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Thursday, 15 July 2010
08:24:16 PM (GMT)
Chapter 24
When me and Ryoki were back to my house, and I had explained all I knew without
returning to the bedroom, (which I should’ve,)He just looked at me with awe.
“...Does this mean I have the magic of tears as well?”
“No. I was the one who activated it, your soul just gave most of the
strength...Aww, Damnit, Meaghan’s going to be mad at me for interfering...” I
told him, my head laying in my hands. She told me not to interfere, but I did. I
didn’t intentionally, but I did. Why was this magic so hard to control? I think
that now that Meaghan was the one who got it to work, it had, like, become a habit or
something now...
Me and Ryoki got a heck of a startle when the front door opened. Well, what do you
know? They never left after all? There stood Mikino with Rin, Jin, Aki, and Cedric.
And behind them stood Master. My eyes widened at the site of him. He gave me and
Ryoki a heck of a stare; one he usually only saved for his bad students...uh oh.
“...Come. Meaghan will want you to all leave immediately. I’m taking you all back
to the Academy.” He said in a normal tone, not bothering to lower it, even though
Ed was sleeping on the couch opposite of Ryoki and I. What, leave her now?? Not a
chance! Before I could speak up, there was loud screaming from over at House Two.
Everyone turned in the direction frightened. Ed woke up then, obviously not being
able to sleep with noise everywhere, but even he realized that something was wrong.
Before Master could argue, Jin and Mikino, along with Rin, were running for the back
door. Aki and Cedric followed. Unwilling to face Master by ourselves, Ryoki and I ran
next. Ed, tired and confused, followed all of us out. I could see Meaghan walking out
her back door too; he looked like she was having an inner turmoil. Umeda was leading
her out. When Meaghan saw us, her head flung into her hands. She was going to leave
us in the dust, wasn’t she?
“We’re not letting you run off! We can help you. Just let us try and help you for
once.” I tried to say to her in reassuring tones. Her face simply said the answer,
but she still said it.
“MOVE IT! Now...or else.” She said with one of the most unnerving voices I’ve
ever heard from her. She suddenly started trembling, her teeth suddenly changing
abnormally large and sharp, along with her nails... Wait...
“Sam! I thought she was fixed!” Ryoki called to me. I thought she was too. Ah,
damnit, what did I do??
“Fool. You haven’t done your work. The magic of tears, if used this late in the
transformation, it can either heighten their risk for death or speed up the
process!” Master called straight at me and Ryoki. Wait, how did he...? My hands
flung to my head in despair. I ruined it, didn’t I?! It was an accident, I swear!
As much as I was screaming in my head, the words wouldn’t come out. 
“Master! Now is not the time! I’ve got to move!” Meaghan called, only to fall
to the ground in pain right after. 
“What’s happening?!”  Someone cried from behind; everyone let out gasped and
cries of shock. I just stood there. It’s all my fault. Damnit, I practically killed
her...It may have been Ryoki to do most of the work, but I was the one who activated
the magic! Me! Why...? My thoughts wouldn’t let me continue; I was too stricken
with guilt.
“The change is happening to rapidly. It’s tearing from the inside out since it
was denied to happen the way it should.” I looked up to see a strange new person
there. He walked up beside Master. Side by side, he was only a tiny bit taller than
him. He wore all-black robes, and a Kistune-styled mask. (Those cute fox masks;
search it up.) He looked to Meaghan, struggling on the ground now.
“This is the negative side of the magic of tears. Only a strong warrior can beat
it, and even with that they come out half dead. No more light in their eyes. There
has been only one to ever survive this...” He explained further, only making my
guilt even greater. He unsheathed a scythe- like weapon.
“...And I know the person.” He looked down to Meaghan, who squinted back up at
“Hello, Dad.”
Wait, this man... THIS was Meaghan’s dad?!
“Hello...Child.” He told his daughter with a smooth voice. Without warning, he
swung his weapon close to Ryoki, holding out straight ahead of him. 
“Any man to love my daughter has no right. For you need the power that I will
accept. And you, weakling, have caused this!” He cried through the mask, making
Ryoki flinch with fear. Without warning again, (Jeez, this guy in unpredictable.
Reminds me of Master.) He swung the butt of his weapon over Meaghan’s head. For a
second, I thought he had the intent of killing her, but I loosened a bit when I
realized it was the wrong side.
“You shall not remember what this man has said to you, except that he is your
enemy, a person that annoys you!” He started in a powerful voice, twirling the
scythe around his head. 
“...Commence!” He finally cried while banging the butt of the weapon on the
ground. It was then that Meaghan’s skin started seeping blood. Lycan blood. The
whole event was very stunning, with purple glowing and everything. Meaghan’s Lycan
formalities reverted back to normal, and after the blood had finished seeping into
the grass, Meaghan fell motionless, passing out from effort. And then it was over.
Just like that. By now, I was completely unsure of what had happened, but Ryoki
started crying out. 
“Meaghan! MEAGHAN!! You can’t forget me!! PLEASE!!” He said as he tried to rush
for Meaghan’s side. The man in the Kistune held out a threatening scythe. 
“Don’t get close. Do NOT interfere again.” He told him, again in his
threatening voice. Ryoki shied away, fighting back tears. I then understood. This man
erased his daughter’s memory. At least of Ryoki’s feelings. Great, I ruined it
for both of them. I’m so sorry, you two... I fell onto my knees, finally breaking
down into the tears I had been desperately holding back. Everyone else stared in
fright, some with relief. Ed, still confused about what happened, knelt down beside
me and wrapped his arm around me, trying to comfort. I had myself a good cry before I
heard footsteps approaching me. Me and Ed looked up to see Master, along with
Meaghan’s father, kneel down to look at me face-to-face.
“...How long have you been able to use the magic?” Master asked me, not showing
any forgiveness. 
“...Not that long. I’ve only recently discovered what it basically is...”
“If you knew what it was, then why did you use it on Meaghan?”
“...It was an... an accident...” I tried to stop my voice from cracking. A little
gasp came from behind the Kitsune mask.
“Miss, the Magic of Tears doesn’t by accident...”
“...It’s just been so uncontrollable...I just wanted to see her, I didn’t want
to interfere...” I said, my grief coming all over again.
“Uncontrollable...?” The emotionless Kitsune mask pondered without a movement.
Master, expressionless, got up from his kneel.
“I think there’s some explaining to be done. Come. We’ll talk more at your
house.” He said as he walked into our back door. 
The sun was only just visible above the treetops before everything had settled down.
Meaghan had been put back in bed to rest. From now on, she’d have no idea of
anything Ryoki said to her about loving her. Pity, really. Maybe he would’ve been
able to get her to smarten up. It’s my fault, and I plan on paying them back as
soon as I can. I had explained the whole predicament of the Magic of Tears with
Master, Ed, Umeda, and Mr. Kitsune. (I don’t know his name yet, so I’ll call him
that until I know.) How I first used it in the forest, with Meaghan’s help, and how
I used it a second time without wanting to last night. I had just finished making tea
for everyone when I finished explaining. Mr. Kitsune just gave a small chuckle as he
grabbed a teacup. 
“My dear, you are very new at this, I can tell. I wouldn’t be surprised... But
still, the fact that you were able to use it by yourself only the second time
astounds me. Usually, it takes quite a few times before you can do it by yourself.
Only with help from others can users harness it before-hand.”
“But as she stated, she hasn’t been able to control it, so it’s not that much
better.” Master stated as he grabbed a cup as well.
“But why now? Why hasn’t she discovered this sooner? When you sign up for the
Academy, they screen you for hidden powers, right?” Umeda pondered, reaching for
his cup.
“She’s never had an experience with someone close to her being on the verge of
death. She’s never felt the intensity of the feeling before, so I guess it just
wasn’t there yet...That’s my theory, anyway.” Ed told them, grabbing the last
cup from the tray I brought them on. I then grabbed my own tea and sat down beside
“You and your theories, Ed... They always seem to make sense, but then don’t make
sense...” I murmured to him. He smiled and rubbed my head in the way I hated,
making the hair on my back of my head fly onto my face. I pushed them back, knowing
he did it all in play. 
“Well, he’s actually on the right track. It’s not something that you’re born
with, like most powers; the kind the Academy screens for. Most of the time, you can
gain it through life-and-death experiences. But even though this is how it works, the
Magic of Tears is very rare. I didn’t expect my daughter to know one who’d have
the ability.” Mr. Kitsune continued.
“Oh, really? I thought that powers like that’d be common. Lots of people in this
world have life-and-death experiences. Why does such power not exist in them?”
Umeda pondered again, leaning back on the couch, almost spilling the tea...PLEASE
don’t spill that tea on our white couch...
“Well, from what I can tell from the people I’ve met who have it, it seems to be
strong in those with strong moral beliefs. It also only seems to be in females. Even
though males can help it along, only woman and activate it...That shaves down the
chances of inheriting the Magic of Tears. Also, think about it, if anybody could get
the Magic of Tears, they’d be literally killing each other trying to get it to
activate. The Magic is a complicated thing...” Mr. Kitsune finished with a
light-hearted voice.
“...Have you been studying this? Meaghan doesn’t talk about you much, but she
says you left her when she was young for a mission. Was that mission...research?”
Edward asked him, with realization in his voice.
“...You have a good intuition on you, Boy. Yes, I left to do research. Not just on
the Magic of Tears though. I was sent to learn on all sorts of strange and mysterious
arts. Necromancy, different types of rituals, Alchemy...” He continued. Edward’s
eyes widened when he heard the word “Alchemy”. Not this again...I still don’t
know what Alchemy is... Mr. Kitsune noticed his face.
“Oh? Is something wrong?”
“Alchemy... Are you an Alchemist?” Edward asked in a quiet and astounded tone.
Mr. Kitsune gave a coy laugh before pulling a piece of charcoal and paper from a bag
he had slung over his shoulder.
“Watch.” He told him as he put the paper flat on the coffee table. He drew two
flawless circles, one inside the other, followed by two triangles within the circle;
one normal, the other flipped. It certainly was interesting... Mr. Kitsune placed his
hands on the rim of the outer circle, and the circle went from black to glowing blue.
Everyone gave gasps of surprise, Ed with a small smile on his face. The sound of
electricity rung through the air. The same sound that Ed made when he used his
power... When the glowing subsided, the piece of paper had folded itself into a
little paper swan origami-styled. Edward’s smile grew ear to ear. 
“Well, well, well. I never thought I’d meet a fellow Alchemist while I was
“Oh, so you know what Alchemy is?”
“Hahaha, that I do! Edward Elric is my name, and Alchemy’s my game.” He replied
“That’s my name, don’t go wearing it out...”
“Ed! Why are you so cocky all of a sudden? Don’t go getting too full of yourself
now...” I mumbled to him. He simply did a mock grin and laid back on the couch,
basking in the information that he was an Alchemist, whatever that is. Mr. Kitsune
sat there in thought for a few seconds, before putting down the tea he didn’t even
drink from and walking out the door without another word. 
“...Well, I guess I should be having my leave too, I should go check on Meaghan.”
Umeda said putting down his teacup, which was now empty, and leaving via the back
door. Edward came out of his lean when he saw Master glaring at him. 
“...So, what should be done about this whole thing?” I asked him shyly. 
“Well, We’ll have to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, so
we’ll have to make Ryoki promise not to show Meaghan his feelings again, or there
shall be...dire consequences.”
Dire consequences? Is Master blackmailing him? He simply smiled at me.
“You, my dear, should try and research more on the Magic of Tears. I’m sure
Meaghan’s father would be happy to explain to you.”
“Oh, Master, what’s his name?” I asked quickly, realizing I forgot to ask
before he left.
“He doesn’t go by his given name, so everyone he knows calls him... Kaijin. Now,
I’ve got to make sure those youngsters get to the Academy. We’ve brought the
bigger car, so I shall be escorting them back. Good luck, you two. I’m sure we’ll
stay in touch, yes?” He said light-heartedly as he walked out the door with a
Kaijin. A Japanese term used for referring to a mysterious person. Obviously a name
he gave himself, but it was somewhat fitting. He really was quite a mysterious
“...Hey, Sam. Remember when we were talking about Meaghan’s soul before Umeda
showed up, and you asked about the person I knew who had their soul stripped from
them? I said I’d tell you after this whole ordeal was over...His
Alphonse...He’s my brother.”
I simply stared at him.
“Your brother...?! Ed, I always thought you had no family...”
“Alphonse is my one and only brother, he’s only about a year younger than me.
Four years ago, an incident occurred where his body had vanished; his soul was
stripped from the body and attached to something else so he could live.”
“Four years ago? Isn’t that the same time you lost your limbs?”
“...It was the same incident...I was the one who stripped his soul.” His voice
lowered, his good arm reaching out to the stump of his arm. 
“Wouldn’t something like that be dangerous?”
“Well, it’s not like I didn’t pay a price for it...” He responded, his grip
on his stump tightened. 
“...your arm?” I came to the sudden realization. He nodded slowly. 
“You gave up your arm to bring your brother’s soul back?”
“I had already lost a leg by then, but I was so delirious at the time that I
offered everything I could to bring him back. I only had my arm lost, but I only got
his soul in return...That...that’s what I’m striving to do. That’s my personal
mission... To get my brother back into his body.”
I sat there beside him, digesting everything. What a strong bond those two must
“...Wow. Until now, I’ve never known anybody who felt so strongly for something
to put that much on the line...”
“People often say that to us when they hear our story... But hey, don’t think
this will distract me from the here and now.”
“...Just wondering, what did you attach your brother to?” I asked tensely,
slightly worried.
“...No need to give me that tone, it’s not like I attached him to a vase or
anything. Luckily, my father collected vintage suits of armour before me and Al were
born, and one of those was the closest thing I could get to.”
“So he lives in a suit of armour? A 14 year old?”
“Yeah... People often mistake him as the older brother. He’s even been called my
dad before.” Edward replied with a smirk, getting a case of nostalgia. I stopped
myself from laughing out loud, but a goofy smile still spread across my face, then
“...If you two share such a strong bond, then why is he not here with you?” I
asked him. He looked at me, still slightly dazed with nostalgia.
“...The reason the whole incident happened was because of me. It’s my fault
he’s in the armour, and only I can fix my mistakes...”
“So you decided to leave me and Al in the dust?!” We turned to see Winry had just
walked in the door, carrying a briefcase.
“What do you mean, Winry?” Edward asked her.
“Don’t act like you forgot!  You left our house in the middle of the night
without even saying good-bye! Al was crushed! Al got all the wrong ideas, thinking
you left without saying good-bye because you had gotten to not being able to stand
him!” Winry cried, before getting in a huff and placing the briefcase on the
“...I didn’t mean it like that, I thought it’d just be easier to leave without
too many mushy good-byes.”
“That’s not all you did. You told us you were leaving that morning, not in the
middle of the night. You lied to us openly!” She argued as she opened the briefcase
to show many large and small steel pieces, some of which looked familiar to me from
Ed’s last arm.
“Well, listen, that’s what I was originally intending, but after going to bed
that night, I decided otherwise. So, technically, that was a true statement, at the
time.” He said in a voice similar to Meaghan’s “know-it-all” voice. Winry
simply pulled out different pieces and some tools from her box in a huff.
“...Look, Winry, when you fly back, can you apologize to Al for me?”
“Why don’t you just call him and tell him directly? You remember our phone
number, right?”
“Are you certain that he’d be at your house?”
“Yep, I know so. He’s barely left Resembool since you left. He’s been nice and
helped me and Granny out with the Automail, but he desperately wants you to come
back, and waits there for you.” He replied while bolting two large plates together,
creating part of the upper part of Ed’s arm.
“...Well, I don’t see why not...” Ed said as he walked to the main phone in the
“Oh, hey, why don’t you put it on speaker, so all of us can talk and hear the
conversation?” Winry asked, now showing a smile. Hearing this, I desperately hoped
that Ed’s agree; I’d love to hear his brother and how they get along.
“...Well, alright, I don’t see the harm.”
Edward quickly dialled the number and put the phone on the speaker. The phone rang
two times, and halfway through the third ring, it was answered. 
“Rockbell Automail, Pinako speaking.” A raspy voice answered on the other end. 
“No need to give me the business tone, Granny...” Edward replied light-heartedly,
looking a bit unsure of what to say. 
“...Well, that’s a voice I haven’t heard in quite awhile. How’ve you been
doing? Taking good care of your Automail?” The woman on the other line asked, not
freaking out at who it was. 
“Well, for the most part, but my arm got wrecked in a recent battle...” He said
shyly. Granny Pinako gave out a coy laugh. 
“Well, I guess that explains why that man had come looking for Winry.”
“Hi, Granny!” Winry cried to the phone by the table.
“Hello, Winry! My goodness, are you on speakerphone, Ed?”
“Yep. It was Winry’s idea...” Ed replied, making it sound like a bad thing. 
“...I guess you calling us means you want to talk to Al, right?”
“Is he there, Granny?”
“Sure he is. He’s a bit busy with a customer right now, but I can swap for him.
Just give me a moment.”
 Pinako replied. There was a la

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