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Why is UnderWear Different from all the rest?Category: (general)
Friday, 8 May 2009
10:59:24 PM (GMT)
Underwear. There’s nothing strange about that word, is there? No, not what you know of. Have you ever thought of a “Pair of Underwear”? Not pervertedly, the words themselves. Don’t get it yet? Think of it, a Pair means “Two”. Like a Pair of “earrings” or “socks”. What’s wrong with a pair of underwear? It’s meaning only one. But when you say anything else as a pair it’s Two, besides the fruit. What makes Underwear different? Because it lacks an ‘S’? No, a “Pair of Sheep”. Still, means two but it has no ‘S’ so it can’t be that. That’s my question. Why is a pair of Underwear not meaning two? If anyone knows this answer, please tell me and be logical.

‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   8 May 2009   887125  
;O wow
thats confusing
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   8 May 2009   134944  
Pair of pants.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   8 May 2009   939717  
Hn. Pair of pants are the same too. D:>
‹Goth_One› says:   9 May 2009   322949  
kinda like the plural and singular forms of deer and fish? i dunno...
‹ERASED› says:   9 May 2009   854473  
I guess its because... um.
Well, pants have two "sleeves" for legs, so... 

Is that why it's called a pair?
I honestly don't have a clue.
Alexandra_XD says:   9 May 2009   376866  
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   9 May 2009   781552  
Well, that can't be it because I don't think there's a thing as a
Pair of Shirts, if so it means to, and it also has two sleeves.
‹Stellar_Sells!<3 =D› says:   9 May 2009   469983  
OMFG sweety your a freak but 
I still love ya Onichan!
haha I remembered the word!
and I know how to spell it....
I think...
EmoIsLifeOfMeh says:   9 May 2009   712643  
Uhm. I thinks its cuz there are two holes. Ya know, to put your legs
through... I think.. It makes sense.. Sorta..
‹JessyARGH› says:   9 May 2009   412518  
Well, I think that it's called a pair of pants because there are two
hole to but your legs through and the same thing with underwear.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   9 May 2009   751753  
Same with a shirt but it's not called a pair of shirt still. ._.
‹goodfornothing› says:   9 May 2009   299274  
I'm pretty sure it's "a pair of underwear" because it's for two legs
or two boobs. But I am not sure x___x
Lyncheh says:   9 May 2009   867821  
Because they are symmetrical.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   9 May 2009   822391  
Same with a shirt, still doesn't mean one. :I
‹.............................› says:   9 May 2009   239971  
on zoey 101 there was a little bit about that!
confusing right?
Lyncheh says:   9 May 2009   431496  
I doubt anyone on Kupika is that interested in etymology, to be
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   9 May 2009   218218  
It is.

Well, then, i don't see why your commenting then. :I
Plus, look above, it's just a question I got curious about, I could
care less if anyone's interested in it or not, I was just confused,
but thanks for pointing that out.... not really though. There was no
point in pointing it out.
trainer_kohaku says:   10 May 2009   735441  
Now that I think about it..

1.It's probably a slang kinda way to say it Idk


2. Americans want to be different from everyone else..

You know like how we didn't want to use the metric system and made up
our own and stuff?
‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   11 May 2009   746997  
Erika pair does mean two but it also means "a" or "single" just
matters how it is used in the sentence is all
‹~BeautifulTragedy.♥Stanlee Renee.~› says :   12 May 2009   187314  
Ha , Woah I've never thought of that .


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