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The Shinigami Dispatch Society...Category: Kuroshitsuji
Saturday, 12 February 2011
03:52:53 PM (GMT)
Hellooooo~ This story is based on my fan-made character, Tempest, and I've wrote
it from Tempest's point of view ^.^ I hope you like it ^^ And by the way, I don't
really know how Shinigami's come of existence... so this is my version on how they
come into existence ^.^

It was dark. Cold. I couldn't see anything at first. Then I heard voices. I couldn't
make out what they were saying. Everything then went white. Bright white. So bright
that it could blind someone. I opened my eyes, a little bit at a time. Once my eyes
were fully open, I was looking back at many male faces. All wearing glasses and
suits. After having a look at who was staring back at me, I took some time to see
where I actually was. I rose my hands. They were weak. I managed to push the palms of
my hands against.. glass... I was in a glass tank of some sort. I looked over at a
man who was walking up to where I was standing. He had neatly combed back brown hair,
and rectangle-shaped glasses that had four decorative lines on each side of the
frames. He opened the door of the glass tank I was in, and stepped to the side to let
me have some room to get out.

I froze for a moment, but my legs started walking slowly out of the tank. I looked
around in a daze, stopping before I walked into the crowd. The man who had let me out
of the tank, who I later found out his name was William. T. Spears, began talking to
the other men. He told them I was the new member. I was a Shinigami. And so far, the
only female Shinigami?!? Oh boy, how was I to deal with this..? I eventually zoned
out on William, and began examining about what my appearance was. I was wearing
glasses for a start. But.. the lenses were broken?? Oh well, I just figured that the
cracked lenses made the glasses look cooler... mayby not to you, but to me it is!
I grabbed onto some strands of my hair that just passed my shoulders. Dark purple.
Alright, I could deal with that. A white long sleeved shirt, a skull cravat type
thing, a black waistcoat... everything was going well... until... a long black skirt
and long white socks?!? No no no! Not good at all! Skirts are NOT for me! I sighed,
and finally got back to paying attention. I just got to hear William saying something
about me and the *"The Thorns of Death". I had no idea what this is... but I guessed
I would find out sooner or later.

Just then, everyone went silent, as another voice was heard walking down a hallway
just outside this assembly hall that everyone including me was gathered in.
The doors to the room swung wide open, revealing a Shinigami clad in red. Even his
hair was red!
"Sorry I'm late! I was touching up on my makeup! One can't go to a special occasion
without looking their best, now can you~ ?" he said in a sort of sing songy tone.
Everyone but me sort of gave this Shinigami a 'death glare', whilst I just stared
with wide eyes. I thought to myself, could I actually talk like everyone else here?
"... E-Excuse me..." I stuttered, my voice sounding rather low and slightly deep.
All the eyes of every Shinigami in the room turned to look at me. I felt rather
nervous, and hesitated, until one Shinigami answered me.
"It's alright, no need to hesitate." he smiled.
He had short brown hair and wore glasses with thin lenses and thin frames. Alan
I nodded and looked around.
"S-She gets to wear trousers... s-so.. can't I wear trousers.. p-please..?" I
The whole room fell silent, until William spoke up.
"Believe me... that is no woman..!" he whispered to me.
"Oh no, don't listen to him~" Grell laughed, posing slightly.
"Hey! If you want trousers, we can swap! Swapsies~" Grell practically sang, bounding
up towards me and William.
"Tempest. Allow me to introduce you to your co-worker, Grell Sutcliff. He, along with
Alan Humphries, will be showing you the ropes of work here, and making sure that you
are trained up." he told Tempest.
I nodded slowly, and smiled up at Grell, who smiled back at me with his large shark

Later that day, I was given my own office. I was sitting at my desk, feeling rather
smart. I was given a ton of paperwork to get done. All about people who were on the
'Death Scroll'. It showed me each and every person I was to make sure was 'put to
rest'. I was given my very own Death Scythe earlier on too! It was an umbrella...
I admit, I too didn't understand how the hell I was suppose to use it to kill
someone.. until I noticed the large, sharp spikes on the spokes of the umbrella..!
Also, I had given Grell my skirt, and he gave me his trousers. They fit nicely, and I
was quite content.

Alan knocked on the door to my office, and walked in. He gave me a friendly smile and
a small wave. We were talking about when we were scheduled to leave, and go into
London to 'Reap Souls', when Grell's voice echoed around the halls. There was silence
for a few seconds until he spoke again.
"Hi William! Don't you think this new look sooooo suits me~ ?" he trilled.
Once again, silence. William walked up to the door of my office, holding Grell by the
scruff of the neck, high in the air. It was then that I noticed that Grell had cut my
skirt up to a... much shorter length.. shall we say..? It just sat at the bottom of
his thighs.
"Take this disappointment, and get out into London. Your wasting time by talking."
William told us all.
He let his grip of Grell's neck go, sending Grell falling to the ground. He then
turned around, and quickly made his way back to his office.
Obeying William's orders, we all set off into London as quickly as we could.

I found out I could do alot with my Death Scythe. I could stab with the tip of the
umbrella. And I could cut people into pieces with the sharp spokes around the
umbrella. After a long time of working in London, the names on my Death Scroll were
all gone. I had completed my work for today. We all headed back to the Shinigami
Dispatch Society. That was when two conversations started up.
"Hey Alan, Grell.. what is the 'Thorns of Death'..?" I asked.
Alan hesitated, but then calmed down and gave me a small smile.
"I have it to... unfortunately it is a disease that only some Shinigami's can get.
It's not passable, it implants itself in the Shinigami's body from birth..." Alan was
about to go on more, but thought not... the rest would just upset me... I found out
later on after asking William for more details.
Grell turned around to us, his long red hair smacking Alan in the face.
"Guyses, I'm gonna head of to find me Sebas-Chan~ Catch you later~" he grinned, and
skipped off towards the Phantomhive Mansion.
I was quite confused, so I turned around to ask Alan. As if reading my mind, he
opened his mouth and answered my un-spoken question.
"His 'Sebas-Chan' is actually called Sebastian. He is the butler to the Phantomhive
Manor. Although, he really is a Demon. They eat souls, whilst we collect them." Alan
told me.
"Oh... and, so why does Grell go to see him..?" I asked out of curiosity.
"Well.. Grell claims that Sebastian loves him... although everyone knows that he
despises him. Not that Grell knows this. It's as if he's blind..." Alan nodded.
For the first time in.. ever.. since I was about... 4 hours old... I felt the
slightest bit jealous of this Sebastian. I felt my cheeks flare up.
"Is something wrong..?" Alan asked me.
I shook my head, and put on a fake smile.
"No, I'm alright, thanks" I told him.
Truth is, I wasn't alright. I found out that I actually liked Grell... when I looked
at him, I looked pass the makeup and... slightly revealing clothes... I liked him...
and this Sebastian couldn't even take some time to look at Grell and look pass all
the makeup. That just made me flare up in anger. I shook it off, remembering that
Alan was still with me. I gave him a smile, and then began walking off towards the
Shinigami Dispatch Society with him.

That was my first day with the Shinigami Dispatch Society... and let me tell you,
each day got worse with Sebastian, and my disease... but atleast I had my friend Alan
to talk to. I just wish I could say the same thing about Grell. Unfortunately he was
with Sebastian all the time, I hardly had anytime to even see him.
Well... I hope you enjoyed my ramblings... and... you'd better hope your not on my
Death Scroll... cause let me tell you... I always get my job done. My Death Scroll is
always blank by the end of the day..! (if your wanting to live, you'd better hope
your on Grell's Death Scroll -.-' )


* 'The Thorns of Death' disease.
A disease only catchable by Shinigami's. It can only be cured by the collection of
1000 souls. It can strike the Shinigami anytime he/she collects a soul. You never
know when it's about to strike. When it does. It gives the Shinigam's heart an agony
sharp pain in their heart, as if sticking thorns into the heart. If this happens too
often, it could kill the Shinigami.

‹Sebastian Michaelis› says:   21 February 2011   700346  
D: No don't get mad at meh! (Sebastian) You can have Grell >.< He's
just an annoying shinigami..
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   21 February 2011   459989  
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says:   21 February 2011   607817  
Your welcome...Just keep him away from me -.-  -gestures toward Grell
hanging on my arm- 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   21 February 2011   167774  
Tempest: *tugs on Grell, ripping him away from Sebastian* Come on
Grelly~ =^.^= 
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says:   21 February 2011   695280  
-Waves goodbye to screaming Grell- Now I must go get Ciel -Raep face- 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   22 February 2011   209125  
Tempest: Aaaaaw don't cry Grell~ I'm here naow~ ^.^ *kisses Grell's
forehead XD*
Sebastian is now... Gonna do.. Pervy things... With Ciel... XS 
‹Sebastian Michaelis› says :   22 February 2011   272640  
-Sighs- As you wish -_- 


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