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The NoteCategory: Poems
Wednesday, 3 November 2010
02:13:38 AM (GMT)
He wasn't too bright and knew what he did was wrong. He blew it and knew that she
was the one. He felt bad and wish that he could change it. But how could he, she
caught him with her friends. Ethan tried his best to do what ever she asked but she
just didn't want him. Jennifer was hurt and mad, at both of them. Realizing that it
was her best friend and he had to fix it. He would apologize to them both, he sent
messages to Jennifer, 'I know you hate my guts but please forgive Tasha. It wasn't
her fault, if anything blame me.' For weeks he tried his best to let Jennifer know
that it wasn't her friends fault. He took the blame to save Jennifer's and Tasha's
relationship. You just don't throw away 26 years friendship over a stupid mistake. 2
months later Ethan saw the pair of them at lunch laughing and giggling, he knew he
did right. But then again he saw her with another guy, and felt badly. 
The bump into each other one day, 'oh hi. Uhm how you doing?' Jennifer asked Ethan.
'Oh I'm good, and you.' An awkwardness came over her face as her new boyfriend was
right next to her, 'oh his is Allen.' A few polite exchange occurred and they parted.
They use to meet in the park for lunch, the was this tree that Ethan found that had a
nubby hole where he would leave Jennifer notes in. She always love going to that tree
and reaching in and taking a love note. About a year past and Jennifer was in the
park eating lunch along, and looked up at the tree. Her mind race back to the time of
her and Ethan and for some reason she decided to put her hand into the tree. She
pulled out a piece of paper, she sat back down and open it. “Jennifer, hi. I never
had the chance to tell you this, you were mad at me and I know I deserved it. I
didn't know what I had until you left. I realized that all the women in the world
couldn't compare to you. You are the most amazing girl I know, your heart is warm and
caring. You would give the shirt off you back to a stranger and give your last dime
to help others. Your every thing anyone could want or ask for. You were my sun that
kept me warm and the moon to light my way home. I was always lost without you and
afraid to lost you. You kept me grounded and held my hand when I wanted to run. You
where the one I dream of calling my wife, to live forever with and have lots of kids.
You left and I have nothing but these words and maybe some day they will find their
way into your heart to forgive me. - Ethan” Jennifer sat there holding this piece
of paper with mixed emotion running through her. Allen and her broken up months ago
and when reading this she felt that she could give Ethan another chance, to give that
life a second go. Later that day she called but no answer, she kept trying through
the week and nothing. She stopped by the old apartment and knocked on the door. The
lady across the hall came out. 'Jennifer, its been a while.' she said to her. 'Mrs.
Cox how you doing?' Jennifer replied. The old lady shook her head, 'I'm so sorry.'
she said to Jennifer. Jennifer looked at Mrs. Cox with a bit a confusion on her face.
'Dear didn't you hear, he was kill 2 weeks ago. I'm so sorry.' 
Jennifer couldn't believe it, her knees gave way and she feel to the ground. 2 weeks
ago Ethan was out doing his usually Saturday things. A young child was playing ball
near the park where he just place the note in the tree. The ball went out in the
street and the little boy ran out after it. Ethan saw that the boy was about to get
hit and ran over and push the child out of the way. Only to have his body ran over by
the truck. Jennifer cried and as the note she kept in her pocket close to her heart.

NotoriousM says :   3 November 2010   677177  
Its been fun, but now I have to go.  Nice one....


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