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Justin Bieber~ Sex Story Please No Haters. Don't Read if Offended [=Category: Sex Story[=
Friday, 1 October 2010
10:43:49 PM (GMT)
Hey, This is my First sex story. Please don't hate. 
If you suddenly Feel offended please do not read or post mean things in comments.
And my inspiration to wrote these was by Sex Stories author who has written many good
sex stories. 
Please know that i am not trying to copy her. 
Thanks Hope you Enjoy 

Black-Out wasn't my idea. My friend, Macey, told me that since my break up with Josh
i needed to get back to the clubs. Teen Clubs that is, since I'm only 17.
        Black out is true to its name. The inside was goh black. Black walls, Black
furniture, and black ceilings. Only the colorful lights came from a giant disco ball
in the middle of three stripper poles. (Yes they had strippers at these clubs and
were legal) Their was one person on each pole. Two girls and One guy. I turned to
macey who was beside me. 
"I dont think we should do this." I told her.
"Oh, grow up and live a little will you? Guys like the wild type." 
Macey winked at me then pointed toward a hot guy standing in a corner
"Go talk to him." Macey said then shoved me in his direction
I looked back at macey "GO!" She told me. 
Then I headed toward the guy in the corner
     "Ummm, Hi." I sad as soon as I reached the boy in the corner.
"Hey having fun with your friend?" He asked me laughing.
"You saw that?" He nodded
"Ugh. How Embarassing. Was it really that obvious?" 
"Yeah kinda." He said laughing again
"Great. Nw I completely embaressed myself." 
"Nah. It was funny." He said with a smile on his face. 
"Glad You enjoyed yourself." I told him jokingly.
"Yeah. Hey, I never caught your name." He said to me.
"Oh yeah, I'm Alexandra Power. Alex for short." I told him.
"Awesome name. I'm jake."
"Sweet name. And thanks." told him surprised he didn't say his last name like me.
"Your welcome." 
"So how old are you?"
"I'm 19. You?" He asked me.
"Huh? Oh, I'm 17."
"Yeah." I told him with an uncomfortable silence hanging betweeen us for a moment
"Hey, Do you want to go somewhere quieter?" He asked me looking around at the loud
"Umm, Sure." Jake took my hand and led me through the crowd into quiet rooms. The
doors were curtains so anyone could come in at anytime.
The door Curtain was Purple and See through. 
There was a big black bed that matched the rest of the club. and the walls were
curtain and purple also except for the back wall which was brick. 
"Wow. Really Pretty." I said admiring the room.
"Yup. I saw them when I came in." He answered looking around.
I sat on the bed, Bored. Just looking around. Nothing to talk about.
"So..." I said trailing off.
"So... Where do you live?" He asked me
"Do you want an exact address?" I asked him
"Yeah sure." 
"17608 668 Lynnwood, Washington." I told him. "Why?"
"So I can see you again Alexandra. What window?"
"Oh um the front, Second floor, second window." I told him
I got off the bed, Turned around, walked up to the brick wall where a painting on the
balck wall sat. 
When I turned around Jake was only inches away. He looked deeply into my eyes.
"What-" I got cut off by him pushing me against the wall. He was kissing me
I could feel his hands digging under my shirt slowly taking off my bra (It was a
halter bra). Then He slid my shirt off over my head and threw it on the floor.
I did the same with his shirt. He had a rock hard six pack. Then he slid his hands
over my breasts and started massaging them. After a while His hands moved from my
breasts to the helm of my shorts. lowly taking them off. I then did the same and
pulled of his pants. He had boxers that had One Hundred dollar bills all over it. I
took them off. Then he took off my hot pink thongs. After that he threw me on the
bed. He got on top of me. Jake pulled out a vibrator from under the bed, turned it on
then slowly rubbed it over my breasts making my nipples to erect. 
"Alex?" His voice peirced through my pleasure. "I have to tell you something." Jake
told me. Maybe he was a raper... 
"What is it Jake?" Oh no. He's either gay or a raper. 
"I'm really ...Justin Bieber." Jake told me then looked away.
I gasped. "What?! But you don't look like Justin bieber..."
"Face lift." Jake/ Justin Bieber told me "Oh that made sense. "I got a face lift, A
new name, and stopped singing forever. I'm a whole new person now." 
"Oh Ok. Continur the fucking." I told him laughing.
And Jake did continue. He continued good   Then we lay on the bed breathing heavily
and macyey walked in. 
"Whoa its hot here. Theres must be some fucking people in the atmosphere." Macey
laughed at her own joke. 
"Anyway, Come on Alex. Time to go. Say good bye to your sex buddy." And she left
laughing. She told us She'd be back in five minutes. 
"Bye sex buddy." I told jake laughing even though i didn't hav the breath. 
I got on my clothes and then kissed jake. "Bye Alex." Jake wispered in my ear. 
"Bye Jake." i said and left Black out. Two nights later I was raped and Almost
My only clue to who did it was a sign saying Just Biebers Friends were here.

Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   12 October 2010   813083  
btw overall not to bad =) luvs ya=P
Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   12 October 2010   342449  
im reading it slowly and commenting every time i laugh alot,
sriuusly!!!!Jake???!!! HAHAHA your so inlove with him *coughcough*
macey would call him hot XDXDJK
Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says :   12 October 2010   559112  
btw nice hot pink thong synthi i will make fun of you forever cuz of
that hahaha!!!!!

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