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Friday, 3 July 2009
04:58:23 PM (GMT)
3 ways I'm still a kid: 1) I scream and get really hyper when I'm happy or when I get something I wanted. :D 2) I Still buy stuffed animals... XP 3) I Love going on little kid's ride's... XD 3 ways I'm already old: 1) I Have arthritis... (When your joint's get really sore) :[ 2) I Love Reading. :P Not saying it's for old people or anything... 3) I Love to sleep. 3 things I want to do: 1) Work as a Music Teacher or Vet xD 2) Go to america at some point of my life. (Holiday or Moving!) :] 3) Have a collection of Blue Nose Bears!! (Including the New Blue Nose Friends) >D 4 ways I'm a stereotypical boy: 1) I Hang out with more boys than girls. :D 2) I Laugh and Joke about like a boy. X) 3) I'm messy... xP 4) I don't wear make up. (Well, mabey a tiny bit.) 4 ways I'm a stereotypical girl: 1) I love clothes. 2) I Love Flirting. 3) I Love Talking and Gossiping. 4) I Love making myself look nice. 3 things I want to do in the next 3 months: 1) Walk again... And I'm training and It's coming back again! Slowly but surely! :] 2) Go back to school. xD 3) Dunno. 6 things I like about myself: 1) That I'm Confident and Outgoing. 2) My singing voice. 3) My personality. 4) My hair. :D 5) I can type really fast. 8D 6) I Am Determind. 4 things I hate about myself: 1) My skin. (It has spots. Plus It's very pale.) 2) My laugh. (It's high pitched and annoying.) 3) My fittness. (I have asthma, I get tired and I Hate doing any phisical sports.) 4) My Chin. (Idk. For some reason, it does my box in! Dx) 6 things I've learned about myself: 1) I'm am very determind. 2) I don't like being alone. 3) I'm quite Popular at school. 4) I Can Type Really Fast! >:D 5) I Can do anything I set my mind to. 6) I Can sing infront of large audiences. 3 things that scare me: 1) The fear of the unknown. 2) People laughing histerically at nothing. 3) Heights/Thing's that I can't see. 3 of my everyday essentials: 1) Glasses. (I can't see without them!) DX 2) Laptop. (When your stuck in hospital, You need your laptop.) >.> 3) A Toothbrush... 8 things I find attractive in the opposite sex: 1) Funny. 2) Sweet, 3) Caring. 4) Cute. 5) Any height. 6) Any hair. -.o 7) Any eyes. Can have a laugh, but at the same time, isn't immature. 5 things I just can't do: 1) Right at this moment, walk. =[ 2) See properly. 3) Write neatly. 4) Back down in a fight. (That's probably wrong...) 5) Eat vegetables...(Except Potatoes.)

‹SkidRow~♥› says:   5 July 2009   218154  
im sorry u cant walk
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says :   6 July 2009   239795  
Nah its okay. Its just recent... -.-"


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