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School Trip a lá modéCategory: Story
Monday, 28 December 2009
10:07:23 PM (GMT)
The noises next door escalated. Something was thrown.
Shattered? It didn't sound like glass. Ryo sighed and took off his socks.
He wasn't expecting any sounds other then fucking, that is untill his professor
announced that the rooms were indeed NOT co'ed. But the sounds next door didn't 
sound like the beginnings of a brawl, and he knew for a fact that it 
was boys and not girls that were bunking next door, so no catfight.

Ryo wished that what ever it was it wouldn't interfere with his nap.
He practically tore off his t-shirt and let himself fall onto the twin bed, the
squeaked, like nails to a chalkbord and yet, the bed was comfortible enough.
Ryo closed his eyes.....

It was then his roommate chose to speak "D'you think we ought to see wat's happening
next door, Ryo?"
"I'm sure whatever it is, they'll be fine."  Ryo heard his roommate figet on his
matress. The boy's name
was Jude Harrison he was british, popular, overall a very pleasent person, loyal to
his friends.

Was it just him, or did Jude sound worried?

"Jude? Is there," I said sitting up " a reason things wouldn't be fine?"

" Dunno.....I mean it's just that Toby Parker and Kaito Miyake are sharing next door

He let the names sink in.
Toby Parker and Kaito Miyake.

"I thought those two where pretty tight..."
Ryo had an air of bewilderment about him, Toby and Kai
where closer then twins, even the fucking creepy ones
who 'll kill to stay togeter.

" No offense mate, but you haven't exactly been spending much time with us, eh?"

"True enough. So what'd I miss?"

" ......Toby's getting a bit homophobic.."

" What?  "

" Y'know how his mum an' dad are.  Old fashion Americans blokes, been preachn' to im
 lately.....e's never really been comfortible with yoai an' yuri an' all that."

"He's been living in Japan for six years, he 's okay with it to an extent."

" Yeah, but with 'is parents spattn' out about how wrong it's gettn' to

" Dude, Kai-kun's gay and-" he blinked ".......Shit."

Jude and Ryo were staring at each other, completely silent.
A few muffled phrases that sounded like " ....didn't before"
 " it's wrong " " like hell it is" "can't you try" and " fuck you "
came through the wall. The only sound after that was the noise of someone 
rummaging for their things.

"That's what you were afraid of? "
Jude nodded.

A few minuates later someone knocked on the door.

Ryo was pulling on a shirt while Jude got up to anwser the door.
A hansome black haired boy with delicate features and light honey brown eyes was
standing there
 with a backback and suitcase. He seemed rather tall to be Japanease.
" Etto Jude? Is it okay if I switch rooms with you ?"  Jude smiled  "Sure mate. Luck
to ya that I haven't 
unpacked yet."   ' So he knew this would happen.' Ryo thought. Jude gathered his
things, smiled once more, then left. 

" Hey Kai."

" Doushite?" Kai's mask of calm sliped away as soon as the door closed "Doushite,

Ryo was surprised, Kai was always collected, always.

"Watashi anou kirenai."

"Shinni?" Kai looked worn out. "It's his fucking parents. In a week it wouldn't have

Ryo looking confused, scratched the back of his head.
Kai took a deep breathe set down his things and tried to 

" Ano....watashi ga suki Toby desu...." 

"Iie. Sodesuka???" Ryo rolled his eyes

"Well everything's obvious to you Ryo....Insightful bitch that you are..." Kai smiled

Ryo shook his head. "All right what do you mean " a week it wouldn't have
mattered" ?
Fill me in won't you?  You use to always come to me first." True enough they,
 both being Japenease, living in Japan and going to school together before the
British school 
they currently were in, were best of the best friends.

"Until you simply shut yourself away for the past year."

"Eh? Nine months.....that's not a year..not that long..."

"Long enough for everything to change."

"Then explain why don't you?"







Not yet finished. It will be though.
For myself only
Last edited: 12 June 2010

Akiba23 says :   1 March 2010   150534  
Yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi yaoi YAOI YAOI!!!!!!

>w< *nosebleed*

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