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New EP Update, Contest?Category: (general)
Friday, 16 July 2010
04:27:25 PM (GMT)
Hey guys.
This is to anyone who has been following anything regarding Hating Midnight, or the
music that I've been working on.

Anyway, Hating Midnight got together and really started recording some shit.
We've got it centered to what we want and what our new EP will be about.

Also, a band name change may come soon, instead of Hating Midnight. So, if you have
any suggestions, please comment below. I may hold a contest on here or something. Who
knows. 250 kp to the winner? 2nd and 3rd respectively get 150kp and 50kp, plus Those
names will be used for Songs or Demos or whatanother, with your credit.

Should I do a contest?

Anyway, Here's the update on our EP when we get finished recording and mixing.

It will contain 6 tracks, No Covers. Simply Hating Midnight.

Title and Tracklist:

You've Got A Little Somethin' On Your Lip

1. You've Got A Little Somethin' On Your Lip
2. Your Whispers
3. “Suddenly An Unconscious Argentinean Fell Through My Roof”
4. I'm Tony Fucking Stark
5. SMX (Slow Motion Explosion)
6. To Be Continued...

A little info:

SMX was an older song that we've been trying to perfect over a short period of time.
We though that it would be a great 2 minute interval song that would introduce "To Be
Continued...", which is our 'somewhere between 6 and 9 minute' ballad to all of our
hero's and influences. SMX, originally titled Slow Motion Explosion, was a heavier
mosh song, that pounded slow-to-fast riffs into your ears throughout the song.
Hopefully, This will start up some insane mosh pits or some other shit like that.

"I'm Tony Fucking Stark" is a song co-written by our vocalist and I. The song is
basically about how people are mistaken for their true selves, or in other words, how
some people just read the cover of a book. Well, The story behind this is because
Joe, our vocalist, is commonly mistaken, and nicknamed, for Tony Stark or Robert
Downey Jr. Well, you'll hear it when you do. It's pretty badass for Joe's first full
song. About 3 and a half minutes. No Iron Man quotes. I promise.

The Title Track, "You've Got A Little Somethin' On Your Lip" is kind of a mix,
between a hard rock and punkcore melody. It came to us at a restaurant when we all
were having a conversation about how people expect you to be a perfect person. We all
talked about how jobs now require more Formal clothing and uptight jackass shoes and
blazers that just ruin a person. So, initially, that's what this song is about.
Nifty? Maybe. It all came about when someone said to Nick, "Yo dude, you got a little
something on your upper lip" so since it brought rise to the convo, it gets the

“'Suddenly An Unconscious Argentinean Fell Through My Roof',” is yet another
co-written song by Joe and I. It is, in fact, a quote. Joe and I were watching one of
our favorite movies around 3 in the morning some time ago, and we rambled on
throughout the movie about how this whole seen makes the movie. So, we're calling in
what we will, for or Love/Hate song. Slow in the beginning, Heavy at best. We're
making this song out to anyone who broke our hearts, ever. It's about finding that
someone who will care, in the most obnoxious ways, even if in the end, it ends
deathly. So, "Here's to you fuckers!" Small lyric as it gets heavy. ;D

2 songs to go. The Ballad, and Your Whispers.

"To Be Continued..." is our ballad. Originally we were going to name it, "The Ballad
Of Gay Tony Stark," but found that the EP needed an Ending, not another crappy title
aimed towards GTA IV or Iron Man. We're building this song from the ground up, and
we're finishing with a minimum of 6 minutes. This is because We have so much we want
to put in the song, yet so little time. It's our way of saying Thanks. To everyone,
influences, fans, anyone who has even listened to a few demos we have out now. Which
aren't available online. ANYWAY. This song will either make or break our EP, and
that's your decision. Here are some influences to this song:

Alter Bridge - "Broken Wings", "Open Your Eyes"
After Midnight Project - "Digital Crush", "Through The Night"
Avenged Sevenfold - "I Won't See You Tonight PT 1 & 2", "Second Heartbeat", "Warmness
On The Soul"
Bullet For My Valentine - "The End"
A Day To Remember - "The Price We Pay", "You Should've Killed Me When You Had The
System of a Down - "Deer Dance", "Ariels"
Chevelle - "Forfeit", "I Get It"
Plus Many More...

If you can put those songs together, and mix a song of your own, That's what ours
will be.
I dare you to figure out song out. (;

Finally, "Your Whispers". This is basically our feature. It's our heaviest song. And
won't be the last. We had a taste test with a few other songs to see how we would
want this to sound. Finally, we ended with A Day To Remembers "Heartless" and Sum 41s
"88". This is basically the complete 'I Fucking Hate You' song. I wrote this a few
days into recording. Well, I had a heart to heart with myself by naming it "Your
Whispers" as it is was more emotional to write the song than any other song I've ever
written. It blasts open with heavy rifting and flows the verses. After I riffed the
breakdown comes the smooth and clean solo, which pulls into a gripping and searing
loops of swift playing, which stay true to the song, as I hope. I wasn't sure what to
make of it so I brought it to the guys and we decided on it as soon as they heard the
breakdown lyrics. This song is about... Well. It's kind of like... Hmm. How about you
tell me what you feel the breakdown is about? It goes from Pre-Breakdown Verse to
Breakdown. Comments please?

"I've heard it one to many times.
You're sorry for all that you've done
I've heard every single lie
Now that this hell has begun

Your tears strike the ground
as you call out my name
But we know how this ends
it all ends the same
Your whispers are heard loud
Throughout the pouring rain
Do you even remember our vows,
that we would leave out the pain?

Well, tell me your thoughts. This has been your Hating Midnight Preview and Update.
Happy shredding!

fireonthemountain says:   16 July 2010   550622  
I think it's about a whore.
Jolestio says:   16 July 2010   553575  
That's all you had to say? Really? xD 
fireonthemountain says:   16 July 2010   742227  
Well, you asked. xD
Jolestio says:   16 July 2010   317389  
I asked a lot of things. xD

And what song? To be continued or Your whispers? 
fireonthemountain says:   16 July 2010   589447  
The one you asked about. Your Whispers.
Jolestio says:   16 July 2010   450484  
Oh. xD That's simple. I thought you were gonna do To be continued.
‹PLUR› says:   16 July 2010   276063  
Moulin rouge <3

nice lyrics btw xD I can relate hahaha!!!
fireonthemountain says:   17 July 2010   567708  
Well you didn't ask what that one was about. Duhr. ;D
Jolestio says:   17 July 2010   743719  
"I dare you to figure our song out. (;" 
fireonthemountain says:   17 July 2010   823434  
Oh. I somehow missed that. xD
Jolestio says :   17 July 2010   716726  

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