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stop acting britishCategory: (general)
Saturday, 10 April 2010
10:12:16 PM (GMT)
stop posting pictures of yourself
you're ugly, and stop saying you're beautiful
your lyrics are disturbing
your face is disturbing
your an absoulte idiot with no morals
stop trying to act british
its color not colour
who cares if you drink tea
and eat pancakes
your not british
your not even human
your an ugly cam whore
its not film you idiot 
its movie
its not photograph
its picture
its not supper
its lunch
i dont care if your family is british
or if you live in britain
stop acting it
and act american for a change
ugly whore

‹charlatancures› says:   10 April 2010   697061  
i dislike you and your disability to spell "you're"
and, no.
it is colour.
it is film.
it is photograph.
and most of all, it is supper.
maybe they hate you, too.
and she is british if she lives in britain and her family is
so shut up.
MistWolf says:   10 April 2010   554375  
@ adail who cares if she cant spell it does not matter whatsoever. 
And who are you to judge people.  Some people have not had as much
schooling as others and it is not ok to make fun of them just because.
 You also have to have a reason to dislike someone you do know that

Fawesome says:   11 April 2010   333545  
kudos to you.

also, supper is 'dinner', not 'lunch'.
and unless this bullshit is about gabriella, leave them alone. 
__Poppy__ says:   11 April 2010   749914  
what wrong with british people? D=
‹{☜☏☞}› says:   11 April 2010   742911  
That's what I'm wondering.

and @MistWolf , spelling and grammar does matter. And it
doesn't matter if she had better schooling or not, spelling and
grammar has nothing to do with how well your school is. Buy a
dictionary if you feel like you've not been taught well enough. And
who are YOU to judge HER. She wasn't making fun of her either, just
correcting. And YOU also have to have a reason to dislike someone (ie
Adali), you do know that, right? 
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   687590  
Ok. This is definitively not any of the dolls I consider my friends.
I have three options for you.

One: Go kill yourself, in pretty colours.
Two: Go kill yourself, then take a photograph.
Three: Go kill yourself, make a film instead, so I can watch it after

If this is about me, lul, how about no?
I don't think I'm beautiful. I don't think highly of myself. If you
don't like 'my lyrics', then don't read them. They are not mine,
unless I say so, also. If you wish to disrespect the song-writers or
the bands, do it elsewhere. If you don't like the photos, simply do
not look at them. If my British spelling frustrates you, then rent a
flat in Canada and find use for your existence because really, I am
thankful to my mother for have taught me to speak like this,
and write like this, and not like an ignorant American. I am proud to
be British, well mostly British. I am proud of my accent. Proud of my
origins. Proud of being part this and part that. Proud of where my
mother's side comes from, and who they are, and what they were. I am
proud of having absolutely no morals whatsoever. I am not limited by
this society, unlike you. I am not limited by trends, and previously
defined thoughts and routines. I am not limited by wrong or right. I
am not fucking limited, and I am proud of that.
Does my arrogance trouble you? Does my pride make you sick in your
stomach? Have a tomato, get over it.
Supper stands for dinner, you idiot. Why do these faggots charge at me
with silly 'facts' and 'points', that are neither facts nor points at
all? Learn your script better before attacking me, or whoever it is
that you are attacking, please. But since you are offending my
country, and the same ways I use, I have to defend myself/us.

If I weren't human, which I sadly am, I wouldn't be here right now
telling you to go kill yourself. It's exactly because of these
behaviours that people like me will never care for you. Are you that
troubled, or is it pure jealously? Lul, grow a pair. Stop being
anonymous, everyone! I don't care anymore! Spit it in my face, I don't
even fucking care! :'D

Tea is lovely. Pancakes on Kyler's face were lovely. Actually, I like
toast better than pancakes, but apparently you find pancakes a good
weapon to hit me with. Fine, as you wish.

If this is Hannah in the end, I will be disappointed.
But lmfao, I am used to deception.

I would kill myself if I were American. I am not making this a general
rule, because I do know a couple of incredible, worthy, and
interesting American people. But your country is degrading. Much more
than what Europe ever will, or Britain in that point of view. If you
are here to discuss politics, I suggest we do it elsewhere. The elder
British were naive in giving you freedom. At least, people like you.
You need a good fucking Hitler. All that nigger new-age attitude is
fucking up your society.

Fucking niggers.
/pro-neo-racist comment.
/doesn't care. it's not about races or colours.
/say whatever you like.

Either way.
Follow one out of those three options, please.
Or none, and simply give up trying to pluck my nerves.
I don't regret anything I've done so far to any of the fatherfuckers
who so vividly detest me. I have nothing to apologise for/prove/be
ashamed of/feel guilty about. <3

If this was about Gabriella, then what even.
Go kill yourself again. ):
collarbone says:   11 April 2010   789965  
lulz it's not.
I think I would know better between your and you're.
DisasterCode says:   11 April 2010   646673  

Just no.
Decipher says:   11 April 2010   240905  
8D Lets just stop being dramatic; yes?

And yes, Supper is not a synonym for lunch. It means dinner.
‹HANNER› says:   11 April 2010   963601  
You're retarded.

By the way; Supper means DINNER, retard.
‹charlatancures› says:   11 April 2010   926365  
Alex, I know you dislike me, but that was simply the most amazing
thing I've ever read.
You just slammed her so hard into the ground she will never be able to
get back up, all while being very British and and correct. 
branches says:   11 April 2010   879262  
Brits eat pancakes?
I thought they ate oatmeal.
Well what the fuck.

I like the word "picture" describing films.
As in "picture show / second balcony".

And colour is nice.
And so is photograph.
It still doesn't rhyme, but photograph just sounds nicer.
I think pictures are paintings.
Or films.

And to go with everyone else,
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   665138  


And I do to refer to paintings or films as pictures sometimes.
Paintings, more casually, unless it's something that really doesn't
match. I name things accordingly, whether I like the sound of it or
not. For an example, mobile. I dislike the word, so I either say
celly, or telly, or pocket-telephone when I feel less gentle. Sounds
nicer. .O.

Lul, we eat plenty of oatmeal! 
People like them would make a fine one!
If we ate pancakes so vulgarly, they would have to be covered in rich
caramel topping, with a bit o' cinnamon to match. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   735975  
; A ;


What I meant was,
Thank you.
branches says:   11 April 2010   525782  
Do they really call them that over there?
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   989126  
So I was hoping, ma belle.

Oh, it is fine.
I don't personally dislike you.
I literally dislike you, but I would too dislike me in a literal view,
so I suppose we can, too, overcome that.
Thank you, I am tempted to agree with you. However, I haven't done
some ass-kicking in a while, and this felt more like standing up for
what I believe in, and make this miss realise her very much bitchy
attitude has no point whatsoever, nor is it aggravating. Only
upsetting, if a bit insulting.
You are also very British and correct.
In your own, little American away. I like to spell American with no
capital 'A'. Yet, for some people, I just might.
Thank you again, Autumn.
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   975752  
Yes, indeed.
It sort of clicked, and whenever I call it mobile, I sob.
It reminds me of automobile.
And I do not give my celly that sort of importance, either way.
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   970557  
I fucked it up again. Fuck, you guys.
I forgot to strike it out.
; __ ; 
branches says:   11 April 2010   302950  
I see.
Is it pronounced
or "moh-bill"? 
‹charlatancures› says:   11 April 2010   638863  
Yes, well.
I really think I was really supposed to be a UK-born child than an
American one.
I'd fit in a tad more, I suppose.
Maybe we can overcome that.
Though, I'm sure you'd get annoyed with me in any length of time if we
were to talk. 
Pulchritudinous says:   11 April 2010   976858  

All this made my hour.
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   719772  
If it were pronounced 'moh-bill' I would even, slightly, consider
using it. But no, it is sadly pronounced 'mo-bile'.

Also, just to clear this up because I- sometimes, -believe people
think the correct use of the verb slips my mind, and therefore I use
it wrong.
In, if it were, I could have used 'was', but I prefer to
use 'were' when I'm referring to a possibility, generally aided
by 'if' right behind.

This was nowhere close to relevant, but I felt like clearing it up. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   239713  
Well, if you had been born here, you would find everything a
bit less bright than what you might think it is. If you were a common
person, that is. I still find things very bright. Brighter now,
Yes, I suppose you would fit here quite nicely. I find you to be one
of a good kind, despite all. I fit more in here than what I'll ever
fit in America, and for that I am glad, still it seems that my heart
doesn't truly belong here. And we all grow tired, I mean, even-
eventually. I just giggled. That came out unnoticed and
innocently, but then it became a part of a verse. Charming.
Ah, my nerves are plucked quite easily, my anger issues are
terrifying, and I'm the worst relating to friendships, for I am very
possessive and selfish. However, I get frequently told that I am
understanding and soft  if in need. So for your nuisance, I shall have
a way to bring out the best in me and build up a little patience. You
will be compelled to do the same, though, seeing as I am an extremely
difficult person, and I might tick you off in the wrong way. C:
So yes, we may just overcome that. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   529065  
Glad it did, Willow, my friend.
Glad it did.

I am over-using this word.
I am also speaking a tad too fancily, in order to mock whoever wrote
this absurd diary entry. Or perhaps it's just flowing all too
Either way, I am amused. 
Pulchritudinous says:   11 April 2010   110465  

And who is this entry of diss even about.

I say it flows all to naturally.
Amusement is always good, and arn't these kind of diaries good for
branches says:   11 April 2010   466925  

Goddamn you people are cool. 
‹charlatancures› says:   11 April 2010   376280  
I suppose that is true.
As many from the outside looking in feel about things.
I'd still like to visit one day.
Well, seeing into that, maybe we could even converse sometime.
You have always seemed like a very diverse and interesting girl.
Plus, Miss Antoniette is very fond of you.
That girl means a lot to me, and if she finds you so special, maybe I
shall, too. 
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   524683  
I dunno', hun'.
But they can diss real good, don't you think?

But of course they are, and you are right. It better flow out and
barge in! 
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   974971  
*than barge in.
Why do I always fuck up?
Is it written across the fateful stars I don't believe in, or what?

It is parasol, but it's catching up.
And people are saying it.
Minus I. I'm still in denial.

I know, right?
Goddamn I love our lack of culture these days.
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   362957  
Mhm, but the outsides only have a biased idea, or a very fond
desire to experiment, until they finally come here.
After they land afoot in Britain, everything changes. At least, that's
what my mother used to say. She said it was like a journey to another
world. I would like to arrive to England as a foreign little girl, in
another life. So I can savour that feeling.
You should visit. Once you find yourself a dainty job, please keep
your savings for a trip to us. You would like it, I promise, you
I enjoy conversing with a certain pack of strangers that aren't
exactly strangers. It appeals my curiosity. 
Also, thank you, I find you a very interesting subject to study. I
first study people before I am tempted to grow close to them, you see.
So don't mind that, if you please. 
Oh, oh! Diversity is my breakfast! Or shall I say, supper? C:
Anything dear to Theresa is dear to me. Unless it's really shitty, and
she's only fascinated for a brief moment. In that case, it's an
Miss Antoniette is the most important person in my life, so I suppose
I should be part of whoever considers her special. Moreover, why, I
could even collect new things to love. 
RAVISHING says:   11 April 2010   574769  

Am I kidding myself. 
Pulchritudinous says:   11 April 2010   386168  
no one 'cept my english teacher calls me hun C;

Oh they are great dissers, i'm just going to hide in my turtle shell.

We need more of these, i'm actually looking forword to more comments
now :c
‹*Expired*› says:   11 April 2010   192043  
Wow. Jealousy is the best compliment.
likeaskeletonkey says:   11 April 2010   560569  
I could be your English 'teacher' for all I cared. C;

Can I lay next to you? This is mighty frightening.

So am I. I feel like I'm on fiyaa'! Let us fish through. :C

Pulchritudinous says:   11 April 2010   172248  
Are you short,balding,stylish and a grammer nazi? C:

turn on the lights ! turn them on, I'm super scared !

fishing :C 
exquisite says:   11 April 2010   939243  
YOU'RE* YOU'RE* YOU'RE* YOU'RE* Get it right. C:

Lol, pancakes. I don't even remember anyone eating pancakes at all,
and if anyone eats pancakes it will be those fat pancakes and not the
French crepé kind. Or whatever they're called. Tea, mhm. My afternoon
tea! Why is this a bad thing? Tea is wonderful part of my life,
actually. My 5 o'clock tea is everything. C:

Most Brits as far as I recall don't even use the words "supper" as a
substitute for lunch. Mostly we just use Dinner. I do anyways,
whenever I'm about to make any type of meal, I just say "I'm gonna
make me some dinner", or "Dinners ready". Apart from breakfast, that's
i dont care if your family is british or if you live in britain
Do you realize how idiotic that sounds? Really, a British family, and somebody living in Britain does not give them the right to act British? :L Your theory is failing, no better yet it's already failed. Britain is a lovely country, and deserves more respect than you're giving it. It's home to some of the best stores, the best universities, the best pub food! England is my home, mate. Like Alex said somewhere up there, it's something we ought to defend if you're disrespecting us Brits. Anyhow, YOU'RE* YOU'RE* YOU'RE*.
‹charlatancures› says:   11 April 2010   113068  
I cannot even describe how much I truly love your writing.
I can't even respond to you.
Well, study away, I suppose.
Antoniette is also one of, probably, the most, important person in my
I'm sure you might change your mind about me. 
Bootheghost says:   12 April 2010   899017  
Though this is a bit late...

It is film.
It is colour.
It is photograph.
It is supper (though that means dinner...).

How can I say this?

Well, I'm British.
I have lived in England all my life.
I'm as English as you'll get.

But most importantly?

Don't forget that.

You folks in America are speaking English.
‹deathbed.♥› says:   12 April 2010   857208  
I can't believe this is that popular.
olol. if someone is British, they can act how they'd like.
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   12 April 2010   146015  
Um, is this directed at every single British person who lived or an
American with a British family who lives in Britain?
(This will sound horrible, but when I first clicked on this I thought
it was a tribute to Bakura or something.)
‹♥ImJuStMi&yourAveragePrincess♥› says:   12 April 2010   264344  
I dnt get thiis, I thought it was a poem LOL O_o Don't offend, you're
being superrr streotypical, sooo what if american acts british?
There's something called influence, I dont come from the UK but I have
to act/become like one, and people don't go goiing stop acting like
your british bla bla bla, let everyone become who they want to be.
‹[[Joanna;;Oh No She Didn't ♥]]› says:   12 April 2010   181144  
Oh, please ignore that comment.

You listen way too much to the stereotype people make Britain out to
And not everyone has to act American.
I mean, I'm British and I think America's a great country, I find it's
history extrmemely interesting, but I'm not going around telling every
single person with an English accent to change their spelling system
and accents and whatnot. If she lives in britain and has a British
family, she obviously IS British. You really are an idiot. 
xxKayleeSAURxx says :   12 April 2010   221000  
okay, so.. i don't know you. & im just going to say.
i COMPLETELY & UTTERLY agree with @adali.

you probably don't know who your ranting about, you just know them
offline. which honestly, if your going to be such a dick about how
someone acts.. KNOW THEM FOR REAL FIRST. good idea, eh? 
all the things you said in this diary are bullshit.

stop posting pictures of yourself ; maybe she wants to. afterall,
thats the point of a pic stream.
stop trying to act british ; she lives in britain. that makes her
its color not colour ; im american. i say colour.
who cares if you drink tea ; i drink too too.
and eat pancakes ; ohh! whuttya know. i eat pancakes too.
its not film you idiot ; the real name for it is film.
its not photograph ; & the real name is photograph.
i dont care if your family is british or if you live in britain stop
acting it ; you mean stop acting HERSELF? your a dumbass.
and act american for a change ; but shes british. so why would she
wanna be american? 


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