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Wednesday, 4 March 2009
03:23:58 PM (GMT)
Which Disney Princess film is your favorite? Mulan or Beauty and the beast of course!
Which non-Disney Princess Disney Film is your favorite? Anastasia she's the
"princess" (Out of Don and Disney) I resemble the most, the whole pale skin, eyes and
hair though mine isn't that long. Although I've been told not sure why that "Hollie
your lips are like Mulan's you know?" Weird...
But her actual story I'm a HUGE Romanov nerd XD So I love the fact in this film one
of them lives a happy life
Which Disney film makes you cry the most? The... ;-; Lion king... I still can't watch
the scene where Mufasa dies! Or my god BAMBI DX "MOTHERRRR!!" It kills me!
Which Disney film makes you the happiest? Beauty and the beast! =w=
Which Disney film has the best music? Oooh o_o toughie... Hm Hercules I suppose! I
love the Muses! :D
Which Disney film has the best love story? Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the little
Mermaid. All get a big fat NO from me! :| They all "fall in love" in either a day, a
night or saving some guy from a ship! No the best "love" story to me would be
Pocahontus or Beauty and the beast 

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Mulan everytime
Who is your favorite Disney Prince? Hercules (Don't ask me why) or Prince Adam (the
Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick? Phil! I love Danny DeVito anyway 
Who is your favorite Disney main character animal? Rafiki! Who WOULDN'T love a crazy,
kung fu action baboon
Who is your favorite villian? Gaston. If I were a man I would KILL to sing like
Which Princess is the prettiest? I always thought Mulan was quite cute or Snow White
she's so petite and cute!
Which Prince is the hottest? Oooh... which cartoon charactor is the hottest... >> oh
boy... Can I pick Jim from Treasure Planet? XD He's not a prince but I still love

What is your favorite Disney song? Currently it's Belle! Or Prince Ali
What is your favorite Disney villian song? NO ONE BITES LIKE GASTON NO ONE FIGHTS
LIKE GASTON! :3 Gaston of course! or Poor unfortunte souls
What is your favorite Disney animal song? Why Should I Worry or Scales and
What is your favorite Disney Princess song? How does she know!
What is your favorite Disney Prince song? Hm... Prince song... One jump ahead! It's
so fun and upbeat!
What is your favorite Disney Prince/Princess duet song? ...Duet... duet... "something
there" but strangers like me even though it's not a duet it always gets me going
"*girly sigh.... =w=*" lol
What is your favorite Disney love song? Lol Shang and Mulan don't have a song so... I
won't say I'm in love, Meg's got a pretty good voice and the Muses are fabulous 

This or That 
Anastasia or Drisella? Anastasia! In the third one you see the softer side to the
sisters, but Anastsia finds herself more
Maleficent or Lady Tremaine? Lady Tremaine, she doesn't have a magic stick and
goblins to kill me... >>;
Jack or Gus-Gus? Jack Gus-Gus annoys me! :| No don't ris kyour life for a piece of
cheese stupid mouse...
Iago, Abu, or Raja? Raja! Giant man eating "tame" tiger... kill Jafar the little
Magic Carpet or Genie? Genie every time!  :D I love Robin Williams!
Flotsum or Jetsum? Jetsum, Flot sounds strange
Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle? Scuttle, finally a seagull who's as weird as me :3
King Triton or the Sultan? A giant mer-man with a killer 'fork' or a little chubby
Sultan who likes animals... hard choice >>;
Jasmine's Palace or Cinderella's Castle? Cinderella's. Every time I see Jasmine's...
the roof?! Who goes into them or are they just huge ceilings? O_O
Flora, Fauna, or Meriwether? Flora 
Tod or Copper? Todd X3 A cute little baby fox
Rita or Georgette? Georgette, she's awesome "See how the breeding shows, UHH!" And
all the birds follow her but she does "UHH!" and they fly away :3 love it
Tito or Frances? Frances he's so funny! XD
Marie, Toulouse, or Berlioz? Toulouuuuuuse I'm always Toulouse!
Last edited: 4 March 2009

‹Curtains› says:   5 March 2009   614687  
you seem to be the expert so....... is tarzan disney? i think he is
NemNem says:   5 March 2009   292871  
ya tarzan is disney :3. I luvs tarzan
‹Curtains› says :   6 March 2009   821943  
tarzan rocks


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