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Category: sex story
Sunday, 1 March 2009
01:42:02 PM (GMT)
You know the deal, ENCCC, enjoy, no copying cunts, ¡comment! :] Haha, I was obsessed with Torchwood at this time of writing, sorry, if it's not my greatest. It was written probably about...five, maybe six years ago. Warning, it is graphic relations between two men, so, if you don't like it, don't fucking read. :] M/M Sorry for any lame attempts at the British language ex: arse. :|
He had been washing the SUV when he heard the footsteps behind him. It was one of the many jobs he did that he actually enjoyed: the method and the rhythm of it soothing him, the visible results stroking his ego. He didn’t turn around as the footsteps moved closer, seeing the vague shadow reflected in the wet surface of the SUV. He grinned as he felt the dusty-cinnamon scent of his boss waft around him. Jack’s hands grasped his hips from behind and, pushing him forwards and pressing his body against the door of the car. Ianto shivered as he felt Jack’s breath against his ear. With his arms resting near his head on the blackened window, every part of his front pressed hard against the surface of the SUV and a noticeable hard and horny man draped over his back he felt the depravity of his position. Jack was growling in his ear. “You’re a tease, you know that? I know you wear those jeans on purpose, just to torment me!” Ianto grinned and wriggled his hips, pushing his arse back into the lap of the man behind him. He did wear the jeans on purpose, knowing that the way they hugged his arse tended to drive the Captain wild, though he did acknowledge that there was a practical reason for them – no point in ruining the suits that Jack liked so much. Jack groaned as he felt Ianto push himself backwards, his arse pressing against Jack’s hard erection. He nuzzled his lips against the side of Ianto’s neck before sucking the soft skin into his mouth, biting and sucking while the young man moaned and writhed beneath him. “Jack, please!” Ianto groaned in pleasure, rolling his hips back and forth, unable to choose between the feeling of Jack’s cock pressing between his arse cheeks and the delightful friction when he pressed his own straining erection to the hard surface of the car. Tightening his hands on Ianto’s hips, Jack growled, “Tell me, Ianto. Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do.” Ianto gasped for breath as he felt Jack’s hand slide from his hip and beneath the waistband of his jeans to tease the tip of his leaking cock. He struggled to remember how to talk, his voice gritty and shaking with need when he managed to get the words out. “Argh…fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard, right here, now! I want you to take me, make me yours.” As the wanton words flowed from his lover Jack growled once again, deep in his throat, and bit hard into the skin on Ianto’s neck that he had been tormenting earlier. The young man bucked wildly against the car, crying out loud. Jack pulled his hand from inside Ianto’s trousers and began to fumble with the buttons and zips, desperate to get inside. His other hand rose up to cover Ianto’s own hand resting on the window of the SUV. Ianto gave but a fleeting thought to the dirty hand print he would find later and the extra washing that would be needed before all rational thought flew from his head as Jack’s hand succeeded in undoing his trousers and he pushed them, and his briefs, down to pool at Ianto’s ankles. “Yes!” Ianto hissed as he felt Jack’s hand run over the swell of his arse and kneed hard before letting his fingers tease the length of the crack between his cheeks. Blowing cool air on Ianto’s neck, Jack used the leverage he had to push Ianto further and harder against the car, lifting his lovers hips slightly before reducing the pressure. He repeated the action again and again, slowly increasing the pace until he was forcing Ianto to rub his leaking cock rhythmically against the black, shiny surface of the car. From the sounds and curses emanating from the young man’s mouth he had no problems with the domineering actions Jack was displaying. Jack made a mental note to ask Ianto about that, maybe see how far he’d go. Removing his hand from the tempting warmth of the young man’s behind Jack fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the tube of lube that lived there. Squeezing some onto his fingers he returned his hand to Ianto’s arse, automatically searching out the tight ring of muscle, stroking and teasing. Ianto gasped at the cool sensation, groaning as the tip of Jack’s finger breached his entrance, edging in to the tight, hot channel, filling him and stretching him. Ianto’s body was writhing and undulating against the SUV, waves of pleasure wracking his body as Jack pushed another finger deep inside him. Jack’s free hand was still pressing his own to the window and his shoulders were anchoring him in place. Trapped, he had no choice but to surrender to the passion enveloping him. “Jack…Jack, please…” he groaned pushing back hard on the fingers currently impaling him. “Ready, are you?” Jack growled as he ran the tip of his tongue down the length of Ianto’s throat. “Think you can take me, do you gorgeous?” “Now, Jack! Please now!”
Last edited: 1 March 2009

‹xXemo_bi_cybering_slutXx› says:   2 March 2009   292934  
oh shit dats so fuckin hot
sarah_turns_emo says:   9 April 2009   153151  
that is cool. i can imagin the characters
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says :   8 November 2009   446641  

in category sex story
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