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Thursday, 4 June 2009
06:06:12 PM (GMT)
Life’s Love

Life is always a tragedy when you know that love and happiness falls into the laps of
all your friends and all of your enemies, but it seems to get harder for you as you
grow older and start to doubt that you’ll ever find that one special person that
God set aside just for you, knowing that they would make you happy and would never
want to hurt you the way everyone else already has. They would regret hurting you.
They would hold you deep into the night and never want to let go. They wouldn’t
doubt the fact that you would say yes if they asked you to marry them. They would hug
you, hold your hand, keep you close, kiss your cheek, kiss your lips, keep your
secrets, keep you warm, keep you safe, hold onto you, protect you, cheer you up when
you needed it, and best of all, love you for who you are. It always seems impossible
when you think you’ve found love and then it all gets ruined by some opposing force
that you can’t control and will never be able to. Love doesn’t come easy to those
who are greedy and think that everything revolves around them or thinks that they can
have whoever or whatever that desire. Life isn’t fair, and life sucks ultimately
and indefinitely.  

Real Friends, Fake Friends, Choose Wisely

Friends are special people that you can always count on. Friends are close and can
share anything with you. They can be trusted with your secrets. They can be loved
like brothers or sisters. They can be family. If you fall for someone that eventually
hurts you and breaks your heart, friends are there. When you’re sad, your friends
have a shoulder for you to cry on and they always try to pull you out back into the
sunlight of a warm spring day. When you and your friend fight, you always end up
making up in the end and become even closer than you were before.

Some people think that friendship is when you just hang out and get to know each
other. They think that it’s all about going to the movies and you paying for
everything, even their ticket. They think they’re doing something out of kindness
hanging out with you, but they’re not. They don’t share secrets or keep yours
safe from others. They don’t give every detail when you ask for it, and if you ask
why they won’t they’ll say, “Because nothing much happened,” then just leave
it at that. 

Keep an eye out for bad friends. Don’t go near people that don’t look like the
type of person you would hang out with. Follow people that make good decisions, but
remember to take control of being the leader every once in a while. Find people that
make you genuinely happy and not people that just make you happy like it’s nothing
special. Find the place where YOU belong, not where you think you’re placed. 

Family’s Not Always There

Lots people have family, but many people have lost their family. Family is something
very important to many people. You may think that your brothers or sisters are
annoying and that they should never have been born, but they love you and you love
them all the same. Your parents may not give you whatever you want, but that’s
because they love you and are waiting till they know that you’re ready for it.
Punishment may not always seem fair, but it is and you just have to learn to live
with that. When your parents don’t want you to do something, don’t do it,
you’ll just end up hurting yourself more. When you get lost without anything to
tell anyone where you are, there’s nothing you can do but wait. Eventually someone
comes to find you and your family is all there crying and hugging and kissing you. No
matter how much you get on their nerves or how much they got on yours, they’ll
always love you, so keep them close, because they can’t always be there for you.
Last edited: 4 June 2009

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