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Saturday, 20 February 2010
06:33:51 PM (GMT)

I buried my face in my locker. It was a four days later, that Thursday morning after
that awful Saturday night where I got so drunk that I'm still experiencing minor
parts of a hangover. He didn't sleep with me, despite my begging, which I'm sure I
was doing, but I can't be sure, saying as how I barely remembered my name during that
period of time. I did remember, however, the fact that when I woke up, he was laying
next to me, tied to the bed.
  I should have a sign 'When drunk, very kinky. Beware.' I groaned as something
pressed against me. I didn't bother to turn around. It was Jace. I was ashamed to
meet his glance, ashamed of what I had done, and also scared. He knew I wanted to
sleep with him now, so what would he do to get me there? It wouldn't take much...oh
gah! I had been avoiding him these last few days, making sure I didn't get in
temptation. But he sat behind me in all my classes. It would be hard NOT to talk to
him. Especially when he was passing notes to me, doing things for me, and astonishing
me with British charm.
  Damn. Damn.
  Damn. Damn. Damn!
  I turned around. "Hey Ja--" My voice cut off. "Toni?"
  He smiled. "I heard you slept with Price," he said, using Jace's last name. "So,
you're just a regular whore now huh?"
  I shook my head. "We didn't sleep--"
  I was cut off by his lips on mine. I tried to push him away, but he was no Jace.
Jace had muscles, but he was skinny, too, not as big. And Jace never forced me to do
anything, so if I didn't want him on me, he would just let me push him away. But,
Toni, Toni was three hundred pounds of muscles and he was forcing hmself not
to move.
  It reminded me of Dad, so abusive and forceful. Putting himself on me. I kicked and
tried to move, but he had me pressed against the locker tightly. I couldn't scream. I
turned my head. "Stop, Toni!" I shrieked, hoping for help. But the students stopped
and watched, not helping.
  I saw a shaggy black head in the crowd. "JACE!" I screamed as Toni pressed his lips
onto mine once more. I struggled beneath him to no avail. Nobody was helping me. Toni
started to pull me away. I screamed again, but everybody looked.
  I began to panic, my chest feeling like it was being run over by a thousand trains.
I took a shaggy breath as my throat burned, my body ached, and I started to tremble.
I tried to scream again, but I couldn't breathe.
  Toni's overwhelming prescene was removed. My brother stood in front of me, glaring
at Toni. "Motha fucka, now you're gonna die. Any last words?"
  Toni started to say something, but Sebastian grabbed his throat and slammed him
against the locker. I backed away slowly, the air slowly returning to my body. 
  "Kick his ass, Sebastian," I growled. "If he don't, I'll shank you bitch." Easy to
be tough when you don't have three hundred pounds of muscles on you--and that three
hundred pounds is currently getting his butt kicked by your older brother. Yeaaahhh.
  Jace chuckled as the crowd broke out. Everybody knew better than to watch a fight
that included my brother. It wasn't fun, held no surprise. Sebastian Janeis only
fighted for two things--his baby sister and his pride. And he won every fight. I
turned on my heel. The fight was over, I was safe, and Toni was going to be too sore
to anything but wish himself dead in a minute.
Last edited: 22 February 2010

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