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ARGGGGHHHH!! *Scream of frustration*Category: Rants. Click with caution.
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
10:00:36 PM (GMT)
Ok, I might sound a bit Emo just now, but I have a lot of problems with my life
right now.

Ok, for one, schoolwork. I absolutely HATE this time of year. Y'know, right before
summer break? Normally in public school, you're pretty much done work by now. But I'm
working like it's the beginning of the year with the thought of having to work all
summer just to pass grade 7.
Math is where I'll start. Most of the math I'm learning can't be used in the normal
world. (I mean, knowing how to find the tax on things is good, but most of it is just
And then social studies. Researching ancestors is boring, and I'm wondering why we
have to study indians anyways. xD (I know that's not the politically correct term,
I'm just frustrated.)

And them my normal life.

Feeling depressed, not being able to get much done. (Which doesn't help my
My brother has an extremely dirty mind and doesn't mind sharing it with me. (Not in
front of my parents, of COURSE.)
He's also been sleeping in the basement a lot, on the couches in the rec. room. For
some reason, I feel he's invading my privacy. When I ask him why he's down there, he
says his bed gives him a sore back. Now, considering he carries two bags to and from
school - A backpack and a messenger bag - It's no surprise his back hurts. I just
want him to go back to his own room; I don't want him living with me. D:

Then there's my sister, who's obsessive. About a lot of things. She obsesses over my
dad, her buddy from down the street, and she always likes to disobey my parents,
trying to compromise with them about things to get her way. Ex: Mom: Now, if you eat
4 more bites of your supper, you can go outside. Sis: 3 bites. Mom: No, 4 bites. Sis:
3 bites! Mom: Listen to me, 4 bites. Sis: 3 bites!! *makes a pouty face*
She also says things that make no sense and laughs at herself, which annoys the heck
out of me. She has the worst laugh possible. 
It also doesn't help that my brother physically abuses her like she's one of his
buddies, and they don't listen when I tell them to stop. (I'm the oldest sibling,
don't I get some responsibility and control over them??)
My brother is or was a pottymouth, and I even told my mom, and she does absolutely
He's also addicted to this Video Game called Oblivion, and he makes fun of me being
obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist. D':
I try to tell my parents my problems with them, but they don't do anything to help.
So, suddenly, I look like an accusing liar. D:
What do I do when nobody in my family listens to me?

Sorry if I wasted your time, I just needed to get that out of me. I was trying very
hard not to type in any swears out of frustration.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   20 May 2009   916516  
Venting is good. Letting it out is good.
Swearing usually helps in my rants, though.

About homework at the end of the year, my teacher assigned the class a
compare/contrast essay. 
You aren't alone with homework at the end of the year, but my math is
a little more useless.
When will I ever use the formula for slope? Or the y-intercept?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   20 May 2009   713223  
I'm against swearing though. :O

Exactly. :O
callie11 says:   21 May 2009   468232  
Venting is good. Venting is always good. 

And don't worry, you're not the only person swamped with projects.
I've got four projects due by the beginning of June, one of them due
tomorrow. @_@

But just remember, try to keep your sanity in one place. ;-) 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   21 May 2009   391557  
Oh, good, I'm not the only one. @_@

Sanity? What is this 'sanity' you speak of? D: 
Kirti says:   24 May 2009   573155  
No worries, we're not done with work either. We're gettin'
hammered right now. My teachers are all giving me packets and
essays every day. I had a science exam, now I'm just finishing my year
long science experiment worth 20% of my overall grade. Now we're just
reviewing for the state math exam, the state History exam, the Spanish
Proficiency exam (worth a highschool credit. If I don't pass then I
might not be able to graduate.)

I hate exams... Reviews books, review packets, charts graphs and a
trifold, essays, essays with a bibliography, essays in
Spanish...! I can't speak Spanish! I hate the end of the school
year too. I hope I pass...

Being unhappy doesn't make you emo, it makes you a teen. Although the
fact that you don't think nof yourself as emo does lend itself
towards you being emo, as no real emo ever wants to right down all the
pain/problems/whatever to two syllabols.

Ah, siblings... You can't live with them, you... Most likely could
live without them but in that situation you wouldn't really want to.
My sister has a room in the basement too, and I sleep in the rec room
when it gets too hot. I wonder if she feels like you do? (hmm... I
hope not...)

My dad and sister are always making me watch unrated movies. I hate
it! Stay strong, don't let you younger sibling prevert your
mind. Stand strong sister, you are not alone.
Kirti says:   24 May 2009   726439  
Weird... Aqua and I are learning the same thing at the same
time... It sure would be weird if all this time her and I were in
the same school...

My mom always told me that curse words are just like other words,
except people decided that they meant something more. Therefore "you
can use swear words at your descretion, just be sure to use them in a
situation that you view as important. How often you swear is part of
how others view you."

I think your going through enough to justify the "d" word for example.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   24 May 2009   343229  
Ok, good, I'm not the only one experiencing any lifely pain.

Unrated movies? Yikes. What are your dad/sister thinking?


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