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Love TrIaNgLe.......uh oh :oCategory: Random Stories
Monday, 19 July 2010
09:48:04 AM (GMT)
 Three lovers Two hearts one love 
        It was a warm summers night around 6pm noone roams the streets of Los Angelas
it's empty and hollow like 
a ghostown in an old western movie......This is a story about Darla and her lovers
Jake and Marcus, now you see Jake was her
ex boyfriend of 3 years because of the rumors had it that her sister Shaquiela  and
him were making out in his garage. People even said they 
saw his hands running up and down her back as they smooched away, and heard him say
he was going to break up with Darla right before he was going out with
Shaquiela behind her back Darla broke up with him as soon as she saw it with her own
heartbroken blue eyes she was stunned and not in a 
good way Jake tried to explain what happened but before he could have opened his
mouth to had even said a word Darla was already gone. She vowed
never to speak to him again. Now Marcus is her current boyfriend of seven years and
both are currently living in Los Angelas Darla hopes to continue
to go onto the next level of their relationship, but she somehow she can't let go of
her past. Will Darla take it to the next level with Marcus or will rekindle her 
old flame Jake? 

    In his bedroom Marcus took her hand looking in her eyes and says "I like you
Darla ALOT!!!!" she says looking in his eyes "I like you alot to"
he whispers in her ear "your a very special girl" she smiles  as the two of  smile
while they hold eachother close on his bed listening to "Bedrock"
Marcus leaves the room he said he has a suprise he tells her to close her eyes, she
did he walks back in his bedroom with a big smile on his face while carrying 
her back on his bed he says to himself "Damn I'm getting lucky 2night" while holding
a small black box "open your eyes darla" she opens them he says "babe this
will only hurt a lil bit" she questions him "what do you mean?" he opens the box
inside contained a condom shes scared and confused but she also knew what he 
ment by the phrase hurt a lil bit "Marcus what the hell is this?" he says "it's a
night I had planned for us, I like you and I think I even love you" "woah woah
wooooaaah Marcus 
I don't want to do this until I'm married" "Darla I thought you really love me c'mon
lets have some fun" she starts to cry "now I get it you don't really love me your
just a horny ass that just wants sex" "maybe I do Darla maybe I do". She start to cry
hestariclly and yanks off her necklace he gave her from 2 months ago and threw it
hard at his head and stormed out of his house and went over back to her house, she
ran upstairs her room her face looking down at her floor covered in tears Jake came
over and hugged her 
close and tight "damnit jake you scared me and I thought I told you I would never
talk to you ever again" "Darla please let me explain"
"no" "please" she raises her voice "no" "please Darla let me show you what really
happened just give me 5 minutes" "fine Jake 5 minutes but thats it"

    Jake poped the video in her tv as it was playing to the part were him and
Shaquiela were just hugging Darla looked at him and said "you guys looked like you
were kissing"
"no darla I would never do that to you I Love You" "yeah right Jake" "no hun I really
do" "cut the crap jake I just had my heart broken with Marcus and I'm not beliving
your little lying love you act  she turns away from him, and he grabed her arm and
yelled "it's not an act I'm being forreal baby ever sice the day you broke up with me
I keep asking to my why why did this happen to me God. I was depressed for 7 years.
She starts to tear up saying "jake?" "yes" "hold me" he holds her while lifting her
face up looking at him and caressing her face along her teared up cheek "baby take me
back" she smiles wide and said "I was hoping you would say that" they
kiss.........they kissed for 15 minutes until Marcus kicked his door down he punched
him in the jaw and grabed Darla and threw her over his shoulder while he was heading
down the stairs "ahhhhhhhhhhh jake help me" she screamed. Marcus put his hand over
her mouth and shouted "shut up", Jake got up and ran downstairs and kicked Marcus in
his nose his nose bled down to his white shirt while the two started fighting punches
were thrown F-bombs flew at eachother and kicks were raised until finally after 25
minutes of fighting Jake punched him in Marus's face front outcold.

    After that Jake got down on one knee and opened a black box that had a white gold
diamond ring and said "Baby girl I love you so much and want you to be the only girl
for me will you go steady with me?" she tears up a lil and said "yes I will".

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