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Tea, Coffee and Wine. Chapter 3.Category: (general)
Friday, 20 February 2009
01:44:05 PM (GMT)
Chapter 3

I don't go to school for days after this. A lot of people don't. Even those who
didn't like Kana-Lou stay off. It shocks us all. Everday I just sat in my room,
reading, only coming down for meals. I feel strange and lonely, as if no one knows
what I've been through, but then again, no one does. I feel like I could have done
something, but I didn't! Questions still fill my mind. Why did I have the dream? How
did I have the dream? I haven't told anyone about it. I can't. They'd just think I'm
mad or trying to get attention. I barely eat and my parents worry but that's because
they don't understand. They've never seen their classmate's dead body! Nevermind
seeing it in your dreams the night before! It's strange. I had been talking to her
minutes before, then everything changes in a way that means I'll wont speak to her
ever again! I wont event see or hear her! It's as if she never existed yet we all
still remember her.
	The police have been investigating. They can't tell if it was an accident or...
or... murder. I can't even imagine her being murdered! She did nothing to upset
anyone and if she did, not nearly enough to be killed for!
	I go back to school today. My hair isn't tied back. I didn't feel like doing it
today. My tie's in an odd not that I did without thinking and it's too awkward to get
out. I walk into class and see that a lot of people are still absent from the shock.
Then something -no, someone- strange catches my eye. A boy with dark red hair. No one
in our class has red hair! He stands by Kana-Lou's old desk. It's hard to believe
she's never going to sit there again. He doesn't talk to anyone. Instead, he seems in
thought. Without realising I start to stare. He notices and I quickly turn away.
Who is he?
	When everyone settles down and the class starts the teacher introduces him, Chris
Godwin. He sits in Kana-Lou's seat.I wonder if he knows about Kana-Lou's death. The
seat behind me is pretty messed up. The desk's near enough falling appart and the
chair's covered in gum! I think it's just there for show. 
	The class passes quickly. Kala and I are last out again. Not because I was thought,
but because I dropped my bag and everything fell out! And I have a lot of stuff in my
bag! When we walk out the boy, Chris is standing beside the door. Did he wait for us?
He couldn't have. He looks straight at me. 
	"I know what you saw." He says.
	 I look at him in shock, not sure if he meant the dream, or something else that I
saw. I accidently walked in on my sister showering last night because she didn't lock
the door properly, but that can't be it! Or atleast I hope not! I open my mouth to
ask what he meant but he already walked off. Kala looks at me with a curious look in
her eye.
	"I wonder what he meant by that."
	"Me too." I sigh, but deep down I think I know what he meant.

‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   20 February 2009   539128  
Fantastic! I can't wait until chapter four!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   20 February 2009   139324  
Holy carp! Can't wait for the next one!
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says :   20 February 2009   173294  


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