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The story of my life.Category: My life
Wednesday, 8 April 2009
06:20:43 PM (GMT)
Ok so my cellphone is pretty much my life because it wakes me up every morning. 
 I hit the snooze button 3 times Until i finally wake up at 6:05. 
I get dressed and do my hair which takes forever pretty much.
 Finally i get cereal and eat it. I wake up my daddy to drive me to school. 
Yes so i get to school at exactly 7:54.

I go to the restroom to check myself which doesn't take long. 
After that i either look for Emily or stay with Julia and Kasia. 
Teachers finally let us go inside at 8:03.
I go to my locker and i kiss the Pete Wentz poster good morning. 
I do whatever people do at their lockers then i slam it shut and open Emily's.
Emily has the stupidest things in her locker but she couldn't care less if i told
her. Lol. 

The final bell rings which means time to go to advisory. 
Yes sitting there for 20 minutes either reading, doodling or doing homework i was too
lazy to do the night before (Math).
Yes we DO have to do the morning pledge here.
All i do is get up, put my hand on my chest and say nothing since i don't know why we
have to do that!

Time to go to choir!
I'm in the advanced.
Anyway yeah.

Theater arts is next and we have a teacher who is 65 years old I'm not even kidding!

She is so old that i bet if you took away her clipboard she won't notice. 
I took a water bottle with pretty pictures on the outside
and she thought it was something else so she took it, sniffed it and gave it to me by
the end of class time!

Gosh! Anyway time to go to dance. Yup! No P.E. even though EVERYONE had to take it
last year in 6th grade.

Science. "Genetics and other stuff" She's a pretty nice teacher though. 
We get to do fun stuff.

Lunch time. 
I sit and as usual eat almost nothing since the food is so gross. 
I talk to people or listen to the music on my cellphone (No ipod since i'm not a rich
girl like you are)
trying to make sure the teachers don't see it by hiding it under my sweater 
and put my head down as if i was sleepping or something.

Math! UGH! "Today we will learn about the area of......" 
Oops, sorry I'm ADD when i choose to!
Ooh cute dude! 

Language arts. Awesome teacher as well. 
Ooh there's the cute dude again!

Last class Texas history! 
"Today we will learn about...."
AAAAAAh! Let me out of here!
Ooh there's the cute dude again!

Finally school is over and we all say "YAY!" 

What a weird life i live.
Last edited: 8 April 2009

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