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Fail to Mention? ((Part one))Category: Stories
Tuesday, 14 December 2010
05:02:21 PM (GMT)
"Aurora Balaur, come with me please." The principal said, shortly
after she opened the classroom door, interrupting class.
	I stood, face flushed. She looked at me. "Bring your stuff." The principals female
voice said commandingly. I grabbed my binder and hurried after her, my silver hair
flowing like the wind behind me. My pink cheeks could be seen miles away, or at least
I swear it could. I kept my pace with her easily, considering she was a foot shorter
than me. She huffed as she pushed herself to move fast without running in the halls.
	Being new at a school isn't fun, but at least you get a new start. I haven't made
any new friends, and I doubt I ever will. I sighed as the thought occurred to me
again. Other girls make fun of my hair and white ash pale skin. I don't even know why
I came to this school. My parents just died for the lord's sake. I shook my head as
me and the principal turn to her office. Two males stood at each side of the door,
and blocked the exit as I walked in. Strange.
	"Can I... help any of you?" My british voice rang in the silence. It stayed quiet
for a few more moments, and finally, the principal sighed.
	"You have to leave the school with these two gentlemen. Furthermore, you will never
return. you will learn about yourself as you ask questions of these two. Your
paperwork and school reports are being transferred as we speak, you may go now. It
was a pleasant meeting you. Good luck with you and your new school." The principal
nodded at me and the two men grabbed my arms, one on each side.
	"Ow! Let me go! What's going on?!" I screamed, and they pulled me forward and out of
the school through the back, the closest outside door to the principal's office,
actually right next to it. I kicked against the white floor and walls, leaving mud
streaks against it. "Stop it!" I started to thrash my arms, and they squeezed harder,
making my fingers go numb from the lost of circulation.
	One of the men opened the back seat door of a black sedan, and threw me into it,
shutting the door. Between the front and back seat was bars like in a police
cruiser.That ticked me off. My hand flew to the handle of the car, only finding that
the car door was locked. There was no buttons back there to unlock it either. I
started to kick the window and sighed as there wasn't even a scratch on it from my
efforts. I look up and blew the hair out of my line of vision as I saw the two men
put a suitcase--my suitcase--into the trunk. The two strange ones climbed into the
front seat at the same time and shut their doors.
	The one in the passenger seat looked back to me. Brown eyes and blonde hair that
could be mistaken for white sand. He smiled, his teeth as white as snow. I raised an
eyebrow to him. "Hello, pretty thing, how are you feeling?"
	I felt my face flush before I answered. "Pretty bad, considering how you just
snatched me out of my own school."
	"We had to, considering we figured out who you are and how much danger you could be
in the real world." The driver answered, but his hood was up so I couldn't try to
remember him by his looks.
	"It wasn't polite, and danger? I haven't even thrown a punch in my life. Yet; you
two are pushing your luck." My eyes narrowed and the blond laughed.
	"Poor dear, You don't even know what you are. You'll figure it out soon enough." He
looked forward and that was the last of our conversation. The other two hours were
rested in silence. I almost dozed as the blond opened my door, holding his hand out
to me. Besides his bulging muscles, he looked a year older than me and I'm only
sixteen. I raised an eyebrow as I grabbed his hand, letting him lift me out.
	"Would you rather me carry you there, or my dragon?" My mouth fell open at the
second option.
	"D-Dragon?" As I repeated it, roars above me where loud and clear. About twenty or
so dragons, all about the size of a sky scraper, landed in the opening. "Where are
we?" I looked back up at the blond, whose eyes became red and slits were marked as
his pupils. I gasped and stumbled back, as the other male held me up straight. I
looked up at him and he was as pale as me, only bad part was he had no hair, and his
skin had markings on it to make it look like scales. I tried to jerk away from him,
but his fingers wrapped around my arms, making it impossible from me to run. Claws
are what I saw instead of finger nails and I lost my breath. I was just about to
faint when the blond's hand lifted my chin so I would look him in the eye. His square
jaw was clinching and unclinching, showing he was grinding his teeth. Then, it
	"The Valley of the Forbidden. No mortal can pass through. You, my dear, are one of
us. You are a Dragon Tamer. Once you find your dragon, you will name it, it will
leave it's mark on you and you will take a similarity to it. For example, I took my
dragon's eyes and he tattooed me on my sides." He lifted his shirt to show what
seemed like fire blowing in all different directions. It was outlined with a dark
blue color. My fingers reached out to touch it, and he gave me a look of
encouragement. My fingers traced over the design, and it felt like as if it wasn't
there. I smiled at him and let my hand fall to my side.
	"That's amazing." I looked over at all of the dragons around, wondering which one
would be mine, if any.
	"And I took my dragon's outer layer look." I turned to see the other male. His teeth
were sharp, but they looked harmless. He gave a broad smile. "Sorry if I scared you
	I nodded towards him and gave him a smile of my own. I looked back at the dragons
and started to worry. What if none of them liked me? Wait, who was I kidding, I've
never believed in this stuff before, why am I now? Probably because they are right
here in front of me.
	"So, how will I know which is my dragon?"
	"It will hold something similar to you. Plus, a bond will form quickly after you
look at it. For me it was my favourite color. I was wearing it, burnt orange, and my
dragon is the same color." The blond replied.
	"For me it was how loud I am. I may seem quiet, but that's not true. My dragon is
also the loudest dragon known to us." The bald one said. I nodded and they both
pushed me forward to the dragons. "Go on and see if you can find yours."
Last edited: 14 December 2010

‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   14 December 2010   919428  
Can't wait to read more. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   14 December 2010   186899  
Really? I was beginning to think it sucked D: 
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   14 December 2010   447889  
Oh no. Not at all. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   14 December 2010   716164  
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   14 December 2010   783974  
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   14 December 2010   872844  
Woot! After I finish this paragraph I'll post up the other part. :P 
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says :   14 December 2010   672332  


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