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Strawberry Lovers P2Category: Strawberry Lovers [YAOI/GAY STORY]
Friday, 14 August 2009
11:00:54 PM (GMT)
Mimi rolled her eyes and opened the French doors. As Michael exited the kitchen to
go and shower he could already hear Tyler starting to complain about being locked
out; it was almost laughable at how they were talking loud and heatedly about
something so little as being locked out of the kitchen. He grabbed an outfit out of
his duffle bag: shirt, socks, and pants, and headed upstairs to Mimi’s room where
his shoes and only pair of underwear were.
          He smirked as he opened and could still hear Mimi and Tyler’s voices
through the thin flooring. He wondered exactly how well they must have heard
and Chelsea as he sifted through the clothes on the floor to find his underwear.
he had his shoes and boxers he went to leave, but stopped as he saw a toppled item
out of the corner of his eye. He turned back around and picked it up to
it was a denim jacket with synthetic fur on the edge of the hood. He frowned at it,
knowing that both Mimi and Tyler were allergic to synthetic fur. He assumed it was
probably one of Mimi’s friends’ jackets and checked the pockets for any thing
that would say who the owner was.
           All he found was come condoms and a small tube of lubricant; He didn’t
pay any mind to it, since he knew friends of Mimi’s that would carry that stuff
around on a daily basis. He probably would’ve carried them around too, but he
didn’t like using either, so there wasn’t really a point to having them. He
shrugged his shoulders and put the jacket down on the bed post and left the room.
then went to go find the shower, again, which was actually much easier to find now
that he knew it was inside of another room.
              Once he found the shower he dropped his clothing on the floor and
turned on the water. He hurried to thoroughly wash himself; He didn’t want to
Mimi enough time to plan anything like she usually does, or to persuade Tyler into
as well. Soon he was out of the shower, completely clean, and getting dressed. He
opened the door of the bathroom after being completely dressed and smiled at a
disgruntled Tyler who was searching through his closet. “We’re going to feed
ducks,” Tyler said, obviously annoyed at the idea, and threw Michael his beanie.
                Michael smiled as he caught his hat and put it on. He knew that
Tyler hated feeding the ducks, for the fact that Mimi gave them anything but the
bread that most people gave ducks; He also knew that Tyler didn’t have a choice
weather he had to go with them or not, since Mimi wasn’t aloud to drive for
reasons she refused to divulge. He waved at Tyler as he left the other’s room,
Tyler gave a half-hearted wave in return before the door shut. He shook his head,
thinking of how Mimi’s punishment was more or less punishing Tyler, as he walked
                 He waved at Mimi and sat down on the couch beside her as she ate
ice cream out of the carton again; he wondered offhandedly how she was still so
lean. “So, what are we going to feed the ducks, this time,” he asked. She
smiled, the handle of the ice cream spoon hanging out of the corner of her mouth,
and pointed at the table near the door. Michael wondered how he’d missed it on
way down the stairs as he saw the huge amount of rice crispy treats, graham
marshmallows, crackers, and the bottle of Dr. Pepper on the table. He rolled his
eyes, “Are you seriously going to give the ducks Dr. Pepper, or is that for
He took the spoon from her and got a scoop of the ice cream for himself.  
                     Mimi looked at him, shocked that he didn’t already know,
“The Dr. Pepper is for me! I might share some with you though, but not ducks or
dorks,” she said, referring to her brother as a dork, and punched him in the
shoulder playfully before taking back her spoon. “I have red bull for the
ducks,” she added with a coy grin on her face and held up the hidden drink that
sat beside her. Had this been anybody else, he would have wondered if she was
kidding, but since it was Mimi, he didn’t have a doubt in his mind that she was
                       Michael was about to say something to her, but was
interrupted when Tyler, loudly, grabbed his keys from the hook by the door.
“Let’s go,” He said and opened the door, obviously trying not to look at
Mimi’s food supplies for the ducks. Michael shrugged and watched as Mimi
skipped to get the supplies off the table. He watched her fumble to pick them all
at the same time for a moment, and then he sighed and went to help her. Once all
supplies were packed haphazardly into the trunk, he and Mimi piled into the back
of Tyler’s silver Chevy Impala and sat quietly. The ride to the park was
short and silent, due to the fact that neither Michael nor Mimi wanted to deal with
Tyler throwing a tantrum about feeding the ducks; they’d had to listen through
once before, and it was awful.
                          They parked near the dock and got out the food supplies;
they put all of it on the hood of the Impala and sat on the trunk. Tyler leaned
against the trunk, silently refusing to participate in “killing the ducks,” as
he’d called it once. Michael and Mimi paid him no mind as they began throwing
pieces of rice crispy treats into the water. After a moment or two of littering the
back with the yellow treats a few ducks appeared to try and eat them. Mimi giggled
little as she watched one duck struggle to chew the treat; Tyler snorted at her and
rolled his eyes.

Michael smiled; he was used to the way she acted by now. He felt a little sorry for
Tyler though; Mimi could definitely be lot to manage sometimes, and it’s even
harder for Tyler to manage her, since he was the younger. “Want to walk
He asked Tyler and slid off the trunk. Mimi made an annoyed noise; she didn’t
to share her best friend with her younger brother. Michael glanced up at her and
gave a quick smile, and she rolled her eyes and threw a piece of graham cracker out
to a brightly colored duck.
          Tyler shrugged and nodded, “Sure.” He began walking off and Michael
jogged to catch up and walk beside him. It was silent for a few minutes, but then
Tyler glanced back at his sister and sighed, “She’s going to kill those poor
animals.” He turned his head back around as she began pouring Red Bull into a
bowl. Michael looked at her just in time to see her set the bowl down and the ducks
flock around it, trying to drink it. 
             Michael chuckled slightly and looked back to Tyler, “She’s not
bad, you know,” he said and put an arm around Tyler’s shoulders. “Think of
much worse she could be.” He added and he felt Tyler shudder, though Michael was
pretty sure it wasn’t a real shudder. After that it was awkwardly quiet and the
older boy wished that Mimi’s brother was a bit more talkative.
            Caught up in his own thoughts about the younger male’s quietness,
Michael hadn’t noticed that Tyler had stopped walking and ended up walking past
him a foot before noticing. Michael walked back to the other, “Why’d you
stop?” He looked in the direction Tyler was facing. All he could see was a
teenager sitting on a swing set with the hood of their jacket on, which wasn’t
that strange.
           Tyler shrugged and turned back to Michael, “Sorry, it’s nothing,”
he said and smiled. Michael shrugged off his friend’s odd behavior; it wasn’t
usual for Tyler to pause randomly ever now and then. It started to become quiet,
before it was completely silent they heard something like a car door slam. Tyler
turned on the ball of his foot, fearing for his car, and watched as his sister
attempted to close the trunk, for the second time. This attempt succeeded and she
waved over to Michael and Tyler to hurry up; she had decided it was time to go.
                 The ride back was silent, again, but the mood seemed a bit lighter
than before. Though about halfway back they had to stop at a gas station, and when
Tyler opened the trunk to get a snack a duck flew out and pecked at the teen’s
head before flying off; Mimi wasn’t spared chastisement for that one, but she
didn’t seem affected by it at all.
                Michael laughed as Tyler gave Mimi a few more curses as they parked
and got out of the car. They all went into the house, Mimi and Tyler running to
the fridge, and Michael sitting down on the couch and glancing up at the clock; His
parents wanted him home before eight at night, and he didn’t plan on leaving a
moment before seven, which gave him a few hours to kill. He smiled at Mimi and
as they sat on either side of him; Mimi was eating ice cream, again.  
            They turned on the television and watched a few shows, which, along
the ten minute fight for the remote the siblings had, killed half of what was left
time before Michael had to go home. He yawned slightly and watched as Mimi rewired
the TV to set up a play station two and hooked some Dance Dance Revolution pads up
into the controller ports. She paused as the doorbell rang and glanced back at
Tyler, “Can you get that? I’m kind of busy,” she said and pushed a piece of
her died hair back before returning to her work.
              Tyler grumbled, starting to remark something about Mimi being an
before getting up and opening the door. From where Michael was he couldn’t see
was at the door, but he got the impression that it was someone unexpected by the
the teen stood and silently examined the person. “Can you wait hear for a
second,” Tyler said and closed the door before walking over to Mimi, “There’s
a person at the door, and I don’t know if you’d want them hear, but I think we
should let them in, because they look kind of beat up,” Tyler said slowly,
obviously not sure how to phrase it to get Mimi to agree.
         Mimi, however, was clearly too aggravated with rewiring the TV to the play
station to care. She waved him off, mumbling about not caring, as she continued to
curse the colored wires that went everywhere but where they should be. Michael eyed
Tyler with suspicion as the younger teen went and opened the door and motioned for
the person waiting outside to come inside.
          Michael’s eyes widened slightly as he saw a person he’d not expected
to see again, ever. He sat up straighter in his seat on the couch and watched the
prostitute from the night before be led to sit on the couch where Tyler had
previously been. Mimi paused in her work and turned to see whom Tyler had invited
in, eye’s widening slightly as Michael’s had. She got up and grabbed Tyler by
his arm and dragged him into the kitchen, closing the French doors behind her and
locking them.
        Michael sat next to Chelsea, awkward silence consuming them. The only noise
for about two minutes was the indecipherable words of the muffled argument the
siblings were having in the kitchen. Then they heard the lock click and the doors
swing open again. Mimi stood and looked at Chelsea. Her attitude about having the
young prostitute in the house visibly changed as she noticed that the teen was
pretty roughed up; he had a swollen black eye, some scrapes and bruises, a swollen
lip on his face alone, not to mention ones that could be concealed under the blue
cloth jacket the boy was wearing.
           “Come here,” Mimi said and motioned for Chelsea to follow her into
the kitchen. Chelsea followed her in and Michael stood at the entryway not too long
after. He watched as Tyler and Mimi sorted through the massive first aid kit they
owned and pulled out random band-aids and antiseptics. He smiled slightly at how
parental his friends looked as they dabbed Neosporin on scrapes and cuts and
the wounds with band aids.
             Michael blinked when Chelsea’s sea-green eyes locked onto his own
blue ones and a playful smirk crossed the other boy’s face, “I bet you didn’t
expect to see me so soon,” The auburn haired teen said lightly and smiled.
frowned, wondering what he could say in replay. When he could think of nothing, he
diverted his eyes from them while still in silence. He saw Chelsea smiled, slightly,
out of the corner of his eye. “Oh,” the boy said, remembering something, “Did
leave my jacket here last night?”
      Michael snapped his head back to the teen, “Is it denim? With fur on the
collar,” He asked, his voice sounding odd to himself as he breeched his silence.
Chelsea opened his mouth to answer, only to hiss as an anti-bacterial liquid was
sprayed onto an open cut; Michael already knew the answer though. “It’s
upstairs, on Mimi’s bed,” He said before returning to his silence.  
Chelsea smiled somewhat warmly at Michael as Tyler and Mimi began to put
away the first aid supplies. “You guys are nice to me,” He said and glanced
around at them, “Nicer than anyone’s been so far.” The younger boy either
scoffed or chuckled; it was to low to definitely tell. “It’s probably asking too
much, but I need a place to stay; could I stay here?”
          It seemed like the room went dead silent as every one stood in shock and
silent deliberation. Mimi broke the silence with her heated and quick steps and she
grabbed her brother’s arm and grabbed Michael’s, pulling them towards the oak
door at the back of the kitchen. She shoved her brother and her best friend out the
door and turned to Chelsea as she grabbed the knob and said, “We’ll be back soon;
don’t go anywhere,” before heading out and closing the door behind her.
            Mimi pulled them away a few feet from the patio and looked at them
seriously, “What are we going to do?” Michael could tell by the tone in her voice
that she already had a solution in mind. Tyler and Michael both offered only silence.
She shook her head at them and let out an annoyed sigh. “Look,” She said, and
pointed at each of them, “We can’t let that poor child go with nowhere to
stay.” Michael had already seen that coming, though apparently Tyler hadn’t as
the younger brunette’s eyes widened behind the metal framed glasses and his lips
drew into a straight line.
             “Mimi, think rationally, we can’t keep him,” Tyler said in a tone
that said he was drawing an imaginary line right then. “Number one: both our rooms
get searched daily, thanks to you. Number two: won’t he have to worry about school?
Number Three: If we could get past those two some how, Our Dad and Eliza wouldn’t
let us keep him here, and if we snuck him here, unless he is an expert at stealth,
they would be able to hear the extra person through the floorboards.” He explained,
though he could see that she was stomping on his imaginary line in defiance until the
comment about the floorboards. She looked annoyed and he could almost see her trying
to find a solution. “There are shelters he can go to,” Tyler added, trying to get
her to stop acting maternal.
              “Tyler,” She said, furrowing her brow in annoyance, “I won’t-
no, I can’t, let that kid go out onto the streets, and I can’t believe you’d
even suggest a Shelter when you know what happens at Men’s Shelters around here.”
Michael frowned and looked at Tyler as he looked away from her, seemingly ashamed by
the suggestion; Michael had forgotten that the siblings had spent an entire year of
their lives at a shelter until that moment. “Michael,” his attention snapped back
to his friend, “I know you’re mother would have a cow if she found out,
        Michael interrupted her before she could finish, “No way Mims,” He said,
“My mom wouldn’t have a cow, she’d have three, I can’t do it.” He shook his
head to emphasize the point. Her eyes widened, having not heard Michael speak with
that tone of authority and objectivity in his voice in almost a year, but then she
glared at him and hardened her lips into a thin line.
                She let out a breath of annoyance, “Michael,” She said, unwilling
to back down, “He’s Tyler’s age,” she left a pause for the words to sink in.
Michael frowned as she continued on, “Would you say no so easily if it was
Tyler?” Michael took a breath to argue about the difference, but she held up her
hand before he could begin to say a word, “What if it were me,” she didn’t give
time to answer, “Or put yourself in his shoes, What if it were you.”
               Michael frowned, all arguments halted as he processed her words,
“What if it was me,” he furrowed his eyebrows and thought of how he would feel if
it were him, he wanted to shudder as his imagination ventured to bring forth thoughts
that he usually shoved into the back of his mind; Unbeknownst to anyone but himself,
he’d thought about what would happen to him if he was in a similar situation: If
his family disowned him, or his mother found out about his gender preference and
kicked him out.

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