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A list of trivial questions...Category: (general)
Monday, 13 December 2010
04:52:26 PM (GMT)
If you jumped out your bedroom window right now, how injured would you get?
~Meh, a little. First I'd go through the screen, scratching myself up a bit. then I'd
fall a whopping two feet and hit the deck.

Would you ever want a pet goat? Why/why not?
~Hell yes I'd love a goat! Only a miniture one though, so I could walk him uptown.

Do you know anyone with a pet goat?
~Sure do! I'm in hillbilly country man.

Do you have a favorite brand of shoes?
~Chuck Taylor's Converse, extra high tops.

Do you find graveyards scary?
~No, the thought of enternal rest is quite relaxing acctualy.

How many people do you think will go to your funeral?
~Alot, I've moved ALOT and made alot of friends.

Do you want to die in the morning, afternoon, or night?
~In the afternoon, on a rollercoaster that has derailed...

How can you tell if someone likes you?
~They try to be around you more than usual? I don't know...

Is autumn your favorite season?
~No summer, duh.

Ever been in love?
~Thought so a couple of times, it got complicated though.

Are you a virgin?
~No, that ship sailed a while ago.

When was the last time you had butterflies?
~Like, in my stomache? Or the litteral ones? Cause I chased one yesterday! 

Will you be in a relationship next month?
~Probably not, unless a certain someone steps up. Or someone interesting moves here,
unlikey of course...

Is this the best year of your life?
~Uh, not really. But then again, none of them have been that great.

Who pissed you off today?
~No one, I just woke up.

Have you ever been punched by the opposite sex? details?
~I've gotten in many play fights with my guy friends, which involve hitting, hard.
But yes, my previous boyfriend was an over controling ass hole.

Have you ever gotten in a drunken fight?
~Of course, I dont like to fight. It's against my nature, but when I've got some
liquid courage, and a bitch is running her mouth... Lets just say, I'm known to
"Fucking end" people.

What's your relationship with the person you last texted?
~My phone's been out of minuets for a while, but it was probably my ex...

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
~Have a smoke, if the gods permit.

Did you get a full 8 hours of sleep last night?
~10 I think... Some say I sleep too much, to them I say "Ten more minuets!"

If your friends warn you about someone, do you listen?
~Depends which friends, not all of them are smart you know...

Have you ever fallen asleep in someone's arms?
~Probably, I dont remember though.

Why are you single?
~Yes indeed.

Do you think you can love someone without trusting them?
~Yes, you dont choose who you truely love.

Are you shy?
~Not usualy, a little quite when I first meet people.

Would you go back in time if you had the chance?
~Hell yeah! I'd go meet me when I was five, and tell myself not to light the curtain
on fire. 

Ever turned a girl/ boy down you shouldn't have?
~Not that I can think of. I dont get "hit on" often.

How is your hair right now?

Will you have alcohol this weekend?
~Meh, my dad is coming on friday or saturday... So I might drink a little on

Could you cry right now?
~No... I dont cry often, physical pain doesnt get to me, so you'd really have to hurt
my feelings.

Are you a jealous person?
~Not really, who cares who has what? I've got all I need.

If you could see one person right now, who would it be?
~My best friend Em!

Is there anything silver near you/on you?
~Speakers, they arent really silver though, just shiny.

Song playing right now?
~Holy Diver -A Dio cover done by Killswitch Engage.

Do you wear the seat belt in the car?
~I usualy forget until we drive for a few.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else?
~A guy, thats about it though.

What is the weather like today?
~Snowy, and little cold.

Where will you be in an hour?
~In my room, still.

How late did you stay up last night and why?
~12 am, because I was stoned and distracted.

Whose bed did you sleep in last night ?

Do you like to cuddle?
~With my cat...

Are you someone's best friend?
~A few people acctualy 

What was last thing you drank?
~Milk, in my cereal... Fruitloops!

Does anyone love you?
~Well I certainly hope so.

How was this week?

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with an R?
~I sure have! A very hot chick named Rachel acctualy!

Does anyone hate you?
~I dont know, wouldnt blame them though.

What did you do today?
~I just woke up a while ago, I ate, scratched my butt, and went on Kupika.

Does someone like you right now?
~I hope someone does... Or are we talking "like-like"? If so, I think so.

Are you ticklis?
~Everywhere, good luck trying to tickel me though, I kick.

Which people do you not get along with?
~Preps, narcisist's, goths, emos, and fish...

Ever kissed in the rain?
~Yes, it wasnt as great as it sounds.

Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?
~If my head is cold.

Can you successfully blow up and tie a balloon?
~I'm not retarted you know.

Have you held hands with anybody in the past week?

Do you like someone you can't have?
~Pfft, please, I get what I want.

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