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Wednesday, 19 January 2011
07:13:06 PM (GMT)
I have always loved my pe teacher, Mr Smith, although I knew nothing would ever
happen. But that didnt stop me staring at him whenever I had pe.I was allowed to have
my own fantasies right? One day, one of my friends swore she saw him stare at my arse
when they were doing push ups. ''Mr Smith was looking, well, staring at your arse.''
Megan was saying as we walked to our next class. ''He was not.'' But I blushed
anyway. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping that she was right. Maybe... The next pe
lesson, I didn't take my eyes off him, and five minutes before the bell, he looked
back, smiled, and said, ''Bella, could you stay after class?'' My heart started to
race. Hs smile was gorgeous! ''Sure.'' I tried to sound calm, like nothing was wrong,
but it didn't quite work. After everyone left, he walked over to me. ''Bella, I
noticed you staring at me.'' I blushed. ''I... er... I... um...'' ''It's ok. I like
staring at you too.'' I was about to ask, you're not serious, when all of a sudden,
he crushed his lips to mine. I knew it was wrong, but I kissed him back without
thinking about it. I slowly began to unbutton his shirt, my fingers trembling
slightly. He stopped. I froze, thinking I had done something wrong. I hadn't. He
smiled at me, and slowly slid his hands over my shoulder, sliding down the straps on
my top. Then he slid his hands up under my shirt, his fingers lightly caressing my
bare skin. I repressed a shiver. He moved his hands up over my stomach, and I stepped
back slightly, lifting my arms so he could lift my shirt off. He tossed it to one
side, and returned his lips to mine, kissing me passionately. I returned the kiss,
not holding back any affections I had for him. He slid his hands around my C cup
boobs, gently caressing them for a moment before grabbing hold and squeezing them.
His other hand slid down my leg, then pulled my skirt up, putting his hand under my
lace g string and starting to rub my pussy. I let a small moan escape from between my
quivering lips, letting my head drop back, arching my back. He seemed to like that,
so he slipped a finger in, then another, then he started to go in and out over and
over. I moaned and started to go with the movement. ''More.'' I managed to gasp in
his ear. I reached down, undid his jeans and tugged them down. When I did, I could
feel his ten inch penis starting to get hard. I smiled against his lips, and gently
pushed him away. ''My turn.'' I said with a grin as I started to go down on my knees.
I gave him the best blow job ever. You could tell it was good from the way he was
moaning. He cummed, and I swallowed, but I kept a bit in my mouth, swirling it around
my tounge. I went back up and kissed him again, letting him taste it too. Then he
picked me up, and I wrapped my legs tightly around his muscular form. He shoved his
ten inch cock into my wet virgin pussy. I screamed in pain and pleasure as he ground
his hips against mine. He ran me into the wall. I killed, but I soon forgot the pain,
when out of no where he had a vibrator. He shoved it in my arse. ''Ouch.'' I said,
with a smile. ''Sorry.'' he said, but he didn't stop. After about half an hour of
this (lucky no on came in) I started to get sore. ''I can't take anymore.'' He
grinned at me. ''Ok, enough for now.'' ''Yes, for now.'' We helped each other get
dressed. ''I'll give you a lift home.'' The whole way home was agony. I wanted so bad
to jump him again. When the car stopped, he leaned over and kissed my neck, his lips
gently caressing my skin, then my lips, then said, ''Again tomorrow?'' ''You bet.'' I
said back, and got out of the car, whispering beside his ear, ''I love you.'', and
ran inside, hearing his voice murmur after me, ''I love you too.'' I lay in bed that
night, thinking about how much I couldn't wait for tomorrow. Parent, teacher night
was a little odd, it has to be admitted. It's kind of weird, holding hands under the
desk with your teacher while your parents are right there. But the up side? I got all
straight A's.

hiccup says:   2 February 2011   699945  
Sorry, but to be honest, I prefered your "Lesbian sex" story (very
well written BTW - It made me so horny)

To elaborate upon the fear (for both of you) being found in the act of
'sex with the teacher' would have made it seem more realistic, and
more deviant.

I love your description of the aggony of wanting to "jump him again"
on the trip home.
RachelGrey1216 says:   2 February 2011   329361  
Yeah "Lesbian sex" is my favorite too. It made me really horny. And
thank you (:
Timstantmessage says:   2 May 2012   234688  
wow I just love the part where he came in your mouth and then kissed
him, letting him taste his own cream. i just love sharing cum with my
partner. gotta love the cum kiss! Hell, I even cum in my own mouth
sometimes when im sucking my own cock and even swallow! I love the
taste! wanna see some pics of me?
RachelGrey1216 says :   19 June 2012   194516  
Woww nice.

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