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HE HATES ME*sob*Category: my love life
Wednesday, 17 February 2010
07:24:19 PM (GMT)
i like jonathan. jonathan hates me. simple.

how do i know this, you may ask? did he specifically say, "I hate you"? no. then how?
well, heres how:

1. he started telling people that I like him. um, HELLO? maybe i dont want people to
know that!

2. He doesnt talk to me anymore.

3. he never looks at me when im near him.

4. he said it was creepy that we have the same number for religion.

5. he is an usher for school masses, and he wasnt sure if he could do it at todays
mass, so he was asking around to see if anyone wanted to do it for him. this guy Kyle
said he would, but Jonathan was like, "No, you'll mess it up!" then another guy named
Ibrahim said, "What about hannah?" and you know what jonathan says? "NO! No. kyle,
can you do it?"

5. our teacher had us move our desks into a new formation. we're gonna get the actual
new seats tomorrow, but we moved right before lunch. and since Jonathan used to sit
right behind me, in the new formation he would be sitting across from me and very
close. But NOOOO he switched seats with Allison. He just din't want to sit near me.

What am I gonna do?! You may be thinking, "He's just a jerk, hannah. He's mean and
you don't deserve him." but you don't KNOW him. All my life I, as well as other
people, have thought of Jonathan as nice to pretty much everyone, extremely funny,
kinda cute, friends with some girls-as in, he hangs out with them and talks with
them-, and the kind of person who makes you laugh all the time. Thats just who he
his! it's his personality. When he first knew I thought he was cute, I dont know if
he knew that I actually like him. But at the beginning he was nice and would joke
with me. Then when i found out he was telling poeple I like him, it felt like he
hated me and was being mean. or like he was purposely doing this stuff so that I
wouldnt like him anymore. Like he doesnt want me to like him. And some drama has been
going on with him and some other girls, too. wtf? i know he doesnt like-like me, but
i thought he still liked me as a friend!

It's obvious. he just....hates me.

‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   17 February 2010   518942  
Well, its not the end of the world.

Maybe you should tell him how you feel.

I know I may sound crazy, but I think its the best thing you should

Hope it helps!

swimminbabe21 says:   18 February 2010   797580  
He is being a complete jerk. And yeah you don't deserve that but it
might help talking to him and asking him whats going on
volleyballstar7 says:   20 February 2010   730930  
Hannah you can't say I dont know him because i do 
*laughs and points finger at hannah*
he is a jerk This is why noone should tell the people they like the
truth people get all akward and it doesn't help anything
boys they say one thing and mean the other it's a fact of life never
trust boys 
I believe you will make the right choice because you my bestie. 
but please think of the pain he caused you
‹RushingStars★› says:   21 February 2010   161159  
Thanks for caring guys, really, it means alot to me!!!!!!! 
‹HeDreamsAboutMe♥› says:   21 February 2010   404443  
I agree with you. Hannah, you should just be like, "I feel like you
act like you hate me. Be honest; do you like me at all? Even as a just
a friend?" Cuz maybe he doesn't realize how he acts. 
‹RushingStars★› says:   21 February 2010   636116  
Thats a good idea....but i might not be able to say those exact words.
im so shy. 
‹Kairos› says:   23 February 2010   801279  
lol im shy too gurl,
evr think  of the sitch as a positive?
i mean it may seem crazy and all but .........maybe jut maybe
he likes you and is shy?
i mean you said it yourself you guys were tight friends,
maybe whn he found out he liked you, he got nervous cause he likes ya
im just trying to tell ya the sitch from my point of view.
youve read my latest diary entry so you know MY sitch.
we have the same sitch...

do you consider my idea of the positive side?
i mean the gurls that commented on here saying hes a jerk or whatever(
NO OFFENSE(: ) is saying like their first instinct meaning he really
does hate you because hes acting like that but from my point im saying
hes acting all awkwardy because he likes ya and is to shy.

plus (no offense to guys now...) he is a guy, meaning like most guys,
he has a rep and an ego to live up to. mabe hes spreading that you
like him just so it would as if saying " pssh...so what?"

and to add to the rep and ego thing: if hes spreading so muc around it
means he cnt stop talking bout ya right? lol (; 

dnt worry bout it gurl, im just telling ya theres a different side to
the story. (:
                sincerely, your friend. (;
‹RushingStars★› says:   23 February 2010   274722  
Oh. my. gawd. You. are. the. best. friend. ever. I NEVEREVEREVER
thought of it that way! ! ! And I think alot! That actually makes alot
of sense. I mean, I know it could still mean he doesn't like me back
but you are so right! He could like me! AGGGHHHHH I TOTALLY LOVE YOU.
‹Kairos› says:   24 February 2010   211308  
(: no prob. i love looking at the other side of the story.
ll i really hpe you take in what i suggested. n offense to ll the
gurls who replied to thiis diary entry with the neg. stuff.

but im not saying us gurls cnt be all uptight and snotty too.
lol sometimes the guys seem to be pms-ing us rather than the ther way
love ya best bud(; ! 
‹RushingStars★› says:   26 February 2010   206276  
and you know what? I've been wondering if maybe i SHOULDNT tell people
and him that i dont like him anymore. my plan was to tell sum ppl i
dont like him, and everntually it would get around to him and he'd be
like, "what the heck?! since when?" and i'll say, oh for a few weeks."
and he will be totally burned and it'll be payback. (evern tho i'll
still like him.) BUT i dont know if i should beuase...well...its kinda
nice, i guess, to have him know. idk why, it just is.

so confused! i cant stop thinking about him.... 
‹Kairos› says:   27 February 2010   374211  
i hav some comments....
maybe u shouldnt tell anyone..i mean i no it means that evrybdy would
think u like him but who caress what other ppl think, right? i mean
maybe when u spread that u dont like him anymore...ppl will assume u
still do b/c ur defending urself...believe me its happened to me b4):
..and i know payback sounds as good as some chocolate cake *drools* 
(lol) but sometimes u end up guilty-i mean he is ur bgf still isnt

on the other hand.......
u could ignnore me all together and tell and he gets jealous-and
eventually ask you out.

BUT. (lol butt) he might ask you out to just prove a point that you
really still does like him. (thats happened to me as well -_-' )

all im considering is the whole view point---good and bad.
sry if i sound harsh.
         ur friend. 
‹RushingStars★› says:   27 February 2010   659014  
Wow, see, this is y ur awesome, cuz no one else would think of that!
im changing my plan. net time im at my bff caseys house we are going
on facebook, and hopefully he will come on to, and they will start
chatting, and me and him can talk. lol. becuase actually, i have
thought of that; him asking my out becuase he thinks i 'dont like him

so anyway, thanks!! 
‹Kairos› says :   27 February 2010   704001  
no prb.
and thx i no im awesome like that (x 


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