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I wanna fly with youuuu.Category: Random..
Tuesday, 23 March 2010
02:46:41 AM (GMT)
Could you tell your Number One you love them and honestly mean it?
wellll. she's, like, my best frienddd.
sooo. i could tell her i love her like a sister and mean ittt, yeahh.

Last time you held hands with someone?
Fridayyy. (:

Who on your Top Friends goes to your school?
Harley, Teyanna, Cyerra, and Braxtonnn.

Last song you listened to?
Rude Boy - Rihanna

Right when you saw your bf/gf last, what did you do?
said hi and hugged himmm. (:

Who did you last take a picture with?
i don't rememberrr.

Least favorite class?
MATH. /:

Do you hate the last person you let walk out of your life?
not necessarily.

Who was the first bf/gf you had in your freshman year?
welll. i'm not a freshmen yettt, sooo.

How did that work out?
again. not a freshmen yet.

Last person to call you babe?
ummm. i'm not suree.

What do you really want right now?
to see Austinnn.
and to go skatingg.

Name one feeling you always feel with the person you like the most right now:
happiness. (:

Does your bestfriend think your bf/gf is hott?
i don't think sooo.

What was something odd that happened today?
i can't really think of anythingg.

Who were the last 3 people to text you before you went to bed last night?
Harley, Teyanna, and Grace.

Who do a lot of people say you look almost exactly like?
my motherrr.

Last time you saw your Number Two?
umm. last week, before she left to go back to Floridaaa.

Are you easily amused?
hell yeahhh.

Name one person you miss?
Austinnn. (:

Who was the last person to text you?

Is anyone in love with you?
Austin's been saying he loves me since Friday.
soo. yeah. i think soo. (:

Do you have makeup on right now?

Plans for tomorrow?
hopefully getting a new phonee.

Where were you 3 hours ago?

Have you ever given someone a bruise?
i don't knoww.

Can you honestly say you hate someone?
not really.

When did you last see your latest ex?
today at school.

What did you do?
sat in class.

Are you wearing any jewelry at the moment?

Is your Number 2 taller than you?

What is the closest fluffy thing to you?
um. a stuffed animal that was a Valentine's presenttt.

Last drink you consumed?
Dr. Pepperrrr. (:

Someone punches your bestfriend in the face, what do you do?
freak out. and flippin punch them back.

Type a conversation you've had with your bestfriend with the word 'ugly' in
Harley: dudeeee. his hair looks ugly.
or something like thattt. xD

Last New Years, do you remember who you liked?
ummm. yesss.

Name a fact about your father:
he used to play football.

Who are you MORE LIKE, your mother or father?

Are you different?

How old are you going to be in October?
same age i am nowww.

Will this summer be a good one?
i hopeee.

SithWedgie says:   23 March 2010   230473  
^_^ I like that you're easily amused <3
‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› says:   23 March 2010   646450  
haha. i'm WAYYY too easily amused. (:
i crack up at the slightest little thingg. 
SithWedgie says:   23 March 2010   410555  
XD awesome unless you have an annoying laugh.
‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› says:   23 March 2010   438934  
haha. xD
i don't think it's annoyingg. or i hope not. xD 
SithWedgie says :   23 March 2010   879888  
^ ^can always ask a friend.


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