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I fear 23 out of 70 of the most common fears.Category: (general)
Friday, 12 June 2009
01:23:03 AM (GMT)
If you get 30 or more you are paranoid.

If you get 10 or less you are fearless

People that don't have any are dummies that want people to think they are tuff

I fear...

[x] The dark (only sometimes though.)
[] Staying single forever
[] Being a parent
[x] Giving birth (dude, practically every female has some bit of fear of that.)
[] Being myself in front of others
[] Open spaces
[] Closed spaces
[x] Heights 
[] cats
[] Dogs 
[] Birds
[] Fish
[x] Spiders (only the tiny ones. I don't mind the big ones so much.)
[] Driving or being in cars
[] Flying 
[] Flowers or other plants
[] Being touched
[x] Fire 
[] Deep water
[] The ocean 
[x] Failure
[] Success
[] Thunder/lightning 
[] Frogs/toads
[] My boyfriend/girlfriends dad
[] My boyfriend/girlfriends mom 
[] Mice/rats
[x] Jumping from high places
[] Snow
[] Rain 
[] Wind
[] Crossing hanging bridges
[] Death
[] Heaven 
[x] Being robbed 
[] Cotton balls
[] Cemeteries
[x] Clowns
[] Large crowds
[] Men
[] Woman
[] Having great responsibility
[] Doctors including dentists 
[x] Tornadoes
[x] Hurricanes 
[x] Diseases
[] Snakes
[] Sharks
[] Friday the thirteenth
[x] Ghosts 
[] Poverty
[] Halloween
[] School
[] Trains/or railroads
[] Odd numbers
[] Even numbers
[] Being alone at night
[x] Being blind
[x] Being deaf
[x] Growing up
[x] Monsters under the bed (Not monster. Evil guys who like raping little girls.
Haven't you heard that most rapists hide under the bed until your asleep?)
[x] Noise in the night
[x] Bee stings
[] Not accomplishing my dream/goal
[] Needle
[x] Blood (In large amounts and when it not closed up.) 
[x] Dinosaurs (Well, everyone would be if they were currently living.)
[] The welcome mat 
[] Feet
[x] Having your heart broken 
[] Being rejected
[] Whales
[] Ur mom
[] Ur dad
[x] Rapists

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I fear _ of the 70 most common fears

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