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Monday, 31 May 2010
09:51:41 PM (GMT)
This is a new story which I will continue because I like it. The title will make
sense later in the story.

People Change
Destiny’s POV
“Destiny! ” My best friend Lauren raced down the hall pushing people out of the
way screaming. “What?” I asked impatiently at my locker. I had a feeling I knew
what she was about to say. Lauren panted and I waited. She breathed in hard and back
district there are 3 high schools because it’s so big. There’s Sea View High,
Columbia High, and Orange County High. They split it up really weird though. My
friend lives right next door and she’s going to a different high school. Weird, I
know. So I couldn’t even begin to guess where Lauren was going. “Tell me where
you are first!” I said excitedly. “Sea View, you?” She replied. “SEA VIEW!”
We practically screamed. “This is awesome!” She replied as we walked out of
school. Tonight was our Junior High graduation. I got a really adorable strapless
pink dress with a pair of silver high heels and Lauren bought the same dress in blue
with the same high heels. We’re both going to be going to my mom’s salon to get
our nails and hair done. I was hoping to get mine curled and I also wanted pink nails
to match my dress. There was an after party after the graduation so that’s why were
being so precise on how good we need to look. I don’t usually brag but me and
Lauren are the most popular/rich and good looking girls in the grade. We never brag
but I thought that needed mentioning. “So,” Lauren said as we walked home.
“How’s it going with Connor?” She asked, referring to my boyfriend. “Really
good.” I replied. “Oh well that’s good.” She said as we continued walking.
“Yup. How about you and  Matt?” I asked. “Pretty good. Could be better
though.” She said. Just then my phone, which is the HTC Touch Pro buzzed with a
text. ‘Ooh it’s from Connor.” I said outloud. I slid it up and read it which
said: Hey,after the after-party from the graduation do you want to hang out? ‘Oh he
wants to hang out after the after-party.” I said and replied. Sure, where do you
want to hang out? As quick as it sent he replied. Mall? Me: Sure see you later ily <3
I replied and stuck my phone in my pocket. Lauren came to my house to get ready then
my parents drove us to graduation and met Lauren’s parents there. We walked
backstage looking for some of our friends. “Hey! Matti! Shay!” We yelled and ran
over to them. “Ohmigosh, you guys look so pretty!” Matti told us. “Thank you,
you guys do too!” I told them. Just then Principal Powell came backstage and told
us to get get on the stage. We followed him up and the curtain went up. Everybody
went up and then afterward everyone headed to the Café/Gym to the after party.
“Hey.” Connor said walking up to me while I was at the snack table. “Hey! I
haven’t seen you at all here.” I said grabbing a chip and putting it in my mouth.
“Yeah my stupid little sister HAD to get all dressed up for OUR graduation and we
left like 10 minutes later then we were suppose too so I ended up coming in the
middle.” He told me also grabbing a chip. “Oh.” I said and laughed. “Your
sister always has to dress up.” “I know. So anyways, do you want to leave now to
go to the mall? My mom said she’d drive us and she’d drive you home after too.”
He asked. “Sure, let’s go!” I said and we went to the mall in his mom’s car.
A little bit later we were laughing and having an awesome time. “Thank god it’s
summer. That way we can do this all the time.” I said still laughing from his last
joke. “Yeah, deffinatley.” He said and smiled. Just then he leaned in a little
and so did I. That’s when he kissed me. For the first time. We pulled back and both
smiled. An hour later I was home on my laptop, IMing with Connor.
Destiny:yeah lol!
Connor: haha
Connor: soo…about that kiss hehe…
Destiny: you finally kissed me :P
Connor: hey you could’ve kissed me!
Destiny: the boy is suppose to make the first move. I just go by the book lol
Connor: ok, ok, but did you like it?
Destiny: yea, a lot (:
Connor: good :]
Destiny: yessss <3connor<3 (:
Connor: <3destiny<3 (:
Destiny:<3333 crapp hold on.
Connor:<3333 okay
**5 minutes later**
Destiny:okay I’m back sorry my sister need something
Connor:okay good
Destiny:yeah but now I have to go ): but I don’t want too
Connor: ): 
Destiny:ily <3 text me 2morrow
Connor:ily2 & ok
Destiny:byeeee <3
DestinyDreams<3 is offline
Next day
Destiny woke up and walked downstairs,breathing in the fresh air coming from the open
windows. Ah, summer was officially here. She sat at the table waiting for breakfast
while checking her texts. She smiled when she opened her daily “Good morning(:”
from Connor. As her chef placed a plate with a sandwhich with, eggs, bacon, and
sausage. “Yum!” She told Chef Jane as she bit into it. When she was done she got
a text from Connor saying he wanted to hang out so she got dressed and ready then met
him at the park. “Hey,” he said leaning in for a kiss which she didn’t decline.
Destiny always thought of her and Connor being like those couples you see on T.V at
the park. You know that really romantic scene at the park on the swings? That’s
what she wanted. Everytime he kissed her she got butterflies in her stomach. But a
good kind. The kind she wished would never go away.

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