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Thursday, 8 October 2009
05:13:25 PM (GMT)

Yer going tomorrow . Who are you bringing ? 

1 . Katie
2 . Zoe
3 . Rachel
4 . Joanna
5 . Janet
6 . Yanely
7 . Meaghan
8 . Brittany


YAY . Yer at the airport now ! Whee , isn't this fun ?
Yay for Disneyland!

Answer the following questions .

1. Out of the frans you brought , who's already stressed about the plane
Me. I have a sneaking suspicion that the scots would be a bit hyper though...

2. Who's talking to random strangers in the waiting area ?
I'm guessing Katie. To me, she seems most likely to do that. O_O

3. Who trips trying to put their luggage in the compartments 
Meaghan. She's a shorty. D;

4. Who's got their nose buried in a book ?
Me, and Janet. Maybe we're helping each other write stories...

5. Who's headbanging to their iPod ?
Meaghan, Brittany, and the Scots.

6. Who's being the mother & making sure no one is forgotten ?
Me, perhaps Janet and Yanely too. 

THIS IS FUN . Kay , so now yer at the hotel ! Go you !

1. Who's checking everyone in at the front desk ?
Brittany. I think she's the tallest, the rest of us can't reach the desk. xD (Poor
Meaghan is, like, 5 feet shorter then the thing. xD)

2. Who's getting their pichur taken with Goofy ?
Mascots scare me. O_O
Maybe Meaghan and Brittney.

3. Who's hittin' on all the ladies coming in the door ?
*cough cough* as far as I know, we're all ladies.
Unless one of the Scots get high or something. Then maybe. O_O

4. Are 3 and 7 together or separated in the lobby ?
Together. I have a feeling they'd get along, doing their own thing.

5. Who's sharing beds ? (:
I honestly don't know.

6. Who's ordering room service ?
Meaghan and Brittney. Perhaps Yanely too. They're like that. O_O

7. Who's raiding the bar at one am ?
Rachel and Zoe. xD

8. Who got lost searching for the room ?
Me. *raises hand*

9. Who called their mommy as soon as they were all checked in ?
Me. I have a really sensitive mommy. V_V''

What next you ask ? 
What? O_O

1. Who kicked who in their sleep ?
I kicked whoever I was partnered with. I move around a lot, and my legs can't seem to
stay in one place.

2. Who's snoring ?
For some reason, I envision Rachel and JoJo doing that. O_O

3, Who woke everyone up at eight am because they couldn't sleep ?
We should all be awake by then. I'm used to getting up at 6. O_O

4. Who's already dressed fo the pool ?

5. Who's wearing what by ze poolside ?
I'ma wearing a nice two-piece.
Kirti will probably be wearing something a bit more concealed, I guess.
The Scots will have flashy two-pieces and Bikinis.
Megs and Britt will be in tankinis.

6. A smoking hot chick is hitting on five . What does two have to say about
(OMG. Poor Janet. D: )
Zoe'd probably try to distract attention from her or something, on purpose or not.

7. Would six ever ask one to smooth your on their back ?
Smooth what? O_o

1. Who's bugging everyone to move their arses so they can eat ?
Me, and some of the Scots. Megs and Britt don't eat much, and I'm not sure about the

2. Who decides where everyone's eating ?
We just choose our own spots. I'm probably call Janet and Yanely to eat with me,
Megs, and Britt. The scots would be in their own group at another table.

3. Two and three are sitting next to each other . Do they enjoy it ?
They're buddies, as far as I know. :D

4. Are eight and five hitting on the waitress ?
No, most likely not. V_V''

5. Who's eating what ?
I'm going for whatever fast food I can get my hands on. (I can't frickin' resist
fries. EVAAAAAR. D:> ) 
Megs and Britt probably sharing a chip bag or something. I swear, they don't eat
I'm takin' a wild guess that Yanely and Janet are eatin' healthy stuff like salads or
something. I don't know their eating habits. D:
The scots are probably eating whatever they can get a hand on. xD

6. Who's eating off the kids menu ?
Kids stuff is usually in smaller portions, so maybe Megs and Britt.

7. Who tells everyone to behave as the waitress takes orders ?
Janet. And me. Nobody else has any real responsibility as far as I know. xD


1. Which park is first ?
Whichever is more fun. :D

2. Who grabs the kid strollers and demands to be pushed ?
Probably Rachel or Joanna. xD

3. Who's already bored / in a bad mood ?
I hate outdoorsness.

4. Who brought an umbrella just in case ?
Yanely. =3=

5. Who brought the Autograph book & is stopping at every character ?
No clue if anyone will. I WANNA GET TO THOSE RIDES.

6. One & four get stuck on a two seater ride together . How do they handle
Katie and Jojo? They'll last. 

7. What are the little cliques while traveling around the park ?
Me, Megs, Britt, & Janet
The Scots and Yanely. :D

8. Who ditches wearing shoes halfway through the day ?
Hahaha, wouldn't the pavement be hot? xD

9. Eight and four are being pulled into a pichur with Mickey Mouse . Do they
take it?
Hahaha, they're too nice to pass up a picture with Mickey. xD

10. Rock & Roll Rollercoaster . Hell yea . Who's going on it and who ain't ?
Me for suuure!
Brittney and Megs don't really like rides.
Not sure about the scots, but I'm guessing they will.
I have a feeling Janet wouldn't, and not sure about Yanely.

11. It's the end of the day , and yer watching the Mickey Mouse fireworks show
in Magic Kingdom . How is everyone ?
Very tired, but had a fun day. :D

‹{☜☏☞}› says:   9 October 2009   384663  
I would not wear a bikini EVAR! 
I would buy the autograph book.
I would eat the kids menu.
& I would still be hyper at the end.

And believe me, I am very calm and responsible if I want to, so I can
be the mother of the group too! :P

Anyway, this is so funny! XD
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   9 October 2009   146723  
Everyone of my friends who took this quiz seems to think I snore xD
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   9 October 2009   328922  
Or, really? I guess not knowing you in real life has it's downsides.

Hahaha, really?? xD
Kirti says :   9 October 2009   156586  
Zoh my gosh, I muuust fill this out!


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