a friend who betrayedme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i hate
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a friend who betrayedme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i hate
Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
10:02:56 PM (GMT)
hey people i once had a friend named juan mendez he was my best friend in the whole
wide world we always told secrets  played together and chatted but until his other
friend named joshua lopez and jesus leon told him to not talk to me and to tell me
gay so he betrayed me and told me gay it hurt my feeelings i cried so much i couldnt
stop crying now when i entered 5th grade he always glazed with his eyes and stared at
me so meanly like if he wanted to beat me up so joshua told me gay again i got mad
and told him at lease my dad does not have lots of white hair and is old so he tried
to beat me up but he couldn't so then i always started talking about him about how
his house loooks so now we always fought with each other please answer people what
should i do ?????????
Last edited: 8 April 2010

Mimi11181997 suggests:   28 January 2010   144176  
Well im real sorry u lost your best friend, but do you think fighting
and revenge will solve any thing?
Danonino says:   2 March 2010   638946  
i dont think so and i hate him so much 
Danonino says:   2 March 2010   368934  
he is so showoff he wants to make me jealous because he has more
friends and i dont but i have 6 friends which i can trust them
Mimi11181997 says:   3 March 2010   758274  
Im real sorry u have to go through that mess. but u gotta learn
Danonino cries:   7 March 2010   320632  
i know but i feel so sad
Mimi11181997 says:   11 March 2010   960202  
Wanna hug then? *hugs you*
Danonino says:   14 March 2010   733675  
``hugs back 2 u````[[[[[]]]]]
Danonino says:   14 March 2010   956953  
right know i feel happy ``````laughing right now`````````---
Mimi11181997 says:   7 April 2010   935995  
Haha thats gud! in that case.....

  *hugs and tickels you till you cant take it no more*
Danonino says:   8 April 2010   294231  
thank u you made me feel better i love u mimi11181997
Mimi11181997 says:   9 April 2010   965250  
Luv you too dani *smiles*
Danonino says:   10 April 2010   434354  
you are my best friend mimi i love u so much u always make me feel
Mimi11181997 says:   10 April 2010   715249  
 glad to help. and my real name is achaia so...
im glad to had a friend like you 
Danonino says:   11 April 2010   395092  
ur the sweetest and nice person someone could ever havo (love u)
Mimi11181997 says:   11 April 2010   295189  
*blushes* how you been?
Danonino says:   13 April 2010   525072  
good and u
Mimi11181997 says:   13 April 2010   472846  
I've been making it 
Danonino says:   14 April 2010   598315  
id missed u
Mimi11181997 wonders:   16 April 2010   371293  
U have??
Danonino says:   16 April 2010   696316  
yes totally (hugs kisses)
Mimi11181997 says:   16 April 2010   868131  
Wow....urm ok do u have a face book?
Danonino says:   17 April 2010   385719  
no im to little my big sister says that i can only get one wen im
like 15
Mimi11181997 says:   17 April 2010   690147  
Oh ok. are u on any other sites?
Danonino says:   17 April 2010   796538  
no how about u i only have fantage ok just go to fantage.com and put
register or something like that and u start playing
Mimi11181997 says:   20 April 2010   952187  
Oh im on dat aleady its a cute lil site
Danonino says:   20 April 2010   433628  
i know its cute so wats ur name in it
jess897 says:   4 July 2010   410953  
i think you should just ignore him. he must not be a true friend if
he is like that.
Danonino says :   16 July 2010   468333  
yeahi always ignore him and your right thank u!


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