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Curse you countryside!!! D<Category: (general)
Tuesday, 8 June 2010
10:56:53 PM (GMT)
I don't like the country...
do you wanna know why?
ok, it is like, fricking freezing in my room because SOMEBODY had to go and "open my
windows for some fresh air".
and i always try to keep my room so warm :<
ANDD,  i don't like opening my windows or else a friggin' waterfall of dead bugs will
pour from the outside world....
trust me...
it's gross...
and not fun to clean up....
all day and all night,... the louds friggin semi's drive my as fast as they can
making as much noise as possible..
oh and wait...
it gets better...
amish people also like to do this...but they take there time...enjoying the sceneary
and such...
with there...neon purple lights under there buggys DX (which are really cool but
thats not the case right now!!!)
¬ only do stupid cats like to fight RIGHT outside my money in the middle of the
night and morning... they couldn't pick any other time...
and  those stupid birds...
&&NOW!!!!it smells like either a skunk just sprayed or one just died...
ahh well i guess im just a little peeved because i had to go and hour to go to the
dentist and i was stuck in there with those .....monsters.......torturing
me.....gahh....that laughing gas only helped some of the time during the stupid
thing.....i was in there for like,...4 hours!!! ...*sigh*
sorry for ranting ......again....
y'know whut...
i think i'll just make it easier for everyone if i just start ranting on my youtube
i'm m'a gonna start ranting,..and vlogging and such untill i get cosplays and such

well...sorry for wasting your time...

‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   9 June 2010   719363  
OHGOD. I lived in the country for a while, and we left the window
open, and WASPS FLEW IN. I was like: "OHMYGOD WASPS!!!" and I was
running around the room, and my cousin was like on her bed all calm
and the wasps go over and sting her. xD Which makes no sense cause I
was the one running around... o_o
Biihtei says:   9 June 2010   549347  
XD lawls...FAIL.
my old house, there was (we lived in the country there too) this tree
that had this HUGEE (wasp or hornet i wasn't sure...) nest and ,being
me, i hadthis huge stickand sharpended the end of it, then i noticed
that, and i was gonna hit dad caught me just in time tho... i
don't know why i had the earge to i jsut did xD
i think i was psycho when i lived in my old home... o_oll
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says :   9 June 2010   949516  
I'm still psycho! :D

Woow, thats fail. xD
I remember one time when I was liiiitle, I had TWO BEES stuck in
between my window. xD I mean, I opened the window and the screen door,
and then the bees tried to fly in, I closed the window, and then the
screen door shut because I shut the window so hard. xD Faaail! My dad
had to catch them and kill them.


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