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Tuesday, 14 April 2009
01:01:46 PM (GMT)
I wrote this at 2am on an index card, so please don't judge it too harshly... The
first part is meant to be some sort of poem I suppose, or at least it's not written
it traditional story format. (But I must have been tired when writing it because I
hate free verse poety. So stupid! you just write a messed on paragraph with no
puntuation, then hit the enter key randomly.)
Just as a note, he only actually says it once, everything else is varius characters
reacting to what he's saying. I did alot of perseptive changing in fact, due again I
think to me being 1/3 asleep.

Naono thrust the williow rod before him.
"I'm not afraid to use this!" He warned
Eichiro merely scoffed.
"I'm not afraid to use this!" he said
Yet Mana  barely blinked
"I'm not afraid to use this!" he cried
But Shiki hardly flintched
"I'm not afraid to use this!" as his whole body shook-
Shikuro covered a wince
The boy couldn't convince himself.

      The worst bit about being a villian, thought Naono as the world darkened around
him, is that we don't win. Other people get to just die. But somehow, I've become the
bad guy. So no matter how you look at this-
      He gave a small gasp and chocked out two words;

                                      "I Lose."

        Mana gaped in horror as Naono's frail form stumbled back, Ato's knife
sticking out of his waist. The boy touched the blood that was hardly visable on his
black shirt and whispered 
"I lose" Before collapsing.

        Eichiro was the first to move; he'd had four years stolen from him and wasn't
going to waste time now. First he took the powerful willow rod from the boys
limp fingers- he could return it to Hiki later. Next he removed Ato's knife.
       "That was rash, Ato," Eichiro said sternly. "I applaude you for a quick
reaction and good aim, but he was just a child."
Internally however, Eichiro had removed himself to the part of him without feeling,
the part that allowed him to make completly rational descisions as leader without
emotions getting in the way. And deep in this part of him, Eichiro was satisfide, for
this part of him knew that for his kingdom to heal people had to die.
       "'Was'?" aked Ato, unaware of Eichiro's thoughts. Those who had known Ato for
years, like Takuya, noticed his vioce quiver.
"I didn't throw it that hard..."
"He was a human being Ato, not one of your wooden targets! He's easier to break!"
The argument continued behind him, but Eichiro tried to ignore it. He continued
searching for concelled weapons without looking up.
     "It might not be too late," Shiki said quietly, "Is his heart still beating?"
"No." Said Eichiro bluntely, though he hadn't thought to check. "Must have lost too
much blood. Let's just move on- we haven't the time to burry an enemy."
       He stood, satisfide that he had removed everything useful, and lead the way
back to the path. We should be out of these blasted tree's by midmorning, Eichiro
thought. I really do hate entering enchanted forests before dawn... Eichiro kept
walking and eventually heard the reluctant footsteps of the others following him
"We're almost there, really. Less then a days travel from here to the main road."
      Taheiji looked down at his human friend sadly. Yes, Eichiro, you are ineed
progressing quickly. But where are you going? Where is fate taking your heart

When he was certain that they were gone, Shikuro dropped soundlessly from his
watching place in a nearby tree. He lifted Naono's shirt part way and cleaned the
wound the best he could before cealing it with a few words. Words Eichiro
knew. As Shikuro readied a spell that would take him and his half-conscious
apprentice to safety, Shikuro muttered, "And that's twice now the good guys have left
you wounded in a forest."

Then the forest was empty.
Last edited: 14 April 2009

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   14 April 2009   658581  
*raises eyebrows*

Wow, I'm surprised you got the guts to write a near-death chapter of
your slightly-evil orphan. 
It's good. :P
Kirti says:   14 April 2009   697735  
thanks. I was rather shocked to, but I didn't have the energy to be
extremly shocked as it was two in the morning.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   14 April 2009   538449  
I know how that is.
Why were you up at 2 in the morning anyways?
Kirti says:   14 April 2009   173216  
Anime, then reading Terry Pratchet, then writing this.
Kirti says:   14 April 2009   337613  
I did some research on the Japanese educational system too.
callie11 says:   14 April 2009   789218  
Wow...that was...very interesting.

Definately much better than I could do at two in the morning...
Kirti says :   14 April 2009   565538  


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