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Saturday, 7 November 2009
09:45:59 AM (GMT)
Once again, stolen from lollylovex3. xD

If you're Asian you MUST take this quiz. 
If you're not, just do it anyway. 
Tag all your Asian friends, then replace the title with your result. (I am

Section 1 
[x] Are you Asian in the first place? 
[] Were you born in an Asian country? **my parents moved to the US before I was born
[x] Can you use chopsticks? 
[] Have you taken Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Lao/etc. school as a kid? 
[x] Can you speak an Asian language? 
[x] Is your favorite subject math/science? **Im an algebra nerd x'D** 
[x] Do you eat rice almost every single day? 
[x] Did/Do you spike/highlight your hair? **highlights c:**
[x] Do you have an "azn crew"? 
[x] Do have a 95 average? **Hope so x]**
[x] Do you get at least a 3.0 GPA? 
[] Do you freak out when you get a B in school? 
Score: 9

Section 2 
[x] Do you listen to Asian music? 
[x] Have you watched Asian movies/dramas? 
[] Can you rave? **? o.o**
[x] Do you know what DDR is? :"D
[x] Do you drink pearl milk tea or bubble tea? 
[] Can you play CS, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, etc? **idk.. ._.**
[x] Have you played the violin/piano/cello? (Piano, cello)
[x] Do your parents get mad at you you if you get bad grades? 
[x] Are/have you going/taking/took any honors/AP classes? 
[] Do you own a Mazda/Saturn? 
[] Do you/your parents drive an Asian made car? 
[x] Do you have a distinctive smell? xD
Score so far: 17

Section 3 
[] Are you or were you once a fob? **._.;?**
[] Is your last name Li, Lee, Nguyen, Wang, Wong, Kim, Tang, Chow, Kamenashi,
Cheung, Zhang, Lin, Cheng, Ma, Jang, Chan, Chen, Liu?  
[x] Have you dated/want to date Asian guys/girls? 
[x] Have you designed a website before? **though it sucked D:**
[] Does/did your SNS/e-mail have/had the words: AzN, gurl, boy, sweet, cute, hot,
dragon, babe, angel, lil, princess, Xx...xX, oO..,Oo, etc.? 
[x] Do you have both an Asian and an English name? **First name's japanese, last is
english xD**
[x] Do you take off your shoes before entering someone's house? **Im too used to it
not to(:**
[] Do you know the song "Got Rice"? 
[x] Anime? 
[ ] Do you listen to trance? 
Score so far: 22

Section 4 
[x] Have you eaten dim sum/dumplings before? **yum c:**
[] Are/or were your parents/mom/dad fobs? 
[x] Is the mall your hang out place? 
[] Do you think you're short? **Im taller and younger than most of my friends ^^;**
[x] Do you have tons of cousins/siblings/uncles/aunts/etc? 
[x] Can you twirl a pencil between your fingers? 
[] Have you ever solved a rubik's cube? **I FAAAIL D:**
[x] Do you read Manga? 
[x] Do you/your parents save ketchup packets/napkins/etc from restaurants for later
[x] Do you have ASIAN Pride? **Hell yes c:**
Score so far: 29

Section 5 
[x] Are you a good artist? **Idk, you tell me. c:**
[x] You speak your Asian language with your friends? **Not often o:**
[x] Do your relatives own a restaurant/market/Nail salon in an Asian community? **my
aunt owns a nail salon I think xD**
[] Do YoU tYpE lIkE tHiS aLoT? **No thank you ._.**
[x] Have you visited your home country at least twice? 
[x] Does your house smell like incense once in awhile? 
[] Do you have/need glasses or braces? **I had braces in Kindergarten though *n*
[x] Do you like to read?
[x] Do you NOT have an allowance?
Score: 36

Under 25 - White washed 
26-30 - American Born 
31-40 - Pure 
40-45 - Asian that got fob washed 
45-50 - FOB 
51- Hopelessly fobby

Missingno asks:   8 November 2009   649412  
So what's a fob? O_o
Xlovely_loli says :   8 November 2009   356189  
I have no idea. o.o;


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