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25 truthsCategory: (general)
Saturday, 14 March 2009
01:24:00 PM (GMT)
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random
things, facts, habits, or goals about you....

You are now tagged!!!!

1. Sex is really gross.
2. I hate swearing.
3. Stupid people get on my nerves.
4. My religion is polytheistic deism which set it's roots in paganism.
5. I don't really like music. There are some kinds that I tolerate enough to claim to
like it in converstion.
6. Free-verse poetry sucks. It takes no talent. 
7. Rhyming poetry is good. Every line must rhym, have a steady rythum, make sense,
and sound good.
8. I dispise St. Patrick. All he did was murder all non- Christians. He was not a
9. I don't want love.
10. I don't find muscles attractive.
11. I rarely find anyone attractive at all.
12. If I find aomeone I'm attracted to, it's as likely to be a girl as a guy. And I
don't act on the feeling either way.
13. Thirteen is my lucky number.
14. My idol is Jane Goodall.
15. If we weren't sisters, I think my sis and I would have been best friends. (what a
16. I find my friend Cary to be very annoying. She's sweet, but she's like a six year
old. Ignorant, but thinks she's smart.
17. I beleive in phsycic powers.
18. I beleive in magic. 
19. I beleive in quantom physics.
20. I beleive is reincarnation, and, by extention, Indigo Children.
21. I support teraforming.
22. Jesus was cool. It's his followers that get on my nerves.
23. I'm a gay rights activest.
24. I have gay hamsters. 
25. I named my concience. (To my credit, I did not name it "Jiminy Cricket.")


‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   14 March 2009   615258  

Darn. O_e
tiggerlemon101 says:   14 March 2009   211838  
First of all, I did not mean that St. Patrick was a leperchaun,
elohel.  It's just that there was this dude at our school jumping
around like a leperchaun while he was playing volleyball and it
reminded me of St. Patrick's Day.  Since I'm an Irish dancer, St.
Patrick's Day is full of dancing and parties, so it reminded me and
got me all excited. 

Also, I always thought it was just me who hardly ever found anybody
attractive.  Glad to know it's not.
Kirti says:   14 March 2009   127978  
Every time my friends and I talk about manga I'll say "my favorite
charactor is___" and they'll say "I know, he's so hot!"

um... what? I just meant that they're a nice person, or have an
interesting past. But they are suffering from that horrid disease (I.E
puberty) and can't see it that way. Siigh...
‹<DaisyPetals>› says:   15 March 2009   518218  
:0 I was tagged...
...Do i get on your nerves sometimes?.... *Nervously fidgets with her

0.0 Thirteen is my lucky number too.... 
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   15 March 2009   242798  
Sex is gross?!
-gasp- Don't tell your parents or they'll put you back!
Kirti says:   15 March 2009   224494  
What? Of course you don't get on my nerves!

Yes, sex is yucky.
tiggerlemon101 says:   19 March 2009   258739  
um... what? I just meant that they're a nice person, or have an
interesting past. But they are suffering from that horrid disease
puberty) and can't see it that way. Siigh...

If this was directed at me (or really anyone cause I can't see where
it fits in but then it's okay cause it's not my business ), then
I'm thoroughly confused!  I don't understand what's happening........
Kirti says:   19 March 2009   154322  
It was directed at you in responce to you saying that you don't find
people attractive either. I wasn't talking about you though.
tiggerlemon101 says:   22 March 2009   879633  
Oh, okay. I kiiiinda still don't get it, but whatever.  
Kirti asks:   22 March 2009   392854  
Why're you sticking your toung out at me??
‹<3JESSE..ISH..EPIC<3› says:   22 March 2009   793592  
lol you have gay hamsters xD
Kirti says:   24 March 2009   621885  
Yeah... They squek during movies.
latisha_is_back says:   24 March 2009   543241  
1. i love to drink
2. i sometimes dont drink
3. im planning to quit drinkin soon
4. i only smoked once
5. Rawr  means i love you in dinosaur language
6. i love to nickname people
7. i call everyone my people
8. i did kissed a girl before
9. yes im weird i laugh alone or laugh at my own jokes
10. i talk to myself (when im drunk)
11. i go on the computer all day LOL!
12. My friends call me Laty the Hawtey Shawtii mostly the guys say
13. i hate my boyfriend having blonde hair
14. i dont like dumb people
15. i love random people 
16. i write anything in a poetry test Lmao
17. sometimes i hate being called Gangsta even though i act like one
18. i had 5 boyfriends before
19. everytime i date a boy im always the first one to hurt him, to see
if they accept me or not
20. i am a furious person
21. i hate it when people bother me too much
22. i dont like nerds getting on my nerves
23. i love violence
24. i use to have a Hamster but it died (sad) Lmao
25. i act like a boy! 
Lmao good Diary it was actually Fun 
and thanks for the advice
‹ruthie .› says:   27 March 2009   767772  
Your hamsters are gay? How can you tell? Or don't I want to know XD
Kirti says :   27 March 2009   168391  
Well at first I thought they were fighting. And then I thought they
were playing. And then I realized that they weren't playing so much
as... well Playing. (And I think you know what differnce the capital P

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