Kupika rant, it may make you laugh or get pissed but just read and
comment for me. ^_^
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Kupika rant, it may make you laugh or get pissed but just read and
comment for me. ^_^
Category: (general)
Wednesday, 10 March 2010
01:00:20 AM (GMT)
OK, so, i read this diary earlier and wanted to write a rant so here it is, and if i
hate you, that means i love you.

One, Catmagic101 i fucking hate her! She is like so amazing and all.
she can state how she feels, get on everyone's ass, and seriously, she can beat
a sumo wrestler with her words... i mean DAMN, she is worse then diamond who i
hate. AND, cat somehow is just... WEIRD... i meant she can tell anyone she wants to
fuck them
without being scared at all of what they will think. and that is like... i REALLY
hate you cat.

And DIAMOND! O My fucking GOD!
i know her name states she's a major bitch but COME ONNNNNNNNN!
she just rubs me the wrong way... sometimes i just want to rips the bitch's face
off, I do not know why it's just how she acts all high and mighty and no one
seriously bitch, go fuck your grandmother with a giant gavel!

And then i hate kupika.
i mean just the other day some WEIRD pedo message me about how he wanted to uh....
'lik my clit in RL'.
WHAT THE FUCKING HAIL! WHAT the...! GAHHHH! that just... i want you to die...
and you know who you are...  stupid son of a bitch 

and then there is the kupi handbook... ok, i get HINA wanted you guys to be able to
and all on this site, but like really? No public porn that gos up to pics. And then
there is cybering
publicly... I do not care if you do that but seriously, it's weird. Like, why not
just find out
the girl's location and actually fuck her? Know what, just bugs me a bit.

And these arteestic ppl on kupika. Do you know how much i hate you simply BC you are
the most amazing artists i EVER known... Well i don;t actually KNOW you, but that's
only BC you're too
busy with your art and... uh.... 'art trades' and talking with other artists to
notice anyone else.
and it pisses me off. ONce i asked THREE artists who said they were taking 'requests'
and asked them to
draw me something.... a day: no answer.... a week: no answer... a YEAR: no answer...
I mean COME ON! WHAT THE HELL! You say you're taking requests and you can't do my
requests, especially when
i offer kupi points? OMGOMGOMG.... fuck you, fuck you all.... go onw with your stupid
artist freinds and ignore
a art 'request'.... oh how i despise you!

i hate you because you read this, the whole thing, and commented...
but don;t worry, somewhere, deep deep down, I love you all....
just not enough to admit it publicly. And no i ain't no JEEESUS!
in fact, i should bring this up, NEVER lecture me on ANY religion,
i am agnostic right now and doing the whole... JEESUS IS OUR LORD things is a bit...
well... for ME it is off. I believe right now that anything i cannot see, hear,
touch, or smell,
does not exsist....
and if you have objections.. put them in the comments just so i can say:


P.S: i made the background image ranbowy and bright just
for you!

‹Lena_the_Unforgiven› shouts:   10 March 2010   843566  
Extend says:   10 March 2010   804464  
i. suggest. you. take. three. deep. breaths.
Then i will help you bite the right elbow of everyone who reads this.
‹♥♥♥Rooftops♥Lostprophets♥♥♥› says:   10 March 2010   813700  
thank you lucy-loooo!

sounds good with me! 
‹pokemonmaster♥C;› says:   10 March 2010   394915  
your so hypocritical.
first you say you hate cat, and then it's "IOMFGAN SHE'S AMAAZING."

the artists of kupika barely don't have time, i think your
‹♥♥♥Rooftops♥Lostprophets♥♥♥› says:   10 March 2010   352404  

know what.. if you don;t like it then you shouldn't have read it.
and me and Cat have a unique way of saying we love each other ok?
and piss off!
i think you're a son of a bitch. and i shall have you in my next rant. 
‹-K.Lynn♥-› says:   11 March 2010   339799  
what bout me?????
‹♥♥♥Rooftops♥Lostprophets♥♥♥› says:   11 March 2010   459393  

i will get to you in my next rant...

‹-K.Lynn♥-› says:   11 March 2010   883906  
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says :   14 March 2010   532787  
Fucking Gorgeous you ho

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