anyone who can please help. or tell me to move on or something!! im
bawling my eyes out right now....
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anyone who can please help. or tell me to move on or something!! im
bawling my eyes out right now....
Category: (general)
Tuesday, 27 April 2010
07:30:58 PM (GMT)
oky so im friends with this girl maggie.......i like this guy kyle. maggie is like
the perfect cheerleading basketball playing totally fit girl everyone is jelous of
and kyle is a crazy hot musician/jock/comidian/artist/architect/ well you get my
point.... and like "they are perfect for each other" as everyone says. but he likes
her and she just wnats friends but they still flirt and act like they are dating and
everything but he flirts with me and stuff and he talks to me and like its exactly
like the song you belong ith me... i am the one who makes him laugh and i know about
his dreams and i know his favorite songs....but then its not cause they are perfect
for each other but....i dont know this turned into a rant cause i dont think this
makes any sense....soorryyyy........

if u can say anything please do... 



Oroborus21 says:   27 April 2010   959136  
have you told him you like him and would like to go out or date him?
if not you should. simple as that.
SillyLittleBeaver says:   27 April 2010   719317  
^I wish I could give you better advice than that (not that its not
good advice, just that its hard to follow) but I can't. Its all there
is to it. Sorry sweetie. ):

But, don't think your the only one who knows of his dreams and
favourite songs. As much as it hurts, you can't piss on them if they
are good for eachother. Just, hope for the best. Cause, besides
actually doing something, its the best you can do.
‹SkidRow~♥› says:   27 April 2010   798833  
awh... tori!!!
i really think in MY opinion that maggie is just 1 of those popular
girls who prolly isnt gonna do anything with her life other than
prolly bein a housewife or sumthin like... i have nothing against her
but really.. wat i have been hearing shes not the best of friend to
have and underneath all that makeup and pretty expensive clothing and
all of that.. shes not perfect...
i really think kyle is just... a guy who doesnt want a serious
relationship.. i think hes in it for fun so maybe give it a year or 2
and write a letter or sumthin  about houw you feel about kyle and read
in the next year or 2 and decide if yew still feel the same way.. if
yew dont just have an awesome frannship... if yew do mayeb give ita
‹It_wants_my_soul_it_wants_my_heart!!› says:   29 April 2010   255833  
sucks 2 b u i have a gf in yo face
‹<3 YoUR mY WONdErWalL› says :   9 May 2010   336960  
yeah he knows i told him and he siad that he'd absolutly never date me
im not his type and he cant belive i thought he would. and i know im
not the only just like the one he spills everything to. and i
know more about him (that he told me) than his best friend who he has
known since pre-k and i just started talking to him this year.....i
know im not the only one i just feel like im one of the important
ones....does that make sense? but any way he stopped talking to me
comppleatly and no he doesnt even look at me when i pass him in the
hall oh well....i guess it just wasnt in the cards for my life...oh
  THanks for trying to help tho!!!
misty i love you lol your the best thanks for the imput but yeah..i
know... he isnt worth the time for the letter anyway. lol i moved this guy message me if you want and ill tell ya there....


Mitchel dean!!!!!! i cant belive you!!! ur my brother you r a jerk!!!!
ur sopposed to care about me!!! Dofus!!!! go away and dont respond to
anything i rite!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!! and dont even think about tellin
me about it when u get off the computer cause i dont give 2 flying
flips what you have to say because ur just a little immature kid!!! 


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