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~*Midnight*~ (A Dark Fairytale)Category: Short stories
Thursday, 30 April 2009
08:50:57 PM (GMT)
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Once apon a time...
There was a princess...
There was a prince...
There was a dark night...
And no one came out alive...

Many years ago, before the times we know now, there were born to a beautiful queen
and a dashing king of a land called Carnvor two twin daughters. Both of the daughters
were very beautiful and by the time they were three years old, they were known to be
the most gorgeous children ever laid eyes on. One of the daughters was the
personafication of light itself, and so many were enchanted by her shining glory,
they barely glanced at her sister. Nay, they never did.

Soon the twins were sixteen.

Lilliana was now even more breath-taking. With swirling, silvery blonde locks that
fell to her tiny waist, a full figure, an angel's perfect face, eyes the color of the
sky on a clear summer's day, and the grace of a dancing doe, suiters flocked to her
side. The king and queen rejoiced. Surely, Lilliana would soon marry and take the
thrown for herself in time. They were content.

But there was another daughter, not to be forgotten.

Reinlet was her sister's opposite. If an angel, she was a dark one. If an animal,
then a dangerous panther. Allowed, if anyone was able to ever look past
Lilliana--take their eyes off that luminescent creature for but a second--they would
spy Reinlet and declare her equally, if not surpassing, in beauty. Unfortunately,
Lilliana seeming glowed, caughting all eyes before they could rest on her sister. And
so darker beauty was lost to all but Lilliana herself--for even Reinlet shun her
reflection for one of what must be revulsion. It was a sad world for the twin of the
gorgeous Lilliana.

Reinlet had hair as dark as a raven's wing, lashes like it's feathers, and deep
saphire, piercing eyes. Her cheeks had a natural blush to contrast against the ivory
of her complexion. She was tall and tiny, enchanting in her every move. Where her
sister's grace could be that of a doe, Reinlet was a cat, arching its back as it
searched for prey.

Then the prince came.

He was an odd prince, unusually kind and powerful in the like. The king and queen had
called him, knowing that he would be enchanted by their daughter, Lilliana, and soon
the girl would fall for him in time, too, bringing honor and joy to both families.
However, when the beautiful prince arrived (and I will not describe him, to leave him
to your own thoughts of what a lovely prince should look like) the unexpeced
happened, and all the plans were ruined.

The carriages carrying this prince arrived late in the night. They were directed to
their rooms by the servants and told the royal family would see them in morning's
light. However, the prince was restless from the long journey. He paced the castle,
eagerly exploring passages and hallways, feeding his curiousity.

What he did not know was that the gorgeous Princess Reinlet, too, was pacing the
castle contemplating her sorrows and joys. It was only a short matter of time before
the two met in a desserted hallway.

"What are you doing here?" the princess charged him upon sight. She rarely spoke to
anyone other than her sister--she never had someone to talk to--but she spoke now,
and her voice was like the rain.

The prince blinked in surprise, enchanted by the beauty in front of him. He had heard
much of the Princess Lilliana but nothing of her sister. Seeing this girl in a dark
cloak with jewel eyes and flowing hair, he knew only that this was not the woman he
came to see.

He did not care.

"Perhaps I should ask that question," he said, unable to prevent his voice from being
gentle, "I was invited by his and her majesty. And you?"

"I live here," Reinlet replied evenly.

"Ah," the prince sighed. "And who would you be?"

"I am the Princess Reinlet," she told him, "And I believe you are the young prince
here to court my sister?"

The prince looked at her in surprise. Then he shook his head, never taking his eyes
from this lady with which he was conversing. He had been told Lilliana could draw an
eye from every other woman in a room, but he could not see how such an elegant being
could be overlooked. He met her eyes and informed her, "I have yet to meet your
sister. I have however met you, and I would very much enjoy a chance for us to speak,
if you will take a turn with me."

He was gifted with a smile.

They talked together as they strolled around and about the dark castle, and before he
left her at dawn, both prince and princess had lost their hearts completely.

Then it was time for the meeting.

Reinlet's so numbed nerves had never before been strung so tight, nor had her
sister's. The nature of their agitation was very much the same, both axious to see
the rumored prince. Reinlet's stolen heart thumbed just as fast as Lilliana's at the
thought of seeing the dear prince before them, offically, for the first time.

However great Reinlet's pain, she could not be blinded to the way that her sister's
spirits made her complexion glow. How beautiful was Lilliana! To Rienlet, who thought
herself so ugly, it would be crime to compare the twins side by side. Lilliana was
completely obtuse to the worries of her beloved twin's mind. Lilliana never gave the
thought of the prince liking Reinlet the slightest thought. It was unheard of!
Besides, despite the good nature of Lilliana's disposition, it was only natural that
she hold some minor vanity which prevented such contemplations of rejection.

Well, the time came, and the prince entered and the two princesses swooned. He was so
beautiful! Lilliana was caught imediantly. Her parents, eyeing only her, saw this
with satifaction. They did not spot however, that the prince on whom all expectations
now depended, paused not a second on the glorious Lilliana but went straight to her
sister beside her!

To the prince's observering eye, Reinlet was quite a different creature in the light
of day. She had seemed too false, too fake, too dreamlike in the corridors so ill
lit. Now she was all reality, proving his dearest dream true, and he was overjoyed.
It made him all the more handsome, and the way he saw her now, a dream come to life,
increased his love no small amount.

When the king and queen finally looked his way, they attributed these happy emotions
to Lilliana's making, with glee may I mention.

After a lovely day together, the parents boasted to the children of their expections.
They had forced together Lilliana and the dearest prince many times that day, not
knowing that every word, every sight, or movement made by one daughter was lost on
said prince in wake of the other damsel, and his abstraction was equally lost on the
darling Lilliana's infatuated heart and mind.

They pressed the issue so often, brought the topic up so much in confersation, so
that nothing else could be thought of. Unknowingly, they drove their daughter Reinlet
to tears, their daughter Lilliana to cheers, and their fates to a testy point.

Reinlet's affection had grown so much so fast that, after her parents' harsh words,
at nightfall the princess was gone mad.

To prevent contamination of this story which I have written, I simply say this as
such. Love is of such a power that it often drives the human mind to great feats.
Reinlet was gone completely insane from her unusual care for this handsome prince. No
servant was safe. Nor was royalty. She killed her sister to protect her love. She
killed her love to keep him with her. Then she killed herself to stop the pain.

There is no happy ending here.

Last edited: 13 April 2010

Yehyita says:   8 May 2009   321818  
good girl!
Yehyita says:   29 June 2009   571159  
Wowwww.......no one came out alive.

Cool. Sad ending, but I liked it.
cobalt_angel11 says:   12 April 2010   365384  
favorit fairy tail ever.
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says :   13 April 2010   691892  
Thank you so much 


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