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I Specialize in Wounded Hearts [01]Category: I Specialize in Wounded Hearts
Friday, 29 May 2009
11:50:19 PM (GMT)
I don't know what to say about this, except that I wrote it a few years ago. That's my disclaimer. Anyway, welcome to a story I STILL haven't finished, and really don't plan on finishing: "I Specialize in Wounded Hearts." “I went to India!” “That must’ve sucked.” “Nuh uh. My grandma’s house had plenty of servants.” “Psht.” “It did! And it was four floors, and air conditioned, and everything!” “And I don’t believe you!” “That’s because you refuse to believe people can be rich in India, jerk.” “Yeah, well I went to England. They’ve got actual rich people there.” “Oh, come on. You probably stayed in a flat, anyway!” Classroom 163, part of the Northern section of Myldrid High School, was currently brimming with the usual back-to-school nonsense. Teachers assigning students to share the events that occurred in the past two months, and none of the classmates wanting to cooperate. “Do you suppose this ends sometime soon?” Anna sighed, whispering the question in the direction of her best friend. “Probably not…” Airin whispered back. For as long as either of the two could rack their minds to remember, their mothers had been sending them over to each other’s houses for play dates. “At least I know what I’ll be listening to for the next five class periods…” Anna’s shoulders moved in a shrug. “Yeah,” Airin nodded. “Oh, and are you coming with me to the gym afterschool? I’m signing up for the football team again this year.” “Ugh. That jock-fest?” Anna was cut short by the sound of Airin’s wince. Jock - (noun) A self-absorbed, ignorant teen, whose life revolves around sports, and whose brain cell dies alone. “I didn’t mean it. I swear, Airin.” The almond-haired teen’s apology was quick to arrive. “It’s okay, really.” Airin forced a smile. “It wasn’t aimed at me. You’re probably in a lover’s quarrel with Eric, is all.” Eric - (noun) Two inches shorter than Airin, two inches taller than Anna. Fellow member of the football team, but a junior, as opposed to Anna and Airin’s comfortable (though boring) position as sophomores. “Uhm… Sure. One of those.” Anna took a sudden interest in the pattern on the floor tiles. Airin would have pried, had it not been for a knock on the door. “Come in.” Mr. Craylin welcomed the assistant principal, Mr. Kerekes. Health class was being interrupted. “Yes, well. This young lady here,” he patted the shoulder of another sophomore, “has been moved into this class. I trust she will feel welcome.” There was a slight warning in the tone of voice, one that no one but Mr. Craylin and the newcomer quite caught, as well as understood. “Of course.” Mr. Craylin smiled, waving an arm across the room. “Feel free to take a seat.” The girl took hurried steps towards the back of the room, sitting as far away from the teacher as possible. “That was…odd.” Airin mumbled as the class regained decibels. “Very.” Anna glanced from Craylin to the new girl. “It looks like they’ve met.” Surely enough, Mr. Craylin sat at his desk, sorting through names and glancing at the faraway desk as often as he could. The desk’s occupant was looking anywhere but back at him. She favored the window, if anything. “Aren’t you going to introduce everyone?” A voice in the back called out. Mark, age fifteen. AV geek, and most likely looking to see if the new girl didn’t know how the rules of high school reputations worked. “If by everyone, you mean Autumn Thomas, then yes. Autumn, meet your health class. Health class, meet Autumn.” Mr. Craylin’s eyes never left Autumn, and Autumn’s eyes never strayed from her desk. “Hi there.” The girl stared down still, raising three fingers along with the corners of her mouth in a small, weak greeting. The girl’s obsidian hair hid sterling eyes as they avoided looking at anyone. Anna and Airin only had to turn and glance at each other, then face the front of the room. “Basketcase?” “Basketcase.” “Let’s invite her over sometime, Airin.” “You got it.” They took an interest in helping new kids get by. Alex Schmidt, for example, had been one of the most ordinary newcomers the school had ever seen. A tip on looking ahead instead of down, and a spot on the soccer team, and he was suddenly adored by others. Party at his house. The rare times he got to talk to Anna or Airin, he greeted them with a huge smile. Although he couldn’t be a best friend to them anymore, the two wouldn’t have it any other way. High school fame would never get to Alex’s head. “So I’ll see you around seven thirty?” Eric’s sickeningly sweet voice was coaxing Claire into a date. “Of course, cutie!” The prep’s shrill voice replied. Across the hall, Anna was opening her locker, getting books for the next class. “Anna, is your boyfriend asking out another girl?” Airin’s face appeared as Anna closed her locker door. “I don’t have one of those. Why do you ask?” The calm tone of Anna’s voice smoothed out of her vocal chords. She was acting stoic. And well. “Haven’t you and Eric been dating for a while now?” “Had been.” “What do you mean, ‘had been’?” Airin raised an eyebrow at the past tense. “I mean, he wasn’t getting any, so I caught him with that thing.” A finger pointed at Claire’s heavily adorned frame. “He cheated—“ “Airin, before your temper gets the best of you,” Anna placed a hand on Airin’s shoulder in an attempt to calm him, “I already broke up with him. He can ask out whoever he wants.” “Yeah, but he still—“ “Airin?” “Yes?” “Remember the time that we were in the park, and some random kid stole my lollipop? We were, what, six years old?” “Yeah. I kicked him in the shin so hard he gave it back and went crying to his mom.” The six foot tall brunette boy currently looked proud. “You remember what happened afterwards?” “I remember getting a hug and you being happy.” “Really? ‘Cause I also remember you getting yelled at by your mom.” Anna couldn't help but laugh. “But mommy!” That mean guy stole Annie’s lollipop!” A six-year-old Airin pouted, stomping his foot. “Honey, we don’t kick people.” A mother scolded half-heartedly. In all honesty, the woman would have done the same, despite her age. Airin had never actually stood aside and watched Anna be unhappy, either. Nevertheless, manners are manners. “You have to apologize.” “Well, I still remember getting a hug.” Airin crossed his arms. “Besides, I’m not gonna kick Eric in the shins.” “If you’re not gonna hurt him, what do you plan on doing?” “I never said I wouldn’t hurt him. Just no shins.” Anna sighed at the response. “Can I just give you your hug now, and you can promise me you won’t go around ‘knocking skulls’?” At this, Airin opened his arms. Anna’s hugging part of the deal was done. “I never promised anything.” Airin smiled into Anna’s hair. She only shook her head and sighed, smiling. “It figures.” She laughed. “You never did say sorry to the poor kid… Now walk me to class, mister.” “Why do you think I came over here in the first place?” “…Because your locker’s here?”
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Lumenol says:   31 May 2009   613547  
uh....dude....uh....is this some sort of love story?
its pretty good....hehe
Maria_Maelstrom says:   31 May 2009   566933  
It doesn't revolve around the love story. I think. Yet. But that's a
part of it.

Autumn is actually the main focus. You'll see eventually D:
SonnyJ says:   28 June 2009   321571  
*is impressed*

I really enjoy this a lot. School life, eh?
I love the dialogue between the characters in yer story. I especially
enjoyed the change of font to make better understand for the readers
such as myself. 
*points at the flashback*

It's extremely a joy to read. If ya can, do continue it. I would be
more than happy to read it and tell ya about my thoughts on it. ^^
Maria_Maelstrom says :   28 June 2009   656793  
Aww, yay!  xD  Mkay, Mkay, I'll keep writing 8D


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