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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 3Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Monday, 11 October 2010
06:54:47 PM (GMT)
"Thank y--" I turned to thank the man, but he was already gone. "Strange." I mused.
I clutched my key. Being out of Hell was... scary. At least Stacie had Wes when she
came. I was alone.
     I looked up to see tall wooden things with green things on them. "Are these
possibly... trees?" I asked myself. I had to wander alone, possibly never knowing
what anything was.
     I stood up and began walking. The World was so pretty... Then I remembered. I
had no human money. I mumbled to myself and I had my purple velvet purse in my hand.
There was money, from $1 to $100 dollar bills, pennies to quarters.I grinned in
pleasure at my riches.
     I looked up at the moon. Stacie had given me a few lessons on how to tell time
by the position of the moon and sun. It was about seven in the morning.
     I saw lights. "Could this be New York?" I asked myself. I sat at the roots of a
giant tree. I leaned my head on the trunk and quickly fell asleep.
      ~                      ~                       ~                        ~
     "Um, hello?"
     I shifted and looked up. There was two boys standing above me. 
     "Huh... wha?" was all I said.
     "Oh, good, you're awake." said one of the boys. "Jordan*, she's awake."
     The other boy smiled down at me. "Hey, I'm Jordan." he said. "This is my friend
Jasper." Jordan held his hand out.
     "Hello." I said, flashing a smile. Dumb humans. I thought to myself. "I'm
Flor. F-L-O-R."* I said, taking Jordan's hand.
     Jordan pulled me to my feet. "Is that Spanish?" he asked, smirking playfully.
"It's pretty, like you."
     Jasper punched him. "Idiot!" he said. I giggled.
     "Hey um..." I said. "Can you guys... show me around? If I'm correct, this is New
York City? I'm not from around here."
     Jasper nodded. "Sure, and if you need somewhere to stay, you can stay with me or
     I blinked. How could he know I needed somewhere to stay? I opened my mouth and
asked just that. 
     "Well, no one with anywhere to stay wouldn't stay out here in the woods." he
said. "So you going to come ot was that a hollow question and offer?"
     I nodded, still a little too tired.
     The two boys lead me through crowded streets and past hundreds of stores. The
World was so beautiful. I smelled wonderful food, which made my stomach growl
     "Someone's hungry!" said Jordan. "Wanna stop to eat, guys?"
     I nodded, so did Jasper. Jordan brought us to a place called 'McDonalds'. He
ordered us each a plain burger and fries. 
     "Ahh!" sighed Jasper. "Good ole' Micky D's!"
     I nodded in agreement as I bit into my burger. It was delicious. Fresh, warm...
     But then everything went wrong.
     At first it started when the hair on the back of my neck slowly began to stand
on end. Then Jordan opened his mouth.
     "Flor, you alright?"
     Screams filled the McDonalds as two demonic guards stormed in and pointed their
weapons at the two boys. Cletus appeared in front of me. 
     "Damn..." I growled.
     "Flor-Belle!" he said, his tone soft. "You must come back to your kingdom. You
know your father will not like you here... Especially with these... humans all around
     Without thinking, I grabbed Jasper and Jordan and kicked the guards' weapons out
of their hands.
     "What's going on?!"
     "Who are they?"
     "Who's that girl?"
     Jasper grabbed my shoulder. "Flor, what's happening?!"
     "Stay behind me and I'll sort this out..." I growled.
     "But they'll--"
     "Cletus! I ran away, yes. I'm sick of being... home." I said plainly. "Now
leave. These people do not need to see this."
     "Oh, but Flor--" Cletus didn't get to finish his sentence.
     One of the guards grabbed his weapon and stabbed it through Jordan.
     "No!" growled Jasper. "You monsters!"
     "Enough!" The hooded man* was in front of Jasper and I. He grabbed each of our
arms and we were gone in a flash of light.

*Jordan: it was originally Henry, then I realised that Henry and Jasper were the
names of the guys in Unnatural History

*Flor (F-L-O-R): No, its not 'floor'. you roll the R at the end, like rrrrrrrrrr.
Florrrrrrr. the O is short and with a Spanish accent.

*The hooded man...: he'll be quite important  :3
Last edited: 14 January 2012

‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   13 October 2010   238913  
alright i like my character already?
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   13 October 2010   836237  
‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   13 October 2010   753547  
no and the question mark was a typo 
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   13 October 2010   636381  
oh okai :DDDDDDDD 
‹zach33› says:   13 October 2010   176318  
i dont get a chatacter?
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   13 October 2010   799275  
its coming >_< 
‹zach33› says:   13 October 2010   888923  
GlitterKelly cries :   14 November 2010   288366  
OH NO!! EVIL DEMONS!!!! I just know that that hooded guy is the ANGEL


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