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Where we Belong (a short story)Category: (general)
Friday, 26 June 2009
06:04:43 PM (GMT)
~*~WhereWe Belong~*~

      Sorah was born into a family of fairies. She was also born with a defect that
was considered the most horrible, one could have among their kind. She lacked the one
physical trait that separated them from the humans, excluding their tiny size. Sorah
had been born without wings. 
      Growing up, she came to realize how her defect made the other fairies react
towards her. How everyone seemed to stray away at the sight of her prescence, and
stop what they were doing to stare as she walked pass. 
      Just as soon as she turned ten, her family disowned her. They refused to
believe they could have a child with such a defect. Sorah knew she was different from
the rest of them, and needed more than just a pair of wings to prove herself worthy
of them. Each and every one had white-blonde hair, copper skin, and ice-blue eyes.
She, on the other hand, was fair skinned, with dark violet eyes and light brown hair.

      The following six years were not different from the day she was born. One
night, after everyone had gone to sleep, Sorah looked upon the sky. The sky's dark
velvet was clear, and decorated with millions of diomands, and a silver crystal that
lighted the forest with a pale glow. As she observed this beauty, she came to think
of the stars, and how they all were the same and all belonged together. And how
everything seemed to have its place in the world.
'Well, if there is a place for everything, there is a place for me,' she thought.
'It's just not here...' 
      With that, Sorah ran into the darkest part of the forest. Only once did she
look back. She ran and ran unil her feet gave beneath her, forcing her to rest under
a large tree. Her mind had been so focused on escaping, she hadn't realized how badly
she needed to catch her breath. Her breathing came in large heavy gasps of air and
did not fully return for what seemed the longest time. Worn and tired, Sorah curled
up beneath the tree and fell into a deep sleep.
      The next morning, she opened her eyes to a different sight than the one she had
seen the night before. Sorah's eyes grew wide with fright, as she took in her new
surroundings. A giant red wing covered her as if sheltering her from a dangerous
enemy. She hardly believed that was the case. A small beam of light shined through an
equally small opening between the massive wing and the earth below her. With this
light, arose a hope inside that she would descend through and be free. Sorah made her
way to the opening and crouched down on her hands and knees and began to crawl
through, when a booming voice froze her in place.
      "Where are you going?" It asked.
      "Who are you?" She replied in a small frightened voice.
      "First, you answer my question, then I will answer yours."
      "I.... I wanted to get out."
      "I know."
      "I was going to return to the forest."
      "Alone? Now, what reason would a young fairy like yourself be doing in this
part of the forest? It's very dangerous, you know." Sorah thought for a minute of
what she would say and answered with, "If you answer my question, I'll answer yours."
The voice chuckled and said, "I am Rolan, the last of the Fire Clan. Now, tell me,
what were you doing out there?"
      "I ran away."
      "I'm too different from them. I don't belong there." This thought angered her
as it brought memories of what she had thought to be her home. "I don't even have any
wings!" She added. The voice was silent for a while, then suddenly, the giant wing
moved and the creature to whom it belonged turned to face her. 
      The dragon's eyes were a bright amber that seemed to see right down into her
very soul. He appeared to be smiling at her. Not the cruel, mocking, or sarcastic
smile, but a warm and kind type of smile that one would give to comfort another.
Sorah's anger turned to confusion as she stared into the great piercing eyes that
looked upon her. 
      "We're not so different, you and I," he said. 
      "What do you mean?"
      "You ran away because you are different from your fellow fairies. And I...
Well, as I have said, I am the last of my clan, so I appear different from all the
other dragons. The Water Clan is blue, the Ice Clan is white, the Night Clan is
black, and so on. Each clan has a different color than the other, a different wing
size, scale shapes. Some have horns and claws, while others do not. But I am the only
one left... There is no other that would look like me. And the other clans blame me
for the destruction of my kind." Rolan scoffed and shook his head in shame at the
thought of his misfortune. 
      Sorah thought about how they were alike and smiled. Aside from the creature's
magnificant beauty, she had expected to serve as its breakfast the moment its
brilliant eyes came into contact with hers. But now, his warm smile and spoken words
made her less afraid of him, although she remained very cautious of what he did.
      "Do not worry, young one. I would have devoured you long before now, had I the
desire to." From these words, came to her mind an image of herself waking up inside
the creature's large stomache, rather than the cave. Sorah gasped at this, but she
actually felt much better than before, having also been provided the knowledge that
she would not be consumed. Again, the dragon laughed.
      "Tell me your name, young one."
      "Do you know what your name means?" Sorah shook her head. She had no idea
anyone's name had a meaning. "It means Graceful Flier." Rolan smiled. Her name's
meaning brought a dark expression to Sorah's face. "It mocks me," she said coldly.
The dragon's smile faded and sorrow took its place. "As does mine," he said. 
      "What does it mean?" Rolan looked away towards the cave's opening and observed
the trees the wind, the sunlight. Everything that belonged, everything that had its
rightful place... And he envied it. "Star of Fire," he replied in the same dark tone
she had used just earlier.
      Sorah stared at the dragon, then at the scenery which held his eyes. "How is
that a mocking name? Can you not breathe fire?" Rolan returned his gaze to her and
gave her a small smile. "I can. We used to hold competitions where each dragon would
breathe his fire as far as he could. The one whose fire traveled the farthest would
win his place as leader of the clan."
      "Did you win?" 
      Rolan nodded. "I did. But it was that night my clan was taken from me." Pity
took Sorah's face and confusion filled her eyes. She felt sorry for him, but where
was this going? What did the fire-breathing competitions and the loss of his clan
have to do with the reason that his name mocked him? 
      "Have you ever heard of one star?" Rolan asked.
      "Yes, there's so ma-"
      "No! One star, Sorah, one. And one alone. Have you ever heard of such a star?
Have you ever looked upon one and noticed the abscence of its relatives?" Sorah shook
her head sadly. She thought of what he had said and began to understand. His name was
Star of Fire, and it made him feel lonely, for he was the only star in his sky, while
all the other skies had millions of stars. Her mind searched the horizon for a
suitable reply, and when she found none, she smiled and wrapped her tiny, little arms
around his smallest gold claw. Returning her smile, he bent his head down to embrace
her hug, and a large crystal tear fell from his amber eye. At that moment, each heart
was filled with the feeling of wholeness and belonging. And it was that moment they
knew it would be the beginning of an everlasting friendship.

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