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A lesson you must learn.Category: stories
Sunday, 10 May 2009
07:14:07 PM (GMT)
The following story is tru.
Somethings happen for a reason.
But not for 10 year old melaney.
On December 4th 1988,a terriable thing happened to a 10 year old girl named melaney
A 5th grader named melaney mersopolys,10,has gotten raped,murded,and buried into a
ditch in New york,New york.
Here is her story from former friend,Alex manendez,11.
One day when melaney was walking home from school with her friends
Alex,Valentina,Angie,and Jamie, an old man who looked like he was drunk and homeless
came up to little melaney and said "excuse me little girl,can you help me find my
puppy i lost him." "What does he look like?" "He is a pomerainien." The man
said.Melaney said "im sorry mr but i have to go home to my mommy and help her with my
baby brother max.He is 8 months old.But i wish you good luck!"The old man looked at
melaney like he wanted to eat her.So melaney left with her friends.Angie said "can i
come to your house for dinner?" "Sure". So Angie and Melaney walked home together but
on their way they heard a noise.Angie said "what was that noise?" "What noise?" "It
sounds like footsteps" "oh angie your such a scardy cat!" Melaney said.So when they
got to Mel's house Angie said something to mel's mom about the guy.Mels mom started
to curse and yell."Melaney dont EVER talk to strangers because they will rape
you!".So that night Angie walked home which was like 5 blocks away.And she was alone
and it was pitch black! All of sudden se heard footsteps behind her and they very
close! She started to run but she tripped.Then all she saw was the same man that came
up to mel! All of a sudden he pulled angie up and kissed her and said "you are so
beautiful".The next morning while melaney was walkin to school with jamie,He said
"wheres angie? She always walks to school.Her mom cant drive her and she got banned
from the bus and her dad died!" "I dont know where she is.I guess she is sick".So
that same morning,Ms skinskey,their teacher,called melaney over to her desk.She told
mel that angie was in the hospital in a coma.So that night mel,her mom,max,and her
dad went to the hospital to visit angie.Melaney told her mom dad and max to leave her
and angie alone for a couple hours.So melaney asked and told her the basics.Then
melaney asked "what happened to you angie?" "You promise not to tell?" "of course
ang" "ok well you know that guy who asked you about that stupid puppy?" "yea" "well
when i was walkin home he came up to me and kissed me and then he raped me and kicked
me then he stepped on my lung.But i lived.But the docters have to do a test on me to
check if i will live for as long as im supposed to" Melaney started to cry."please
dont die!" "im guna try not to" " I need you angie" After that angie went to
sleep.The next week,Ms skinskey told melaney that angie died that morning.Melaney
couldnt believe it! She left the classroom crying her eyes out! Jamie and alex went
after her holding her and trying to comfort her while they were crying too.So that
saturday,everyone who knew angie went to the funeral and they all spoke." Angela
Consuela Perez was my best friend! I loved her more than her mother did! Her mother
never even cared about her!" So on monday december 4th 1988 while Melaney was walking
to her house by herself,she heard footsteps.She ran and ran until she was almost at
her house.She tripped and fell.Then a guy came and picked her up.It was the drunk
guy! "stay away from me!" "i just want to say i found my puppy thanks to you.So how
about a hug?" No drunkee stay away from me!" "COME HERE YOU LITTLE GIRL!" He grabbed
Melaney and held her down to the ground and he ripped her clothes off and raped
her.Then after that he took out a knife and stabbed her in her heart three times.So
after that he took her body amd dug it up in the nearest area.The next day,Melaney's
mother called the cops and they tried to find melaney.A month later, they found her
body in a ditch.Her mother couldnt help but cry in the middle of the news
report.Jamie and Alex broke down and cried too.At her funeral,Jamie got up to
speak."I uh loved melaney.Not like a sister but like a girlfriend.She was so
beautiful and funny.I just wish i would have walked her home that night." So everyone
came and dropped flowers into her casket.So thats what happened and the guy is still
in new york somewhere.I hope this teaches everyone something.Dont be like melaney
mersopolys.If a stranger comes up to you,dont talk to them.Just say no to them or
ignore them.If they follow you home,make sure your surrounded by a bunch of houses
and then scream out your name,age,address,etc.If they grab you kick them in the
testicles.Carry pepper spray perfume or hand sanitizer.Do whatever you have to do to
get away from them.I hope you learned something from all this!

turnmyswagon123 says :   15 June 2011   663155  
wow this is scaryy !!!!


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