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Tuesday, 9 March 2010
06:15:00 PM (GMT)
Ok background knowledge about Astrid!!!
-I'm 15
-I'm asian (viet to be exact)
-I have never spent the night at a friend's
-The longest I've gone without being at home was for a school trip to Orlando,FL
-And this is what seems to be an important factor to what I can and can't do.... I'M

Point to this entry being.... Why the f*** can't I do anything? It's so unfair. Right
now I'm trying to convice my parents to let me march. Yes i'm a band geek and
marching band is my life story. There are so many people in MB that are girls. There
are so many who are asian. The two main reasons why i can't march is because I'm a
girl and I'm asian. But why can't I do it when everyone else can? Why can't I do the
things that most teens don't even think is a big deal? Marching band has been the
first and only thing in my life that i've worked really hard for and enjoy. Marching
Band has been the first extracircular activity that i have participated in. All my
life I have never been allowed to do anything. I honestly thought when I first
started that i found a productive, safe activity to do on my free time. But no. My
parents didn't like the fact that im not at home doing their biding. I know and can
see that I'm not accepted in my family. I can see that they dont want me. But the one
thing I love most about band is feeling needed. It's hard work (think about it. being
on the blacktop for 8 hours a day in 100 degree weather) But I like the feeling of
being needed. Since I'm one of the top Trombones. It's just so frustrating. I missed
out on a year of marching already because of my parents but they just don't
understand. they don't understand what it means to me. They think im want to do it
for my boyfriend (whom i dont get to see except for school). It's stupid to do
marching band for someone else. you have to be doing it for yourself or it will feel
like a bitch. The thing is I didn't sign up for marching band because of Matt. I
didn't even know who he was before high school. And he's graduating in 3 months so he
won't be there at all. I want to  march becuase i enjoy it. I want to march because
it is important to me. I know know how to convice my parents so. 

Anyone have any suggestions? because I am lost and don't know what to do.

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