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BEST OMEGLE EVARCategory: random stuff
Tuesday, 2 June 2009
04:13:05 PM (GMT)
Connecting to server... You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: helo there! You: YO!~ Stranger: :D You: :DD You: Randomness = awesome Stranger: TOTALLY Stranger: I founded the science of Randomology You: The fact that nothing is really random, just seemingly so? Stranger: Wow, that was randomly wise of you! You: I watch Numb3rs. They explained it there once *blush* Stranger: Haha!! Stranger: I've been willing to watch that for a long time... Stranger: never got tha chance to :P You: It's totally awesome. You: D'you watch House? Stranger: TOTALLY Stranger: Unfortunately Stranger: i DID NOT watch the latest seaons Stranger: season* Stranger: didn't have the time to to be honest You: I haven't seen it lately, but I love it all the same. You: So. You: What timezone are you in? Stranger: GMT +3 You: GMT+1 Stranger: ooh Stranger: You're from europe i assume? You: Just livin' there. You: You're in what, western asia? You: Or eastern africa? Stranger: Middle East xD Stranger: Haha Stranger: well Stranger: actually Stranger: i am originally from ALGERIA Stranger: born in AMERICA Stranger: but lving in KSA You: KSA? Stranger: weird combination Stranger: saudi arabia .__.'' You: AH Stranger: its REALLY hot here! You: And weird combo's are fun! You: It's sorta hot here too. You: But not too bad yet Stranger: Haha.. Stranger: you would not believe how hot it is here! You: I bet not You: I went to Egypt last spring You: Wasn't that hot there, cooler than expected Stranger: Oh nice.. Stranger: visited the pyramids and all/? You: All the touristy things. You: :DD You: 'Cause I'm a rude american tourist like that in my american flag T-shirts and short shorts. XD Stranger: LOOL Stranger: random Stranger: but yyeaaah You: lool? You: xD Stranger: so you're American? =P You: Very. You: That, or I lost the ability to speak other languages and look anything other than American or possibly German. You: Too tall to be anything else. You: D: Stranger: Haha..! Stranger: xD Stranger: be your life oh random person? You: Fun. I think. Can't wait for tomorrow. Stranger: ooh... Stranger: really? Stranger: what's on tommorow :D ? You: I GET TO PLAY SOFTBALL!!!!!!! Stranger: xDDDDDDDD Stranger: Oooh..softball is like the girl verson of baseball >.< ??.. You: First game in nearly a month Stranger: Ooh..awesome!! :D You: And more or less, yes. Bigger balls, and you pitch underhanded. You: But twice the fun! Stranger: if that's the case i cant wait for AFTER TOOMOROW...SOCCER :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Stranger: yh i am aware You: SOCCER. Oh JOY. You: One of the only sports I don't know too much about You: It's fun to watch, though Stranger: Haha.. Stranger: ITS like the most awesome sport ever...quite simply Stranger: :P Stranger: that and softball....for ur feelings' sake :P You: YESYESYES. You: SO. You: HOW BE YOUR DAY TOMORROW??? Stranger: LOOOOOOOL Stranger: no need to scream you now ? :P Stranger: well tommorow will probably suck :P You: Okey, things a better now. You: Why it is gonna suck? Stranger: i have a heavy day tommorow at college -__-'' Stranger: 8am - 5:30 pm Stranger: argh.. Stranger: >.< You: Ouch. You: Mentally speaking You: My exams start Thursday Stranger: at mentally speaking! :P You: Did you get me message? Stranger: By Mentally Speaking you mean? :P You: Yes. Was it recieved well? You: Or did it get sent to the guy next door by mistake? Stranger: Actually it was ABOUT to get sent to him Stranger: i jumped in the last moment Stranger: and got a hold of it Stranger: he saw me randomly jumping like a moron and was like yyeaaah O_o... You: Dang. O.O So I need to work on my aim a little? You: Or just making sure the reciever isn't skiddish? You: xD Stranger: No no. don't worry Stranger: your aim is good Stranger: you'll do just fine in softball tommorow! :P You: *WHEW* Hope so! You: Thank goodness I don't pitch! Stranger: Haha...yyyeaaah...lucky u! Stranger: SooooOo.. Stranger: for how long have you been using omegle? You: This is my second time. You: My first time was a couple of weeks ago. You: Or maybe a week ago. You: *shrugs* Stranger: Ahha.. You: You? Stranger: Lucky you to run into a random awesome person >>>>>>> ME< <<<<<<<<<< awesome.. Stranger:onur2ndtimeusingomegle Stranger:welli'vebeenusingitforquiteawhile You:YES.BESTCONVOEVAR. Stranger:i'dsayroughlyamonth! Stranger:="P Stranger: i use it like 2 , 3 times a week Stranger: haha Stranger: u should check my photo Album RANDOMOLOGY">> asl...if its male..diconnect Stranger: wtf You: you're the first non-strange one I've met Stranger: i know right!! Stranger: haha You: YES. It took me forever to understand asl You: thought it was typo for ask Stranger: Soo hey, in case i didn't get ur email riht Stranger: mine is ***takingout***! Stranger: @ typo for ask! You: k thanks! Stranger: you're welcome! ( You: gtg You: BAI! Stranger: kthxbai! Stranger: bbbye! You: lastwordBAI!

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