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Tuesday, 22 December 2009
11:30:35 PM (GMT)
pretzels or breadsticks? 

have you heard of the crisps called chipsticks? 
LMFAO, what the shit?

where do you live? 
"Brown's Arm, where da cows eats dere arses!"

what concerts/gigs have you been to? 
One, and I'd rather not say...fucking embarassing shit.

which was the best? 
Heh, none. :$

do you wake up in the same position as when you go to sleep? 
Uh, no. Who the hell is skilled enough to do that?

do you wear socks in bed? 
Never. Feels wrong.

how many push-ups can you do?

have you kissed anybody in the past month? 

what are you up to today? 
Watching Sweeney Todd with Sydney. (: Gotta love it.

do you prefer the summer or winter? 
Summer, definitely.

nevershoutnever! or paramore? 
Hard....Paramore wins. They're not potheads.

have you heard mika's new song? what's your opinion of it? 
What new song. This note could be like 3 years old for all I know.

what's your favourite nevershoutnever! song? 
liarliarpantsonbackwards or I Just Laugh.

are you on a desktop computer or laptop? 
Laptop FTW.

what's the craziest thing you've ever worn? 
I wear a lot of crazy things. For example, yesterday I wore jeans. The day before
that I sported a t-shirt. Today I'm wearing socks.

have you ever sat on a rooftop? 
Yes, love doing that. (:

do you like to watch the stars at night? 
Mhm, it's great.

when was the last time it thundered where you are? 
This summer, I think.

do you have any pets? 

last film you saw at the cinema? 
CINEMA. LOL. I don't even remember.

did you like it? 
If I remembered, probably.

latest band/artist you've gotten into? 
I've been listening to The Devil Wears Prada a lot more lately, along with A Rocket
To The Moon.

do you prefer big acts, that everybody's heard of or smaller acts? 

do you like fluffy cushions? 
I suppose. :S

do you save surveys when you've done them? 
No, but sometimes I save them to my computer and do them when I'm not on the
internet. So, when I get online, I just copy and paste, and publish. Which is what
I'm doing now.

what would you do if your parents told you that you were adopted? 

how's the weather where you are? 
Cold and windy.

finish the sentence 

love is... a strange, strange thing.
i think.. rarely.
obama is... purple and orange and blue.
i adore.. Pokemon.
school is... pointless.
many people think i... suck dick on the corner.
i'm .. not a prostitute.

what's your favourite kind of flower? 
So much sunshine, all for you my Daisy. (

what t.v shows do you love watching? 
Glee. Glee. Glee.

last party you went to? describe it? 
Tash's birthday! It was...rape...

how do you type your smiley faces? 
Backwards. (:

last holiday you went on? did you enjoy it? 
Probably to my dad's, a looooong time ago. And yes, I enjoyed it very much.

can you do a handstand? 
No way in hell.

what about a cartwheel? 
No way in heaven.

could you ever love someone who's stabbed you in the back? 
Uh, what the fuck. Hell/heaven no. LMFAO.

your favourite song right now? 
Right now... I don't know, I have a lot.

how many times have you listened to your 'most listened to' song on itunes? 
I've listened to 10 Miles Wide about 106 times.

what kind of jewellery do you wear? 

what genre of music is your favourite? 
Post-hardcore. :D

what are you doing next saturday? 
Boxing day...I'll probably be in Grand Falls.

do you like to plan ahead or take each day as it comes? 
A bit of both.

do you consider yourself to be daring? 
Ohhhh yeahhhh. <---- failed attempt at the Kool-Aid Man.

do you have facebook? 
Nope, that's definitely not why I'm doing this.

do you prefer... 

facebook or myspace? 
I enjoy both. (:

crackers or cheese? 

cake or cookies? 
Cookies. -drool-

milk or juice? 

young children or elderly people? 
Fuck, I hate both. LMFAO.

socks or shoes? 
Shoes. Shoes are amazing.

daisies or roses? 

simple things or complicated things? 
I like it simple.

classical music or rap? 
Okay, so I can stand both, but it's definitely not my choice.

rock or country music? 
Rock FTW?

running in the rain or lazing in the sun? 
Lazing. The end.

bags or shoes? 
'Cause I'd rather a garbage bag than a new pair of...SHOES! <3

cushions or footstools? 

punk/alternative clothing or more trendy stuff? 
I am not trendy in any manner, I'll tell you that.

what time is it? 
1:28 pm

are you gonna save this survey? (i think you should :D) 
Yeah, sure.

do you think i should do more surveys? 

can you click your fingers? 
Yeah, hear that? Click. Clickclick. That's the amazing sound my fingers make.

final question.. 

can you use chopsticks? 
Aw, I was hoping for an amazing final question. LOL.
And yeah, in a failing way. xD

xExotic says:   23 December 2009   564610  
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast?! :D
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   23 December 2009   594612  
FUCK. YES. <3! 
xExotic says:   24 December 2009   752670  
I'd watch it every morning before school. lmfao. 
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   24 December 2009   974601  
Me too.
What happened to all of the good shows like that? D: 
xExotic says:   24 December 2009   550559  
I don't know : (
Especially on Family.
Family plays shiiit now. 
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   24 December 2009   160958  
Exactly. D: Booo. 
xExotic says:   24 December 2009   885380  
Maggy and the Ferocious Beast in no where laaaand. Come along if you
can! Hey, ho! Come on let's go to no where land.
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   24 December 2009   580797  
Don't forget Hamilton.
And the dancing jellybeans. They were my faves. 
xExotic says :   25 December 2009   680383  
Ahhh! The jellybeans! HAHA.

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