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wheel of torure(what got cut off)Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 November 2010
06:43:25 PM (GMT)
A massive alligator crawled up from the side and stalked the girl. She tried to
crawl towards the door but felt the next snap of the reptile's jaws as it ripped her
leg from her body. The second large alligator crawled from the other side and took
her arm in it's jaw ripping it from the torso. The girls screams could be heard
throughout the room with the four remaining contestants as the beasts finished her
off and the screen went back to the scoreboard.

"What the fuck?! You bastard! You said if it lands on FREEDOM then we would get to go
free, and you just fed her to a fucking gator?!" Alice screamed in disbelief and
feeling like she was playing this game for the man's own sick pleasure.

"Yes and she had the chance for freedom, she however didnt want it bad enough. She
could've gotten to the door and gotten freed but she chose to sit there and whine
about her lost foot....If you get to be freed remember don't sit and wait but go and
act fast, because freedom doesn't wait forever," Jack said as Rebecca's name vanished
from the scoreboard leaving only four names left. "Ah, and Damien it is your turn."

Damien pressed the button and the wheel was sat in motion before stopping at 5.
Damien remember from John's expeience that it was just piercings with a double-zero
needle. He smiled as he heard his question come from Jack's mouth, "How many drugs
have you taken?"

Damien remember John was asked this same question and it was a trick question. He
smiled as he looked at the door and said, "I believe there is no right answer and
either way I will be escorted into the Funhouse so send the sideshows out and let's
get this over with. Besides what's a few piercings with a double-zero needle?"

Jack was enraged by the young goth calling his helpers sideshows as they came out and
unchained the man and started to escort him to the Funhouse. Jack smiled as he said
something under his breath. The scoreboard now read for Damien's score 27. When
Damien got into the room and strapped to the table where John had been, he was
shocked when he saw the needle the Doctor held. It wasn't a double-zero it was
bigger, possibly a triple-zero, something that Damien had only heard about. He didn't
struggle as the needle pierced him and he was brought back to the set and back to his
stand. He looked at John who now smiling through his stitched and pierced lips.

"Mine are bigger," he smirked. John wanted to say something but couldn't so he gave
Damien the finger. "Careful I bite." He showed his teeth to the unfortunate homelss

Alice frowned to herself as she pressed the button once again and watched as the
wheel spin around in its circle. It started to come to a slow stop at the FREEDOM
section. She smiled as Jack gritted his teeth and grinned. "So I'm free to go, right

"I don't think the wheel is done spinning." Jack said as it the pointer clicked over
to another section then another and another before stopping at the number 1. "Better
luck next time, my dear."

"You bastard, you rigged that!" she exclaimed as Jack smiled wickedly at her and
shook his head no.

"Alice, I assure you if I rigged it you would be in the Execution Chamber right now
so don't say I rigged anything.But your question is how many diseases do you have?"

"None," the girl answered quickly.

"Wrong answer whore, you have a common disease just like the rest of the sluts on the
streets, you have what I call at disease that eats way at your hole with every second
that you breath," Jack said as the Doctor emerged from the Funhouse holding a
nailgun. He walked over to her and pointed the device at her knee sending three nails
deep within her knee cap, piercing the bones. Another three pierced her other knee as
she fell forward onto the stand seeing her score change to 2. The Doctor then left
the room and returned to the Funhouse.

"Are you alright?" Eric ask grabbing her shoulders.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks kid," she replied as she looked at him and smiled, "be
careful. It's your turn."

"Aww...how cute..is the whore falling for the nerd?" Damien asked as Jack smirked,
enjoying the goth's response.

"And what if I am?" she snapped back.

"Careful four-eyes she has a disease," Damien said to Eric who looked at him with

"Do not!" exclaimed Alice angry at Damien the same if not more then she was enraged
at their wicked host.

"Enough," Jack broke the fight and turned the skull again. The scoreboard flickered
and all their scores increased by 20. "All of you have gained 20 points for wasting
my time with your bullshit arguements, now Eric spin the wheel."

Eric pressed the button and was watched as it came to a stop on 9. He grabbed his
mouth and took a deep breath. He looked at John who fell victum to this earlier and
took a gulp of the spit that was forming inside his mouth, he was scared as Jack
stared at him with a grin.

"In your entire life how many math problems have you done?" Jack asked hoping that
the boy wouldn't get a second right answer so soon.

"I'm going to say roughly 1,348," Eric took a quick breath recalling the number of
math problems he had done in his life.

"My, My, yet again you are right," Jack looked away as he then turned back to the
contestants. "So which one gains 10 points for your correct answer?"

Eric smiled as he yet again chose Damien raising his score to 57. Jack smiled as he
looked at the four who stayed there watching him, and who wanted to gain their
freedom. Another screeching sound came causing them to cover their ears yet again as
the evil man known as Jack laughed.

"So now it's round three. John if you will get us started," Jack said. "Unless of
course you want us to watch what you did to that little girl..."

John shooked his head no violently as he slammed his hand on the button causing it to
spin in fast motion. It landed on the number 6, the same number that got the redneck
girl stoned. He waited for his question as Jack smiled at him with a evil grin.

"John, I'm supposed to ask you how many types of alcohol have you tried but I can't
really get an response from you. So I'm going to count it as a wrong answer and you
may go to the Funhouse," he smiled as the masked men came and carried him to the room
yet again and tied him to the wall. The Doctor came with the bucket full of stones
yet again and threw one nailing John in the ribs. John stretched his mouth open from
the pain and by the time the eighth stone made it's impact he ripped open his mouth,
tearing his piercings out and reopening his mouth. He screamed in agony as the last
two made their impact for the other three contestants to see. When he got back to the
his stand he noticed his score went up to 67.

"I'm going to fucking kill you," he said as he clutched his bleeding mouth.

"Now John you're in no place to make threats and sitting with 67 points you are in no
place to even consider threatening me. But I'm going to keep to myself as Damien
spins the wheel."

Damien pressed the button and the wheel started spinning and it stopped on the
FREEDOM section exactly. He smiled as he looked at Jack who smiled deeply.

"Damien you have the luck to get to go free and live on," started Jack as he clutched
the cane tightly and placed his hand over the skull. "Who do you wish to leave your
57 points to?"

Damien looked around the table and then thought about it, he smiled to himself and
then he turned to Alice and Eric. "I think I'm going to give them to John, as my way
of apologizing to these two."

John turned to Damien with an enraged look of terror and sadness, "What the fuck? You
gothic faggot, you just condemned me to death!"

The scoreboard changed as John's score became 124 and Damien's name vanished
altogether. Jack smiled as the screen turned to a shot of a slide as he turned the
skull which released Damien's leg from the chain and a drill came from the stand
stabbing into Damien's kneecaps as the trapdoor opened and he fell into the slide.
The camera seemed to follow him until he landed in a room where the floor was covered
by piles of bloody human bones. Once again there was a door at the end that read
"FREEDOM" on it and once again Jack spoke through speakers.

"Damien you are now in a room, that has bones on the floor. In front of you is a door
that leads you to freedom as you have won, however there is also something that wants
to dismember your body. It is how you would say a freakshow, have you wandered what
the screeching was earlier? There is a creature in the room that would like nothing
more then to devour you so if you want to live, get to that door and leave, if not
then stay where you are," Jack said as he watched the screen.

Damien crawled quickly towards the door as he heard the screeching and he saw in the
shadows at who made it. It was a man whose mouth was as big as his own head, filled
with 3 inch long razor sharp teeth. The man was hairy and had claws that were 2
inches in length. Then it hit him, that this thing wasn's a mam at all, but was the
legendary Bigfoot that he had often read about in the tabloids. He screamed as he
rushed crawling towards the door. As he reached the door and his fingers touched the
doorhandle, the creature took a bite out of his side. He pulled his arm back from the
pain as he felt his side, half of it was gone. He screamed in horror as the creature
slashed its claws into his face removing the piercings and ripping his left eyeball
out of the socket. The beast then opened it's mouth wide as it bit into the skull of
Damien, sucking his brain out and leaving an empty shell. The screen went back to the

"He wasn't fast enough I guess," Jack said as he turned back to the scoreboard and
glanced at John's name. "Now John it's time for you to go to the Execution Chamber."

The door to the Execution Chamber opened and two men came out they looked like the
men from the Funhouse but they were different. Their clothes were purple, dark green
boots and dark green skin tight masks. They came and grabbed John and jerked him the
chain broke from the force they used as they carried him into the execution chamber
and closed the door behind them. Jack turned to the screen as it became another shot
of a room. There was a large table in the center of it as the two masked men threw
John onto it using straps to hold him in place as another man entered the room.

This man was much like the Doctor, except he wore dark green burlap sack over his
head with only one eyehole cut into it. It was tied to his throat by a purple rope.
He wore purple clothing and dark green boots. He looked at the man who was fixing to
be painfully execute. He took a large axe from under the table and rose it above his
head. The axe came down into connection with the knee of John severing the lower leg
and sending a jolt a pain up to his brain. Another swing of the axe and the other
knee was sliced. He thing replaced the axe under the table and pulled out a chainsaw.
He got it running before lowering it down onto where the legs were, cutting them even
further before moving the chainsaw up to John cranium. He lowered it onto the scalp
and carefully severed the top of the skull, making sure John didn't die just yet. He
shut the chainsaw off and replaced it and retrieved a large pair of clamps, which he
then clamped around John's exposed brain and pulled it out killing John and ending
his suffering. The screen went back to the scoreboard but now it only had two scores
on it. Alice's and Eric's.

"Let's continue. Alice it's your turn to spin the wheel," Jack said as he smile to
her. She pressed the button and it landed on 1 yet again.

"Shit, I've already had that one," she started. "What are you going to do put more
nails into my knees?"

"No, it's going to be far worse then that mu dear," Jack. "So answer this question
correctly, how many times have you been beaten by your pimp?"

Alice looked at Eric and smiled knowing that she wouldnt be punished because she
never had a pimp so her answer couldnt possibly be wrong, then again, Jack seemed to
like watching her suffer. She spoked to him in a loud clear voice, "none. I have no
"Wise answer and you have to give 15 points to his score since he is the last
contestant besides you," Jack said as Erics score became 35.

Eric pressed the button and the wheel was set in motion yet again and landed on the
number 3. Jack smiled as he asked the young man his question, "how many programs are
on your computer?"

"29," he answered knowing that he was wrong. He watched his score turn to 44 and the
Funhouse doors opened.

"Eric, why did you lie?" Alice asked sensing that he answer wrongly for some reason.

"Becasue I didn't want you to get hurt any worse then you have to," he said in a
genuine tone as he was carried off by the masked men.

She looked at the screen as she felt something in her heart for the young man. He
wasn't much to look at but he had a good heart. A tear fell from her eye as she
wondered what kind of pain he would have to endure for her. She stared at the screen
as the masked men strapped him down to the chair. The Doctor emerge followed by three
masked men each holding a buckle of what appeared to be ice water. The Doctor took
the first bucket and poured it over his head slowly. Eric screamed from the freezing
water as the second bucket was poured onto his head and then the third before they
started to drag his shaking body back out to the set.

"Are you okay?" Alice asked as they reshackled his leg to the stand.

"Ye...Ye...Yeah," he stuttered. He clutched the sides of his arms and started
shivering as the screeching sound was heard yet again. This time neither of them
bothered to cover their ears and as it ended Jack let out a large laugh.

"Thats all of round 3," he smiled at the last two contestants. "Now I hadnt planned
on two of you making this far, so we're going to have what I call a Tag-Team Bonus
Round. Here's how it will work. I will ask you a series of 5 questions each. For each
one you get right then you will be closer to both of your freedom, but for each one
you get wrong then you get 20 points added to your new score."

Jack pointed to the scoreboard as it changed from their names to the words Eric&Alice
and the number beside it was zero. "If you get more then a total of 120 then the one
who answered the most questions wrong will be tortured to death right in front of
you. But if the total is 100 or less then both of you will be free to go. Oh and if
the you can't answer any of my questions correctly then we will have a little tie
breaker so to speak. Let us begin."

He turned his vision to Alice and spoke to her in a more disgruntled voice then
before, "Base upon what you know here, do you think Jack is my real name?"

"What kind of question is that?How the fuck should I know?!" she asked in confusion.

The score became 20 as he asked the next question, "Do you think Eric there is a

"Yes," she replied as the score increased to 40.

"Wrong dear, your first trick one year ago was when he lost his virginity, I'm
surprise you two didn't recognize eachother," Jack smiled as he asked the next
question. "How well did you know John?"

"I didn't know him at all," she stated as she watch the score increase to 60. She was
confused by this, she thought she was telling the truth so she began yelling at Jack.
"What the hell is this? I didn't fucking know John."

"On the contrary you did," replied Jack. "You were the reason he was homeless, you
may not known it but the woman you killed, the one who attacked you for fucking her
unfaithful husband, was indeed John's wife. He lost his home because of you."

She was crying now, tears fell from her eyes as she had flashbacks of the night she
slit that woman's neck. She sobbed as Eric rubbed her back trying to calm her.

"Is there anyone else who was a contestant that you know?" Jack asked watching the
scoreboard with a evil grin.

This time she hesitated before finally answering, "No."

The score went to 80 and Jack spoke again, "wrong answer. You were once in the same
room as Damien while you two smoked from Rebecca's bong and took Eric's virginty for
a small cost."

"Oh my god...we were all connected...."she said now sobbing harder then ever.

"Final question, what started you selling your body for money?"Jack asked her the
most simplest question.

Alice was lost in thought, she was thinking back and she remembered but she didn't
want to say it in front of Eric so she sighed, "I don't remember." The score went up
to 100.

Jack smiled and laughed, "It's because Eric there asked you out and you regretted
him, the only rejection he had ever had, so you suggested that you would slept with
him for a hundred dollars."

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" she cried pounding her fists into the stand.

"Just out of curosity, how do you know so much about us?" ask the still shivering

Jack smiled as he replied calmly, "I was there, I was in your lives. Every second I
was there in your neighborhood. The one who you mistreated the ugly offbrand kid at
your schools. You bullied me so I had to make you pay. You both know very well who I
am...so my first question for you Eric. What is my real name, first and last?"

"I don't remember at all....Gregory Scott?" he answer and the score went up to 120.

"No!" yelled the man who they thought was named Jack. "My name is Leon Maddox."

Both Alice and Eric looked at eachother and looked at the man who had just revealed
himself as Leon. They had both known Leon from high school, and he was hated by
everyone. All the memories came to them at once. He drifted from group to group
trying to fit in but never could and often got picked on by people who were
comsidered a higher class then him. Leon removed the tophat and took a bow, before
removing his contacts to reveal his eyes. They were green and then brown and then
orange and then green again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of
glasses and slipped them on. He smiled revealing his teeth, the front one had a large
hole in it and there was a small gap between the front two. Two fang like teeth were
beside them as he rehatted himself and smiled.

"Gregory Scott died two years ago, not related to me I assure you," laughed Leon.
"Next question, were you related to any of the other contestants?"

"No," Eric was sure of this because he wasn't introduced to them before because he
knew all of his relatives.

"Wrong again Eric boy," Leon spoke in a much different tone. "You were John's nephew,
your father hated his brother so they never mentioned of him to you and Rebecca was
your mother's child which she gave up at birth because she could only keep one. She
was your sister."

Eric looked at the man who now controlled their fate as the score went up to 140. He
now held Alice's hand tightly as the wicked gameshow host asked another question.

"On the night you lost your virginity with Alice there, was I arround?" Leon asked
knowing for sure that he would get it wrong.

"No," Eric replied as the score increase to 160.

Leon smiled as he began to speak of the night that he kept asking questions about. He
spoke his next words softly, "Wrong again. I was there, it was my last attempt to fit
in. The party that you lost your virginity at, the party that turned her into the
whore that she is was indeed at my house. And as soon as you all were done
fornicating and getting messed up you left, abandoning me. On top of that, I was
beaten to a bloody mess that night and left to die. And that brings me to my next
question, Where were you Eric?"


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