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i miss him :/Category: (general)
Friday, 25 December 2009
11:50:29 PM (GMT)
Do your friends approve of the last person you kissed?
i dunnoo , he's my exxx. (:

Are you the youngest, middle, or oldest sibling?
only child(:

What’s the last beverage you consumed?

Could you go out in public, looking like you do now?
nooo :/ 

Have you ever skipped school just because you were tired?
haha yup

Were you single over the summer?
hmmm nope(:

Is your room ever clean?

Is your heart broken right now?

Are you a heavy sleeper?
you'd be supprriiseddd(: . 
When is the next time you'll hug someone?

Do you think your next kiss will be a mistake?
i dunno. 

Have you had sex with more than 5 people this month?

Are you an emotional person?
haha yeahhh . 

Will tomorrow be better then today?
i dunno today was goooodd(:

Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with an E?
hm...i don't think sooo

Do you wear gold or silver?
im wearing a silver necklace with a diamond on it :/

Is there someone who you instantly smile when you receive a message?
yupppp .

How many tattoos would you get?

Worst way to die?
being torn apart D: literalllyyy. 

Could things possibly get any better?
yup .

Miss anyone?
everyday ): all the time .

Good at hiding your feelings?
it depends

Name something you dislike about the day you're having?
nothing really. i just am bored :/  

Do you prefer to call or text?
depends on the person .

Last person you told a secret to?
hmmmm soleil or chelsea? prbly .

Think back to June 2007, were you single?
i don't remember?
Do you want to have children one day?

Could you cry right now?
no reason too .?

Last time you held a baby?
whenever my youngest cousin was a baby prbly . 

Have you kissed anyone the past 2 days?

What was the first thing you did this morning?
dident eat this morning

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
i dunoo ): 

Do you hate when people smoke around you?
not really, pretty used to smoke, im sure my lungs are black just form being around

Think a lot before you fall asleep?
yeah i do

Think back to last September were you in a relationship?
no idea. 

Do you feel like you have life figured out?
not at all .

Have you ever met someone online who you would love to meet?
yup. im prbly not ever going to tho .
Do you have someone you can be your complete self around?
Are you happy right now?

At what age do you want to be married?
middle 20's .

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
i dunno .like 25 or 26 :/ 

Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?
i could make a book of that sweetie (:

Did you ever like someone you know you shouldn't have?

Describe how you feel right now in one word?

Are you going to get hurt anytime soon?
im sure. 

Anybody tell you they miss you lately?

Anything you're looking forward to?
i guess this month and march 

Are you a good babysitter?
yup. ushually. 

Are you closer to your father or mother?

Do you have a favorite sports team?
georgia bulldogs (: .

Do you have plans for today?

Whats better, amazing eyes or amazing smile?
I'd like both (:

Do you have anything that belongs to a partner or ex?
yup my Exs fav necklace, aha he let me keep it, since were pretty close aha (;

Why are you confused?
Alot of people ask me that, all the timeee. 

Something you do a lot?
talk , text, or listen to music

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
kinda. boys have HUGE mouths. 

What are you doing this weekend?
shopping, hanging outt.

Are you an alcoholic?

Do you find it hard to trust others?

What were you doing at 7am this morning?
heraing my dad go " GET UP, GET UP!(: "

Does anyone call you babe or baby?
lots of peopleee.

Any siblings?

Does it matter if your boyfriend/girlfriend smokes?
if i care about them.

Where do you go if you are butt naked and locked out of your house?
Lmao , honestly i have NO idea. 

Do you prefer to shower at night or in the morning?

Do you believe love lasts forever?
i kind of hope so. 

Do you say sorry first?

Has someone ever made you a promise & broke it?
HA, don't even get me starteddd.

Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
haha nope 

Have you ever been called a bitch?

Do you like beer?
eh . its alright. 

What do you think of when you hear the word "meow".

When's the next time you will be getting piercings?
i dunno prbly when im 15

Have you ever been to Mexico?

Have you ever dyed your hair?
nah .

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