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Thursday, 13 August 2009
06:26:56 PM (GMT)
Ok my bestie Lasi told me to do this (idk why) so here goes lol

What I want in a guy...hmmm...gimme a sec......

ok physical appearance isn't that important to me but it's a plus.

I like tattoos and piercings

I like guys taller than me (which isn't hard)

I like guys who are more on the emo side of fashion (simply because I think the emo
trend is sexy :])

I like guys who are somewhat fit or slender mostly because I just like it but it's 
no big deal

Ummm I like longer hair on guys (not necessarily "long" but at eyes length or longer
is appealing

Hair color/ eye color- I don't really care because certain people look better with
certain traits

Here is where I am a bitch- I'm a serious personality person and the things I say I
don't like I actually DON'T like.

I like guys who are open. They say what they feel, what they think, ect.

If a guy looks at any girl as a trophy, or a toy, or as a catagory- they suck. I'm
not your trophy. I am not gonna sleep with you unless I want to. it's not up to you.
I have never went that far with anyone and I am not your "ho" or "bitch" ect. If you
think all females are the same then kiss my ass and fuck you. I'm not a poster girl,
I have standards. If you have any respect for that then I have respect for you. If
you look me like i'm just like everyone else or you think you can hook up with me
then your shit outta luck (SOL)

When i'm with a guy I love the little things. I notice his smile, his eyes, what
little things I can do to make him happy or smile and I love being around him. I like
guys who do the same. If you notice that means you pay attention. I can't eat
mustard, it took a guy 8 years to figure that out even though he tried to give it to
me all the time. So please, if you aren't at least a little serious- Don't waste my

 I'm not trying to find "mr. perfect" because he doesn't exist. However I do believe
that when you fall in love the person you're with is perfect for you. Good and bad
traits. If they aren't better than everyone else then you don't love them. For
instance- You see another guy who looks like *insert dreamy celeb here* and you're
dating someone. Well if you love your bf/gf then they will be more appealing to you
that *insert name again here*. It's just that simple. I can't say that I believe that
i'll find someone who'll mend my shredded heart but I hope oneday someone will at
least want to try. I always sing the verse "If you'll be my Prince i'll be your
Cinderella"... lol even though I don't believe in fairy tales. But you never know :]

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