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Pokemon: Platinum Adventures -Prologue-Category: Platinum Adventures
Saturday, 16 May 2009
11:25:52 AM (GMT)
It was a perfect day in the Sinnoh Region, and Professor Rowan was getting ready for
the big day. He put out the three starters and quickly titied up the lab with the
help of his assistants. Outside, lots of trainers were beginning to arrive.

In Twinleaf Town, there is an unexpected disturbance. "I'm all set mom!" Dawn called
out as she was getting the door open. "Remember to stay with Barry and Lucas,
alright?" her mother called back. "Got it mom!" Dawn quickly said and then rushed
outside. "Wish me luck!" she shouted to her mother as she got on her bike to go to
Barry's house.

Barry was, as usual, rushing around the house and knocking things over occasionally.
He was finally ready and shouted to his mother downstairs "I'm ready mom! See you
when I come back!!" His mother sighed as he left the house. When he got outside, Dawn
was waiting for him. "Come on slowpoke," she said "We have to meet Lucas in Sandgem."
"Alright alright, I'm coming!" He said. They both went all they way to Sandgem.

"Oh you guys are finally here!" Lucas said excitedly as Dawn and Barry arrived. "The
professor is waiting inside the lab." Lucas said quickly.
They went inside and the lab was a complete mess. "What happened here?" Dawn asked
Prof. Rowan. "Oh the mess? well, we..uh... had a bit of trouble with the pokemon."
replied the professor. "I know how that feels like." Barry murmured. "Did you say
something?" Lucas whispered. "No,no, let's just go ahead and choose our pokemon."
Barry whispered back. Dawn coughed. The two boys looked up and paid attention.
"Alright, Ladies first." said the professor. Dawn went up to the table and looked at
the pokemon. There was Piplup, the water penguin, Chimchar, the fire monkey and
Turtwig, the grass turtle. "Ok, I'll take this one!" she announced, picking up
"Then I'll have this one!" Lucas said, getting Turtwig. "So that leaves me with
Piplup!" Barry said happily. "Right. Here are your Pokedexes, and here are your first
five pokeballs." announced Professor Rowan. The trio collected their items and went
well on their way to Jubilife City.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: You might say that Dawn has a Piplup in the TV series, but this is
just a fanfic, so don't panic. Unless you're being pushed overboard of course. THEN
you can panic. I hope you like the Prologue of Platinum Adventures, and of course,
ARTIST APPLICATIONS are avalible from me. Message me that you want to help with the
comic, Then I'll message you back the application form. When I see the best artist,
I'll create the title page and the artist will do the comic in oekaki. Sound good
hey? Well Good luck in being the artist. ; ) I'm a hard judge.
Last edited: 17 May 2009

Danielle10 says:   30 May 2009   245398  
Ooh, a pokemon fanfic. I was gonna write a hoenn version too for Kumo
as well.
Trainer_Rin says:   30 May 2009   119838  
Oooh. Sounds good. Thanks for your comment!
Danielle10 says:   2 June 2009   711981  
In fact, I will write one, I've already got two chapter on paper so
why not to the public? I shall add you in too! Mail me what pokemon
you wanna have in my fanfic :D
Trainer_Rin says:   4 June 2009   285868  
Ok Den-chan.
Danielle10 says:   6 August 2009   376837  
Did you start on your 1st chapter yet?
It seems kind of plain with only one chapter. One lonely chapter.

And can you post a summary on your diary?
Trainer_Rin says:   7 August 2009   818224  
xD I never got to that. EVER. I never got to both, that is. =| You
can scold me and say that I'm lazy. (Right now if you may.)
Danielle10 says:   7 August 2009   246657  
xD Ohh.
But, when you're done, send it to me in a message.
Trainer_Rin says :   7 August 2009   453977  
I started on making Chapter 1.  It's not out for the public YET. Stay


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