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you always were my favorite drug, even when we used to take drugsCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 June 2010
10:41:12 PM (GMT)
Could you go an entire month without talking to your best friend?

Would you rather have an old classic car or a brand new car?

Do you celebrate Grandparents day?
haha, yeah back in likee, kindergarten.

What mall do you shop at most often?
i've been going to the Fairview alot lately.
i miss the Pen!

Do you dislike any of your friends parents?
ah, well.. he's not really my friend..

What flavor Tic Tacs are your favorite?

Do you think Hawaii really is a dream vacation?
no, not really. 

What was/ is your favorite elective in school?
art! soon to be photography, and philosophy.

Do you have a nickname that only your family calls you?
well my dad calls me freak. 

Yes or No: Guys wearing pink?
sure! go for it.

Yes or No: Girls with full-sleeve tattoos?
same answer as above.

Do clowns scare you?
you don't even fucking know.

Do you think you're going to be a cooler parent than yours are?
i don't want to be a parent. but if i was, i would totally be cooler.

Have you ever been to a skating rink?

Do you own a pair of rollerblades?
i do notttt.

Which is better: New Years EVE or New Years day?

Do you have any cheesy love songs on your iPod/ MP3 player?
ohh yes.

Did you watch the 08 Summer Olympics?
nope. winter is more exciting!

Do you REALLY laugh out loud EVERY time you type 'LOL'?
usually a content chuckle.

What was the best thing about Middle school?
it was easy, and comfortable.

Did you have a Valentine this year?

Do you think it would be cool to direct a film?

Does your house have a porch swing?

Do you draw on your shoes/ clothes?

Before myspace & facebook was created what did you do on the internet?
neopets like yeeeeah.

Yes or no: Black lipliner?
no, never.

Yes or no: Glitter eyeshadow?
eehh, depends. some people can pull it off.

What is one thing you and your mom NEVER agree on?
hickeys. LOL

When you think of Madonna, what song comes to mind first?
like a viiirginnnn.

Do you drink Faygo?
what the fuck is that.

Have you ever snuck food into a movie theater?
oh all the time haha

Have you ever sent a picture of yourself from your cell phone?

What time zone are you in?
.. eastern?

Have you ever been to a farm?

When was the last time you had a staring contest?
earlier today haha I WON

Honestly, have you ever trespassed? Where?
uuuhh i don't know.

How interested in politics are you?
not one bit.

Do you ever go to your mom for advice?

What is something that is the same color as your eyes?
..uh.. trisha's eyes haha

Can you count to 10 in any other language? Which one(s)?
french, japanese, latin, and almost in german!

Have you ever been caught skipping class by a teacher?

Do you usually plan the activities you do on vacation ahead of time?
some of them.

Do you have a favorite cousin? Who is it?
aah i love all my cousins!
on my dad's side, at least.

How many times have you moved in your life time?
ah like, 4 times

Have you ever had a black eye? How did you get it?

Do either of your parents have tattoos?

Do you have any idea where Gambia is located on a map?
nooot a clue.

Which was better: freeze tag or hide & go seek?
hide and go seek, man.

Have you ever taken a family portrait?

Have you ever had toilet paper stuck to your shoe?
no lmao

How dramatic is your family?
pretty fuckin dramatic.

What pizza place do you usually order from?
don't know. little caesar's, i guess.

Do you hold your breath when you drive by graveyards?

Are there any scars on your body that are the result of your own stupidity?
yees haha

For your birthday do people buy you a cake or bake you one?

Are you afraid of needles?
for sure.

Do you think that you have a guardian angel?
no, i don't believe in that.

What was your favorite thing to go on at the playground?

Did you forget anybody's birthday this year?

Is Starbucks really as good as people make it out to be?
some of the stuff on there is hella nice.

Describe the person singing the song you are listening to?
melissa auf der maur! she's unique and i love her (:

Last famous person you met?
aah i think The Caverners count, right?

Jeph Howard is a pretty colorful man, isn't he?
to be honest, i have no idea who that man is.

Is Osaka really the best place to tour?
probably. i've wanted to visit there for a while.

What was your first thought this morning?

Have you ever broken a window on purpose?

In one word, how do you feel right now?
sore, tired.

Are you excited for 2009?
lol no

What do you want for your next birthday?
Diana 33mm.

Are your chances of getting that, high or low?
.. pretty normal, i suppose

Where did you get the shirt you 're wearing?

Do you like Coco Puffs?
never tried them.

Have you read anything lately?

Last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?
ahh idk.

What search engine do you use?
Google! fuck that Bing shit.

Crayons or colored pencils?
coloured pencils.

List the three best bands to see live?
i wouldn't know, sir.

Which one of your teachers do you hold a grudge against?
too many.

Whose voice do you currently hear?
the guy on the hockey game.

Do you have any live music on your iPod/MP3 player?
tons haha

Would you ever trade your wardrobe with someone?

Rock Sound or Alternative Press?

How far away are you from New Jersey?
about 6 or 7 hours.

Craziest hairstyle you have seen?
silly scene kids. 

What do you smell like right now?
ah, nothin

Should guys keep their shirts on at shows?

What about girls?
.. ahh please do ahaha

Do you like the word lustrious?
LOL now i do

Cheetos or Fritos?
ew neither.

What was the last thing you wrote? As in, a story?
hahah i don't knooww

Can you picture your dad as a mailman?
lmfao no he's too impatient for that shit.

What would you do if Pete Wentz ran for president?
laugh my ass off.

You have a thousand dollars, what do you do with it?
buy some clothing.

How often do you stick up the middle finger?
hahahaha often

What lyrics would you like to end this survey with?
you always were my favorite drug, even when we used to take drugs.

‹DasAtem› says:   8 June 2010   767764  
Do you dislike any of your friends parents?
ah, well.. he's not really my friend..

In one word, how do you feel right now?
sore, tired.

I have come to the conclision that you cannot read.
‹J▲C K› says:   8 June 2010   835633  
‹J▲C K› says :   8 June 2010   685748  
no, you know what, i read it again
and it did make sense
so you know what
suck my left one
he's not my friend becos he be my boyfriend
and i do dislike his mom
because she is a bitch sometimes
not to me, to him

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