincidental incident in which I was sent to
watch over her. Why we fell in love, only God and her father know. But in any case,
Flor is going to save the world from--" Vladimir stopped himself.
     Ahiru and Lilli stared, eyes wide, between Vladimir and I. There was a long,
long silence. Not even birds chirped. Not even the wind blew. Not even squirrels.
Nothing moved.
     I took a step away from Vladimir.
     "What... what am I... saving... world... from...!"
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‹~AsianNekoianNinja~› says:   28 February 2011   154357  
This is awesome work. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   28 February 2011   929686  

not again... *sighs* Next chapter please?
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   2 March 2011   779237  
hahaha thanks!

lol...! don't worry :P 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   2 March 2011   805540  
‹zach33› says:   5 March 2011   704062  
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   27 March 2011   418841  
Woo hoo, only 5 more until I'm in.
‹zach33› says:   27 March 2011   463747  
why chapter one page?
‹Green Spring Grass› says :   28 March 2011   904852  
writing it irl it was 5 pages


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